Chronicles of the Going Home Club / Kitakubu Katsudo Kiroku

Chronicles of the Going Home Club / Kitakubu Katsudo Kiroku

chronicles of the going home club

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Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: school
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2013-07-04
Opening Theme: “2 Gakki Debut Daisakusen!!” by Otome Shintō
Ending Theme: 1. “Wakuwaku DAYS☆” by Ibuki Kido, Miharu Kobayashi
2. “Hanabi” (花火) by Sae Aeuchi, M.A.O
3. “Kimi ni tsuite Ieru Koto” by Mitsuki Yūna and Ayaka Senbongi

Plot Summary: When asked which school club she would be interested in, Natsuki replied “the go-home club”. To her surprise, though, it turns out that there actually is such a club at her school, and she ends up joining the club reluctantly. Karin Touno also joined the “Going Home Club” with Natsuki Andou, which at that time consist only of three members: Sakura Doumyouji, Botan Oohagi and Claire Kokonoe. In this club they discuss almost about everything, jokes and plays round. (from ANN)

Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku Schoolgirl Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-04-25 00:00 EDT
Kuroha’s story about an afterschool club for girls who don’t have a club

Episode 1 –


Funny that Furuhashi wants to join the 100 Poems Club!

I laughed too when Natsuki found out that the Going Home Club was a real club. She gets roped into joining and doesn’t even know what the club does! And I don’t think she’s too happy when she finds out that they just want to have fun – well their kind of fun anyway. First assignment – feeding pigeons at the park – codename: MANNA! LOL At least she finally admits it might be fun feeding them after all.

Botan fights bears for kicks. I thought she was kidding about that. Her “bear tour” was hysterical. I also liked how Natsuki kept pushing back the ending each it tried to play during the episode. The girls are a bit on the crazy side and I think this is going to be another fun show to watch!

Episode 2 –


Nonsense abounds! From cuckoo birds to “Feminine Appeal Level” to practicing for social mixers, it’s all in good fun. But Natsuki is always so serious, especially for a girl that never wanted to join a club in the first place.

Episode 3 –


I’d like to learn Botan’s self defense technique that makes people burst. It could certainly come in handy! But it seems that her middle school diary is even more powerful. However, it looks like Botan had led a very lonely life without any friends until she met Sakura. Sakura says it’s because Botan emits a “murderous aura” and people tend to stay away from that. Botan is very strong, both mentally and physically, but she seems to have a weakness when it comes to a high “Feminine Appeal” level!

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Episode 4 –


The ballgame was funny with the telepathic messages between Sakura and Botan. It was even funnier when Claire joined in and surprised them, ruining their strategy.

Botan increases her training regimen, in case the show has to shift gears and become a battle show. That’s a funny one! I don’t think they have anything to worry about there. I liked Botan’s somewhat familiar enemies and I laughed when she got to Thirteen – the silent assassin! Loved Natsuki’s comment – “that 13?!” And Botan wants to fight them all at once in an underground arena.

Actually each of the original club members has their own scenario for changing the show. But if it did happen, I’d have to go with Sakura’s “pointless fanservice” one. LOL And Claire already considers installing a shower in the clubroom! But it looks like the fanservice has already begun. LOL Of course this is all because it’s the make-it or break-it episode 3, until Karin points out that it’s really episode 4, which throws the girls into a panic! Solution? A new ED!

Episode 5 –


The girls reinvent Schubert’s “Demon King”! LOL And turn it into a video game. The way they vaguely remember other stories is amusing too, especially the one using “Star Wars”.

Episode 6 –


It’s nice of Botan to be so concerned for others during a game of “Kick the Can”. Not wanting to hurt anyone, she always kicks the can hard enough so that it burns up in the atmosphere. But poor Natsuki is the one that has to drink the contents of all those cans, so they can keep playing. LOL Sakura ends up handcuffing Botan’s hands and feet as a handicap, but it doesn’t work. It gets funny as Sakura starts locking Botan up in Houdini-like tricks. Botan is a master escape artist! Sakura ends up sending her into space.

The girls end up playing a real life or death game when Sakura supposedly dies in the club room one day. A face on the TV that looks suspiciously like Sakura, welcomes them to “The Little Garden of Judgment”. In “Guilty Judge”, they will confront their sins. Claire thinks their sin might be the fact that they haven’t caught fire as a popular anime. LOL But it looks to me that Sakura herself is behind this game. The weird game of death turns out to be “Musical Chairs”. LOL But they all survive! After the game, the survivors head out for pancakes, leaving Sakura’s corpse behind. The poor girl ends up feeling very unloved until she exits the room and finds her friends waiting for her.

