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Silver Spoon / Gin no Saji


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Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: agriculture, animal welfarism, farmers, school
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 23 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 11
Vintage: 2013-07-11
Opening Theme: “Kiss you” by miwa
Ending Theme: “Hello Especially” by Sukima Switch

Plot Summary: Yugo Hachiken decided to escape from the stressful school and home environment in the city by enrolling at Oezo Agricultural High School. Unlike his peers who’ll eventually embark upon an agricultural career, he decides to study there only because he believes it’ll be less competitive academically. Unfamiliar with his new surroundings, he tries his best to adapt to the agricultural world he had never thought of living in. (from ANN)

Silver Spoon / Gin no Saji Dai-2-ki - Season 2


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ANN Page

Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: agriculture, animal welfarism, farmers, school
Objectionable content: Significant
Running time: 24 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 11
Vintage: 2014-01-09
Opening Theme: “Life” by Fujifabric
Ending Theme: “Oto no Naru Hō e” by Goose house

Plot Summary: As the new semester begins at Oezo Agricultural High School, Hachiken is now used to the tough lifestyle of a rural high school. While Hachiken still wonders what he will do in the future, he continues to discover the harsh and the beautiful realities of the countryside. (from ANN)

Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-12-27 23:45 EST
Fullmetal Alchemist creator draws story of boy’s life in agricultural school


Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]Why would a city boy from a fancy prep school end up at an agricultural high school? Hachiken says it’s because it’s a boarding school and he doesn’t want to go home, but it has to be more than that. He can’t stand the smells at the farm and once he finds out where eggs come from, he can’t eat them anymore. But he eventually forces himself to get over that egg problem, once he’s hungry enough.

He doesn’t seem to care much for animals either, although they seem to like him. He also excels at academics, but everyone else shines at agricultural studies. When his classmates discuss cloning, he realizes that it’s college level science and has no idea what they are talking about. It’s an awful lot of hard, back-breaking work for a guy that isn’t sure what he wants to do in life.

I do like Aikawa – the student that wants to be a vet, but fainted the sight of blood when the chicken was butchered![/details]


Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]Hachiken has a tough schedule and has no energy to join a club, but the school rules say he has to. He just needs to find an easy one, and thinks the Equestrian Club might be it.

The guys that wanted Hachiken to join the Holstein Club were pretty funny. They don’t seem to notice any difference between cows and women! And they prefer cows! LOL

After meeting the club instructor and watching Mikage ride again, Hachiken lets Mikage show him around. She tells him about horses and asks him to join the club again. Thinking that riding a horse might be better than walking around on his own, Hachiken finally decides to join the club. Now he’s in for it! LOL His bubble bursts when he sees what the club duties really are. Poor city boy! But he did seem to appreciate it more once he was on the horse by himself. And he will get to spend time with Mikage as well. So, I think things will work out just fine in the club department. As for the rest of it, I’ll have to see.[/details]


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Golden Week starts and many of the students go home for the holiday. Hachiken remains at the school, but Mikage is there as well, and she invites him out. I have a feeling her idea of fun isn’t going to be the same as Hachiken’s. Yup, Hachiken thinks it’s an amusement park, but they end up at the racetrack! LOL

He also thinks it’s a date, but it doesn’t turn out that way either. Mikage’s horse is racing and there are more people from school there as well. Mikage’s horse ends up in third place, but Hachiken did enjoy himself. He also finds out the harsh reality for the losing horses. Again, I wonder why he hates his home so much.

During another practicum, Hachiken gets attached to the runt of a pig litter. Even knowing that the little guy is destined for the pot, he names it “Pork Bowl” and promises to make it a “great pig”, thinking they will be together for the next three years. Unfortunately, he won’t have that time, since Pork Bowl will become bacon in about three months. Another harsh reality for Hachiken!

The principal gets a phone call from Hachiken’s old homeroom teacher and I wonder what he was told that amused him so much.[/details]


Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Hachiken is the top student but doesn’t have a perfect score, so he still isn’t happy about it. He needs to get over that. I also liked the way he looked after his first horseback ride. Poor thing could hardly walk. LOL

Campus cleanup is next – the entire campus. The incentive is a mutton barbeque afterwards and that seems to get everyone fired up. Hachiken’s assigned area is full of junk. I wonder what he thought about the straw doll nailed to the tree. Seeing a hand reaching out of a pile of garbage, he goes to help only to find it’s a Colonel Sanders dummy. Had to chuckle at that! In pulling out the dummy, he uncovers a brick oven as well.

After doing some research on brick ovens, he mentions pizza and the students get all excited. Apparently that is the one thing that can’t be delivered to the school, and everyone wants it. They wonder if pizza can be made in the brick oven and they all look at Hachiken. Hachiken mentions a few ingredients and suddenly they all expect him to make pizza. Hachiken gives in to the demand, but only has a week to figure out how to make it.

