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Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: otaku
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: This is the story of college freshman Kanji Sasahara and his fellow members of the college club he joins, The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture (aka Genshiken), as he goes shopping for doujinshi, attends conventions and slowly but surely makes his way down the road to fandom.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2004-10-10 to 2004-12-26

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Genshiken 2

Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: otaku
Plot Summary: The members of Genshiken are accepted as participants in the upcoming ComiFes, and Sasahara must adjust to his new role as club president. Meanwhile, Ogiue continues to struggle to fit in to her new surroundings.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2007-10-09 to 2007-12-25

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Genshiken Second Generation / Genshiken Nidaime


Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: crossdressing, otaku
Plot Summary: Another college semester begins and the returning members of Genshiken attempt to recruit new club members. Three new members join the club, attracted by Ogiue’s BL drawings. She welcomes the new members but fears the club will become a “rotten girls” haven for yaoi fans and is getting a bit too far removed from it’s original purpose.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-07-06
Opening Theme: “Genshi, Joshi wa, Taiyo Datta” by Sumire Uesaka
Ending Theme: “Aoku Yureteiru” by Nozomi Yamamoto, Sumire Uesaka, Yumi Uchiyama & Ai Kakuma

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Genshiken (OAV) Vintage: 2006-12-22

Genshiken: Second Season Sequel Manga Gets Anime

posted on 2013-01-23 02:09 EST
Shimoku Kio’s continuing adventures of otaku club that already inspired 2 TV anime


Which is, having seen some of this show, exactly what happens :frowning:


Episode 1 –


Yay! More Genshiken!

Ogiue is wearing her hair down, but still puts it up in her signature topknot when she gets serious. Ohno is still cosplaying and Kuchiki is still obnoxious. Sue is still crazy too and hardly makes any sense. Getting new members is still a problem, but they manage to get three. Glad to see that boy’s love is still popular too! LOL

The welcome party brings back the old members and it was nice to see them again. I like how they had them guess which of the new members was really a guy. And Saki wins! LOL But now Hato needs a place to change and Madarame’s apartment is chosen, although he doesn’t seem to like it very much. It’s going to be another fun season!


Episode 2 –


In Ogiue’s description of herself, I liked her drawing of the “Fullmetal Sorcerer”!

Yajima does have a hard time with Hato – I think because he’s prettier as a girl than Yajima is and she has issues with that. Yajima starts to believe that Hato really is a girl, until she sees for herself that Hato is a guy. That whole “girls” night was pretty funny. Yoshitake just kills me! LOL

Hato is starting to have male admirers and that just makes Yajima feel even more inadequate. Hato seems to be better at everything too, and that doesn’t help. Yajima begins to suggest that Hato should stop cross-dressing. Hato tries to explain to her why she cross-dresses and Yajima feels badly, but later insists that they understand his interests and won’t make fun of him, so there’s no need for him to cross-dress anymore. But at this point Hato likes dressing as a girl, and also has another reason, so that’s that! LOL


Episode 3 –


I wonder what Madarame had in that manila envelope. He was very relieved to see it was safe. LOL I’d like to think it was pictures from Saki’s cosplay. He also seems to really miss his club days at the university. It’s hard to grow up!

Sasahara’s little sister, Keiko, has become a “cabaret girl” and invites Madarame to her club. It’s seems she’s grown up as well. But I can’t believe her profession. I still see her as the annoying pest chasing after Kousaka. LOL It seems that she also knows about Madarame’s crush on Saki. Actually, everyone knew! But Madarame will deny it till his dying day! I wonder if he’s going to end up with Keiko. That would be too funny! Or maybe Hato? Even funnier!

It amused me when Hato fantasized about Madarame. Talking with his other self was funny too. He has been reading too much BL! He also finds the manila envelope, and it is pictures of Saki! Now someone else knows about his crush.

While the club room still has posters and figurines, I miss seeing “Kujibiki Unbalance” playing on the TV in the background.


Episode 4 –


After working long hours to finish Ogiue’s manga, Hato sprouts whiskers. He’s embarrassed because he’s dressed as a girl, and Yajima just had to put her two cents in again, and tell him to stop dressing like a girl and facial hair wouldn’t be an issue. Sue comes up with the perfect solution and hands Hato a mask, telling him to get back to work. But she still spews nonsense!