The Four Heavenly Kings bit was very funny. They are Botan’s rivals and end up at the same restaurant together. But for all their murderous intent when it comes to Botan, they are awfully nice to her when they meet. And she proudly tells her friends that they are her enemies. But are they really? LOL

Episode 7 –


Sakura’s version of Word Chain turned out to be a real battle, but I was happy to see Natsuki win. And how are you supposed to plan a surprise birthday party for Natsuki, when she’s there for the planning? But it was nice that they still managed to surprise her after all.

Episode 8 –


Natsuki has a little brother! So, the club adopts him as theirs as well. LOL Botan even considers him her successor. And all without even meeting him! Natsuki decides to educate them on the realities of a little brother and Claire suggests going to Natsuki’s house to see this firsthand.

I didn’t think Sakura’s poetry selling scheme would work, but I like what the girls did with the rejects. That was definitely fun!

The girls do show up at Natsuki’s house to meet her brother. They are enchanted by him, but after Natsuki shows them the “reality”, they end up feeling sorry for Lloyd. I like how they all invited themselves for a sleepover too! They also make some serious fun of Natsuki’s cowlick. Sakura keeps asking her which one is the main body. LOL That would make Natsuki some kind of alien! There is just no solution to getting rid of it, but that cowlick is part of Natsuki. I’m glad the girls accepted it in the end. Then again, maybe Natsuki is an alien since they couldn’t even erase the cowlick from a picture of her! The ending was the best - Natsuki’s “thing” disappeared, but each of the girls got one! Perfect!

Episode 9 –


Sakura suggests they have a training camp over the summer break, but Natsuki can’t see what the club does that it would even need a training camp. Sakura comes up with reasons, but Natsuki shoots each one down. But when Sakura says that she wants to go on a trip with everyone, Natsuki relents.

But now they need a destination and during that discussion, other things come up. I liked that one of the “ultimate decisions” was Watamote or Going Home Club. LOL And that just leads to other major decisions, most of them silly ones.

The training camp also turns out to be something silly, but they eventually end up in the Land of Udon and eat themselves stupid. LOL The Udon Annihilation Plan was a great success! But once back home, the summer fun continues. It must be nice to have a rich friend that can reserve an entire pool for the day!

The discussions at the pool were interesting and it was great to see Botan running on top of the water like that. The girls come to the conclusion that there is no such thing a “true” freedom and that was pretty mature and serious, until Sakura ends the episode with a joke.

Episode 10 –


I like the way Botan plays soccer! The boys forfeit and the girls get to keep Karin. Besides, most of the guys wet themselves too. And Claire recalls the sniper. LOL

Sports Day has the club participating in the relay. They actually win, thanks to Botan’s amazing speed, but did all five of them really run? The ghost story comes back to haunt Natsuki!

Episode 11 –


It was nice to see how Sakura and Botan started high school. They both had such high hopes for a high school life, only to be disappointed. It was also nice to see how they became friends and how the club got started.

The student council president is just as strange as everyone else. I loved the aliases and Kousoku’s superpower. It’s a shame that she appears so close to the end of the show. I’d like to see more of her.

The “How to do a final episode” meeting was hysterical, with everyone coming up with weird ideas. Glad it turned into what they want to do instead, but the ideas were just as weird, as each girl comes up with their own fantasy. Karin ended up having the best idea – to just do what they always do.

The end credits continue the story of Sakura and Botan and the beginnings of the club, as their friendship grows stronger. Then they meet Claire and she joins them. The story comes full circle when Karin and Natsuki join the club. And it turns out that it really isn’t the last episode after all. Sakura got confused again! Now they have to figure out what to do for a final episode all over again! LOL

Episode 12 –


So, it ends as it began with the girls trying to push the ending theme and Natsuki pushing it back. It was nice to see Reina get another scene, although it seemed to surprise her. Karin will forever be too cute for her own good with oodles of feminine appeal. And Natsuki will always find something to complain about! It was a good final episode. I always enjoyed watching to see who the Fire Prevention Supervisor would be. Really cute series and it was a lot of fun to watch!

NISA Adds Chronicles of the Going Home Club Anime

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Adaptation of Kuroha’s schoolgirl manga to get home video release

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Kuroha’s schoolgirl manga inspired 12-episode anime last year

Chronicles of the Going Home Club

Chronicles of the Going Home Club Coming March 2015!

  • 2 Blu-ray disc set
  • Total of 12 episodes
  • Bonus features: Mini theater, Clean opening and endings, Japanese trailers
  • 64 page hardcover artbook
  • Original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles
  • Age Rating: Teen

“Chronicles of the Going Home Club” Blu-ray Release Set for March 3

December 08, 2014 8:44pm CST
Premium edition collection includes 64-page art book and more

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