Word spreads and everyone is looking forward to it, but after some major research, Hachiken confesses to his roommates that he doesn’t think he can do it due to the cost and types of materials he would need. He starts to get the students to volunteer for what he needs and even Nakajima gets involved. And he even gets a student to repair the oven. But he promises to pay everyone with a pizza, so he may be making them forever!

On the promised day, everyone shows up at the oven, including the teachers. His old homeroom teacher has come for a visit as well. He really showed up on the wrong day! LOL The pizzas get made and Hachiken gets to do the taste test, while everyone waits breathlessly and drooling. After he swallows, Hachiken begins to laugh hysterically. Everyone takes a slice and it’s so quiet as they eat it. Soon, everyone is laughing with Hachiken. The pizza is a complete success!

The teachers start talking about beer making, because what’s pizza without a good beer? Tamako shows the teachers how they can make money off the pizza by opening up to the public. I think Hachiken is just happy it’s all over. His old teacher is happy to see Hachiken fitting in so well, and thinks he can put his concerns to rest. The principal has to spoil all the fun by asking the students for a report. But Hachiken learned that the school truly is self sufficient. I don’t think he believed it till he saw it for himself.[/details]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]It looks like Hachiken is getting the hang of horseback riding, but maybe not, since the horse doesn’t care much for him. And he sees a crop circle out in the field. He’s excited by it, but sees that his fellow classmates just think of it as an annoyance.

Some mysterious Area 51event is to happen at nine that night and everyone is going to sneak out to see “it”. But they need to find a way not to get caught. Hachiken would just rather not go at all. There sure are a lot of obstacles getting out of the dorm and the boys are already found out before they even get outside. They make a break for it and head for the woods.

When they get to the greenhouse, they find a strawberry thief. He gets away, but they lose another member of the group. Closer still and they are faced with guard dogs. Down to two boys now and they finally make it to the field. Hachiken says this is where he saw the crop circle earlier and this is also called Area 51.

And the big mystery? A giant self-propelled harvester! That’s it? LOL Hachiken is not impressed and even a bit disappointed. On the way back, everything is explained to Hachiken and it’s all very logical. Back at school all the boys have to clean the bathrooms as punishment. Not worth it, in Hachiken’s opinion. But I’m sure he’ll be getting more punishment for having his cell phone too![/details]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]Yay! Pork Bowl is growing bigger!

Hachiken has no intention of going home over summer break either. He’d rather take care of Pork Bowl and the horses. I still wonder why he hates home so much. But then he finds out that the dorm will be closed over the break for renovations. Hachiken is saved when Mikage invites him to stay with her and she also tells him that her parents won’t be home! The things Hachiken is thinking! LOL But it’s really the offer of a part time job. Of course he’ll accept if it means he doesn’t have to go home!

Hachiken meets the family and is impressed that Mikage has a 107 year old great grandmother. Mikage’s father is scary, thinking that Hachiken may steal his daughter. And this will be Hachiken’s first job. Unfortunately, he’s having problems sending his family a message that his isn’t coming home. Perhaps he should have sent it while he was still at school. He also tells the family that he’s the second son of a salary man. Mikage is very astute and can sense something is wrong with Hachiken. I also get the feeling that Mikage isn’t too crazy about inheriting the family farm.

Mikage knows Hachiken hasn’t told his parents he isn’t going home. She thinks he may be able to get a signal further up the mountain at Komaba’s place. Hachiken gets lost of course, but Komaba happens to find him. I don’t think Hachiken ever had anyone worry about him before. The Mikage family were beside themselves with worry and that seemed to surprise Hachiken. He also gets to meet Komaba’s cute little twin sisters. And he tries to tell them about child labor laws! LOL

Komaba’s farm is really struggling and Hachiken tries to help out as much as he can until he’s picked up. Afterwards, Komaba makes Hachiken practice baseball with him, but he doesn’t to too well. They are both surprised when Hachiken actually hits a ball. Komaba has a nice dream and I hope he can realize it. Hachiken learns how to gut a deer too. Yuk! It takes him a long time to psyche himself up to do it too, but in the end he does a pretty good job.

Then Hachiken has to eat the venison and hesitates at first, but ends up eating it without much of a problem. That is until he smells the blood on his hands. On the way home, he tells Mikage that he was surprised that she was worried about him, and she mentions that there are bears around. It’s full dark and the stars are so pretty. Hachiken wonder if they’re having a “moment” and tries reaching for Mikage’s hand, but the truck stops abruptly. They hit something! A little while later – “A starry night, and on the truck bed, there’s only Mikage, me…… and a dead bear.” How romantic! LOL[/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Hachiken gets to see another side of the farming business as he tours Tamako’s huge family farm. More commercial and efficient, it puts the smaller farms to shame. And Tamako has even bigger plans for the farm, such as tossing out her inefficient father and taking over. I think I like the smaller family farms better. LOL

It was funny when Mikage compared Hachiken to a horse without explaining why. And he got to help a cow give birth too. Another wonderful experience that he’ll not soon forget! LOL Poor kid, I thought he was really going to be sick. But he got over it soon enough and even bottle fed the calf. Finding out that the little guy is destined for the slaughterhouse, he names it “Beef Bowl”.