Then it’s suggested that Hato cosplay as a guy, but they can’t find a costume. Yajima ends up being the one to cosplay while Hato borrows her clothes. LOL Hysterical! I think that’s the first time everyone has seen Hato as a guy. But it doesn’t work out and Yajima makes him dress as a “trap”. They really are loopy due to lack of sleep. Soon everyone is in costume!

The Comic Festival has begun, and Angela has to feel up Hato to make sure he’s a guy as they wait to get in. “Just a joke” or so she says! Hato sees a great difference between cross dressing and cosplaying. The Panty and Stocking cosplay was perfect for the girls. I saw Don Valentino too! But it was funny watching Hato in the line for the men’s room. He just looked so uncomfortable!

All that overwork and Ogiue ends up with a fever and misses the sellout of her book. I see that Sue still doesn’t like Sasahara either. She likes to think of Ogiue as her “waifu”! And Ogiue just feels awful for getting sick and not being there for her club.


Episode 5 –


I can’t wait to see what the cosplay is today. It seems Angela has the hots for Madarame and that seems to bother Hato. He knows that Madarame likes Saki, but I wonder if there’s something else there. Hato decides to hang out with the guys as a guy and that disappoints Ohno. She really wanted Hato to cosplay.

Angela is Mami and Ohno is Homura from PMMM and they look great! Ohno really wanted to do all the characters, and is disappointed again. I wonder which one Hato would have been. Angela thinks she has a chance with Madarame because Saki graduated, but Angela is going back to America, so I don’t think that’s going to work either. Oh geez! Sue is Kyubey and Yajima is Sayaka – that’s just scary with those two! At least Yoshitake makes a decent Kyoko, so I guess that would have left Hato as Madoka, if he did it. He probably would have been cute too.

I saw an Amy from Gargantia in the background and a Muromi-san – I probably missed more. Hato and Madarame have a moment alone and chat. Madarame seems a bit disillusioned. He seems to be losing interest in the con and just can’t get fired up anymore. Poor guy thinks Angela is just messing around with him too. Hato asks him if he’s ever fallen in love with a 3D girl and Madarame says he hasn’t. Liar! Hato knows he’s lying too - he saw those pictures of Saki. Suddenly, Madarame thinks Hato is after him! LOL Madarame is just going to continue to have self-image issues.

Oh – Ohno wanted Ogiue to be Madoka and Hato to be Homura. Madarame sends her a text that Kousaka is cosplaying as a girl and she wants to run off and see him up close and personal. LOL Everyone likes Kousaka’s picture too. He does make a cute girl. Hato now knows that Madarame doesn’t have a chance with Saki. He thinks that Madarame is better off with Angela, but that doesn’t seem right to him either. It was funny to see Hato protecting Madarame from Angela. Angela even offers Madarame a one-night stand! LOL Hato defends him again. I don’t know why he wants Madarame to fight for Saki. He won’t have a chance, since she’s already happy in her relationship with Kousaka.

Angela ends up telling Hato not to interfere with her and Madarame. Hato almost spills the beans that Madarame likes Saki, but covers it up by saying that he’s gay instead. Oh geez! Of course everyone is shocked. And Hato just keeps going on about “bottoms” and “tops”, and pairs Madarame with all his male friends, including a cross dressing Kousaka. Oh, the embarrassment! When Hato calms down, he says that Madarame just doesn’t have time to date girls. I just can’t stop laughing!

Angela doesn’t seem to mind all that, in fact it excites her and she tries to place Madarame’s hand on her breast, but Sue slaps it away. I don’t know if Madarame was disappointed or not, but Sue kicking Angela repeatedly in the butt, saying “Yankee go home” and “go to hell” almost had me choking with more laughter. And Angela tells Madarame that she’ll see him next year. Poor Madarame has no idea what just happened. Hato tries to apologize, but Madarame says that Hato saved him, so I guess it’s all good. But he just can’t get over the fact that Hato labeled him a “bottom”. So ends the Comic Festival!


