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Went premium and now i can not get half way through the opening credits


I just went premium and now none of the videos will make it past the opening credits , it just stops and goes back to the beginning. :woohoo: If this keeps up , I will be asking for my money back .Even the none premium which I was watching just fine will not go past the first part of the credits.


Is it on everything you try to watch? I haven’t watched anything on the online player this early in the morning in a while, but back when I used to, the player would always be a little odd around 5 or 6 in the morning EST.

And so you know, it’s not just you. I tried a show, and it did the same thing. Stuff happens, so just give it a little time, and try again later.


I will wait and see , but they might want to fix that , I am on the westcoast. I would not care if I were not paying for it. Oh , and yes its everything I try and watch .


Is there another way to watch outside of the online player ?


I think that their servers reset at around 3am or 4am on the west coast. I’m not sure of the exact times, but they should be working around now-ish (at least it works for me now).
As far as watching online goes, the online player is the only way I know of to watch the shows here.


We have a dedicated thread for reporting errors or streaming issues related to the Online Player:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/limi

Be sure to give us all of the details and information so that we can troubleshoot your specific issue.

[quote]When reporting a problem we need some specific information:

  • Show Title(s)
    • Episode Number(s)

    • Language (if avail. in both Sub & Dub)

    • Video Format (SD or HD)

    • OS & Version

    • Browser & Version

    • Flash Player Version

    • Type of Internet Connection (Cable, DSL, WiFi…)

    • Connection Speed

    • Date/Time when problem occurred or Range of time you’ve been experiencing this issue

    • Detailed description of the problem you are experiencing

The more specific and detailed your report is, the better we can troubleshoot your issue.
If you are having trouble with smooth streaming, we highly encourage you to run several connection speed tests & post the results here. Try or a similar service.
Finally, it is very important for you to let us know if the problem persists or gets resolved.[/quote]

When having a streaming interruption, the most likely culprit (but there are others) is a fluctuation in your internet connection speed. If your download speed drops enough, even for a few seconds, it could interrupt the stream and cause the server to timeout.

This is why we recommend running a few speed tests to see if your connection download speed is wavering.

Let us know if the problem is persisting plus some more details and we see if we can get you squared away and watching.