Episode 6 –


Hato still feels badly for what she said about Madarame. Ohno and Sue fill Ogiue in on what happened. Sue says that Ogiue should show everyone her Sasa x Mada manga, so that Hato won’t feel alone. Ogiue takes her advice and shares the manga with everyone. She tells them that Madarame being a “bottom” has always been the “unanimous opinion” of the club. All the girls are enchanted by the manga, especially Hato. I wanna see too! LOL Hysterical that Madarame chooses that moment to walk in. The girls scramble to get the pages off the table lest he sees them.

Hato apologizes to Madarame again. He’d rather forget the whole thing, but Hato can’t. Yajima surprises him with an apology as well, and tells him that all the freshmen think he’s a “bottom”. I think Madarame is going to be scarred for life now! To make matters worse, Kuchiki enters the room and says that if it will please Hato, he will be Madarame’s “top”. Good thing Sue punched him when he tried to kiss Madarame! With a bloody nose, Kuchiki tries again and tells Madarame to show him his ass. I can’t stop laughing again! Hato gets Kuchiki in a chokehold, and Kuchiki grabs the back of Madarame’s pants, trying to get them off. Madarame runs for his life, screaming all the way. I don’t think Madarame will be visiting the club room again anytime soon. LOL

Kuchiki lies in wait for Madarame at the club room. Does he really think Madarame is coming back? He seems to enjoy Hato chocking him too, and Yajima labels him a pervert. She just noticed? LOL Two guys walk in and try to pick up Hato, and Kuchiki is totally useless in this situation. Yoshitake saves the day when she brings a friend that kicks the guys out of the room. The guy turns out to be Yoshitake’s brother, Rihito. And he’s just too pretty for Yajima!

When Hato is confronted again, Kuchiki finally makes his move – and ends up in heaven when Hato gets him into a chokehold again! But his hand brushes against Rihito, and he makes a very strange sound, causing Yajima to take a better look at him. Rihito is really Yoshitake’s younger sister! And Risa is still in high school. They end up hanging out at Yoshitake’s place and Risa really wants to see Hato as a guy. She refuses, but an accident makes it necessary. While Hato is in the shower, Risa restrains Yajima, so Yoshitake can get a good look at Hato in the shower. Yajima tries to save him, but all three girls end up in the bathroom. Yajima thinks she was the only one that got to see anything, but Risa got an eyeful as well. Yoshitake wants details and Yajima chops Risa on the neck and tells her to forget her memories. Needless to say, poor Hato never came out of the bathroom!!


Episode 7 –


It seems everyone is having doubts about their creative abilities. At least Sue came up with the right idea. Otherwise it’s going to be a cosplay fest again for the school fair. Although, once again, I did enjoy all the familiar characters and the “Ten Piece” comment. LOL The high school stories were a bit sad and a bit funny. I did want to hear Hato’s story, but in a way, I’m glad that Kuchiki saved the day.


Episode 8 –


Hato finds an H-game at Madarame’s place and that opens a whole new world for him! LOL He has a nice daydream too. Hato fantasizes that Madarame happens to show up while he’s changing and one thing leads to another. But when Madarame really does come home, he ends up taking a walk around the block to let Hato finish changing.

When Madarame does return home, I like how it suddenly turned into a video game. He’s even a little attracted to Hato and has to remind himself it’s a guy. They begin to talk about H-games, Kousaka’s trap one in particular. Funny that the Kousaka character ended up pregnant, and in a maternity wedding dress! Hato was disappointed to hear that Madarame didn’t really like the Kousaka character, but he’s still going to fantasize about it anyway. LOL

Sad to think that Madarame might get a new job and move away from the university neighborhood. Hato thinks it’s all her fault, but I think Madarame might be growing up a bit. He gives Hato some good advice too, but I think Hato may have taken it as something else.


Episode 9 –


I liked Sasahara saying that he had to be a “strong top”. LOL Ogiue was impressed to see her characters “doing it”, but of course they can’t release that to the public, although Ogiue asks Hato for a copy for herself. LOL The other story isn’t coming along all that well either.

Ogiue tries to help Hato with her drawing, but the pictures keep coming out as BL. Hato admits she’s influenced by someone in her past. Someone she had feelings for. Ogiue tries to help her and comes to the conclusion that it’s the cross-dressing. But I think Hato will still have a problem with drawing.

Things are going well, but then the guys from the Circle Leadership Committee make an appearance. Hato gets flustered and then more so when one of the guys tries to make a date with her again. It was funny to see Hato draw a BL picture of the two guys. LOL So, that’s how she deals with things!

The school fair begins and the club is ready! And the newer members already have visitors and the cosplay begins as well. Funny that Ohno has Yajima dress up as Kohta from Highschool of the Dead! She makes a good one too! Soon, more of the old members show up and everyone is looking forward to seeing Saki and Kousaka, but Hato is concerned for Madarame. Funny too that Keiko thought that Madarame and Hato were dating. But I did like Hato’s vision. LOL I still think Hato has a little crush on Madarame.

Then people from Hato’s past walk into the room and Hato panics. Hato thinks she’s safe and won’t be recognized, but then Kuchiki opens his mouth and calls someone else “Hato”. This causes the woman to look around, and it’s the spitting image of Hato! Hato recognizes her right away. What is going on here?


Episode 10 –


Madarame ends up giving Hato away. And Hato’s past comes to light. I can see why it was painful for him.

Talk about the ultimate form of flattery! Hato and Kaminaga could be twins. And he draws exactly like her when he’s dressed like her too. To top things off, Hato had a crush on Kaminaga as well. But, she’s dating Hato’s brother. However, it was funny that Kaminaga thinks Hato wants to be her so he can get with his brother. LOL And Ogiue agrees with her! Of course, it isn’t true.

I loved the looks on the other girls when Kaminaga, Ogiue, and Hato started spinning a story around that concept. The make a good story team! LOL But then Kaminaga drops a bomb and tells Hato that she’s going to marry his brother soon. She also thinks that Hato may begin to question his sexuality somewhere down the line, even as he tries to convince her that he isn’t into guys, and just enjoys BL as a genre. But he still thinks of Madarame when asked.

Madarame has been trying to overhear what the girls are talking about and Sue keeps trying to get him to move closer. Nothing works – until she kisses him! That made him jump about ten feet in the air. LOL Unfortunately, Saki saw that and calls Madarame a “lolicon”. Such complications! This show just makes me laugh so much!


Episode 11 –


Saki has arrived! And without Kousaka. In the room, Saki teases Madarame about Sue’s kiss. And of course, Ohno wants her to cosplay. She has the outfit all ready too! LOL At least things are resolved between Hato and her friends, and she’s feeling better. When she gets back to the room, she gets a feel for what Genshiken was once like. She also catches Madarame stealing glances at Saki.

When Keiko shows up, Saki continues teasing Madarame about being a lolicon and the fact that he turned down Angela’s proposition. Saki also discovers that Hato changes at Madarame’s place. It was funny that Keiko didn’t know that Hato was a guy and her curiosity almost gets the better of her when she runs over to pull up Hato’s skirt! LOL She’s prevented from doing that, but Keiko still demands “proof”, telling Hato to show her breasts. Hato gives in and whispers in Keiko’s ear in his normal male voice, and Keiko is finally convinced.

Saki surprises Ohno and Ogiue by saying that it’s okay for two guys to be together. They wonder if she’s gotten into BL, but she just claims to have gay friends. The girls were so disappointed! LOL Saki is suddenly convinced that Madarame is a popular guy and decides to tease him some more. She mentions his S&M DVD collection and that seems to make Hato a bit uncomfortable. Madarame claims to have thrown it all out, but Saki tells Hato to look harder the next time she cleans his room. Madarame protests his innocence, but freezes when he thinks of Saki’s photos. Guilty! LOL

In talking to Hato, Keiko decides the time has come for Madarame to confess to Saki. He ends up in the club room and Hato and Sue keep him there until Keiko can bring Saki over. But Saki does know about Madarame’s crush on her and plays along, entering the club room alone. But when she enters, Madarame isn’t alone. Kousaka and Sasahara are there! But Kousaka must know something as well, because he takes Sasahara out of the room.

Saki tries to talk with the uncomfortable Madarame, and he’s trying to figure out what is going on. Saki admits they’ve been locked in together. Everyone else wonders what the outcome will be. Saki and Madarame play cat and mouse. Saki pretends she doesn’t know why they’re alone together and Madarame knows she knows about the crush. Then he wonders if perhaps she really doesn’t know. But he still doesn’t say anything. So Saki does. She’s known that he’s liked her for years, but Madarame still can’t admit it. He doesn’t want to be rejected, so he makes something up. It was kind of sad that he was telling her that he liked her without really coming right out and saying it. And Saki knew exactly what he was really saying too.

In the end, Saki lets him down very gently. Madarame already knew she wouldn’t leave Kousaka, but asks her if it would have been the same even if Kousaka had never been around. Saki tells him that they may have had a future together and that just makes Madarame feel worse. He then thanks Saki with a feeling of relief. Madarame can let go now. But now Saki begins to cry. She really didn’t want to hurt him, and Madarame is touched. He’ll keep fond memories of those past, fun club days. I didn’t expect to get all emotional as well, but I’m happy that Madarame can move on now. I wonder now who he’ll end up with.


There’s a bit of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere cosplay in this. Why didn’t Sentai grab it?

While there are other reasons, as I watched the original series in Japanese I cannot get into this one due to the different J-dub cast. Watching this in Japanese is as weird to me as I imagine the (hypothetical) third FMA series would be if they replaced the actress for Armstrong’s sister (Olivier Mira) with Rie Kugimiya.


Episode 12 –


Madarame tries to get back to his old self, but he’s still hurting. And the way the others try to cheer him up with that cosplay was just too funny!

It’s Ohno’s turn to graduate this year, but she can’t find a job and she’s worried about her cosplay too. The photography session was hilarious. Ohno even made her boyfriend blush! LOL Drunk Ohno is even funnier. And Sue makes a good accomplice there in the background. Tanaka proposed! So, drunk Ohno decides to stay in school for another year. I wonder if she will remember any of what happened when she wakes up. LOL

Madarame quit his job! I notice that Hato isn’t trying to look like Kaminaga anymore, which is probably a good thing. And Madarame might just listen to Saki and “unlock the harem route”! LOL


Episode 13 –


Hato seems to have disappeared and everyone is worried. Although he’s still attending classes, he’s also avoiding his friends at school. Hato finally meets with everyone to attend a club trip, but they had to send him a telegram to get him to come.

At the inn, Hato seems uncomfortable whenever Madarame mentions he’s unemployed. It looks like Hato might say something, but the girls come into the room and the moment is lost. When the hot springs bath is discussed, Hato says he will use the one in the room. Everyone leaves for the bath and Hato and Ogiue are alone. She thinks he should enjoy the hot springs as well.

Ogiue and Hato continue their chat and she tries to help him by telling him of her own past. She basically tells him that change is a good thing. She goes off to the bath and leaves Hato alone to think. Hato decides to try the hot springs. But unbeknownst to him, Kuchiki is all ready to seduce him! LOL Thankfully, Sue gets to Kuchiki in time and really lets him have it. I don’t think he’ll be able to go to the hot springs for quite a while!

Once in the bath, Madarame and Hato get a chance to talk. When Madarame mentions not working and having plenty of time on his hands to do other things, Hato asks him about his future. But Madarame does intend to look for a job – a better one this time. That seems to make Hato happy. Then Madarame asks Hato is he’s going to stop cross-dressing. Hato isn’t sure, but he supposes that he will have to stop at some point. Madarame asks him why and Hato says it’s because things are changing. But Madarame eases his mind and Hato suddenly feels better.

After being attacked by Sue, Kuchiki thinks he was abducted by aliens. She really hit him good! LOL over dinner, they start the “should Hato-chan dress as a boy or a girl?” meeting, and everyone agrees he should be a girl. They even notice that he brought along everything he needs to change, so the thought couldn’t have been that far from his mind. Hato finally agrees and changes, reentering the room as Kaminaga. I guess he got over that issue as well. Even Yajima, of all people, agrees that Hato looks more natural now.

Ogiue gives a toast and the party proceeds – pretty much downhill from there. LOL They discuss the project for the next Comic Festival and it sounds like it’s going to be another fun mess. They even want to get Madarame involved. Hato will participate and Ogiue greenlights the project. They already begin to collaborate on it. The rest of the end scenes were hysterical. After the credits, Hato returns to the club. Great continuation of the series! I enjoyed watching how the club changed over the seasons. I hope there will be more someday!


Genshiken Second Generation Premium Edition Coming February 3, 2015

Nov 4th 2014


But, alas, no dub.


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