It was nice to see Hachiken get a little more insight with regards to the farming industry in general. But he still can reconcile the eating of the farm animals that are raised with such care and love. But he’s learning. In the end, Mikage explains why she likened Hachiken to a horse and it was really sweet![/details]


Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]Mikage’s father is very funny. He keeps trying to trip up Hachiken, but Hachiken takes on every task he gives without hesitation. At least mom likes Hachiken and wants him to marry into the family – over dad’s dead body! LOL And it’s funny that dad can talk about “udders” but the minute Hachiken looks, he gets smacked!

Hachiken’s brother shows up! But I don’t think Hachiken wants him around. It also appears that his brother has quit college and now makes ramen. But when he calls the family to let them know that Hachiken is okay, his father sounds really angry that he quit school. It seems daddy is a bit domineering and Shingo knows how to handle the man. But perhaps this is the reason why Hachiken doesn’t want to go home.

Shingo can’t cook! LOL So, much for making ramen, and he also ruined the venison that Hachiken went through so much for. However, great-granny ate the ramen with relish – her taste buds must be completely dead! But Shingo doesn’t stay long and I think Hachiken was happy to see him go.

Hachiken tastes raw milk and loves it! But he forgets to connect the pipe when milking time comes and a lot of the fresh milk gets wasted. He feels badly, but the others tell him not to worry about it. However, he does feel guilty once he works out the cost and wonders how much money actually gets back to the farmers.

Hachiken also gets his first taste of fresh picked corn and sees a huge difference again. Shingo shows up again too – he got fired! LOL An impromptu cookout takes place and afterwards, they try to pay Hachiken. However, still feeling guilty over the spilt milk, he refuses it. But the family insists and even great-granny puts her two cents in. Hachiken accepts the money with gratitude. I think he really enjoyed his summer job. It was hard but rewarding work and Hachiken learned a lot. I also think Mikage’s dad is finally warming up to him. Perhaps Hachiken will marry into the family! LOL[/details]


Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]Back at school, the first stop Hachiken makes is to visit Pork Bowl and he finds a huge difference in the pig. He’s huge and fat! The little piglet has become a full grown pig in the short time that Hachiken has been gone. But Pork Bowl is still smaller than the others and it seems his fate is sealed. It was really sweet to see how Pork Bowl greeted Hachiken too, when Hachiken brought him food.

Hachiken is also surprised to see how much Tamako has changed. Actually, a few people are surprised at her appearance. And she isn’t the only one. I laughed to see what happened to Tokiwa! I also chuckled at the “chicken respect” line. Now that the break is over, it’s time to get back to work. Tokiwa ends up getting disciplined for his new appearance and has to shave his head, as well as doing a week of forced labor.

Hachiken seeks advice on getting Pork Bowl fatter and continues his special care of the little guy. But it’s beginning to interfere with his other duties. And at the rate he’s going, it’s going to affect his health as well. However, it looks like Pork Bowl is gaining the weight he needs, and it’s almost time for Hachiken to say goodbye. Distracted now and wondering if he could ever eat Pork Bowl, Hachiken gets a little depressed.

A day out at the festival is just what Hachiken needs to perk up. And I think that talk with Mikage helped too. But when an announcement is made about a roasted pig being offered, Hachiken falls into a depression again. He even considers becoming a vegetarian until Mikage offers him a beef kebab. LOL Shingo shows up at the festival as well. I really hope he isn’t cooking! But he is and Hachiken is too late to warn his friends.

Well, Tamako is back to her old self. And over a meal of curry, Hachiken is still enamored over the taste of fresh meat. But will he be able to come to terms with Pork Bowl’s fate?[/details]


Episode 10 –

[details=spoiler]Tokiwa overhears part of a conversation between Hachiken and Yoshino and gets the wrong idea. But that doesn’t stop him from spreading a rumor around the school. Now, they’ve been called in by the teacher to discuss the fact that Yoshino is having Hachiken’s baby! LOL The teacher is relieved to find out the rumor isn’t true, but I liked when he slipped up and said the kids were in heat. LOL

The time has come to say goodbye to Pork Bowl. Hachiken tries to buy him, but once the teacher asks him about taking care of it, he corrects her and says that he wants to buy the meat. The teacher agrees. Hachiken is up all night and goes early in the morning to bid farewell to the pig. He has some fond memories of the little guy and realizes how short a pig’s life can be.

It was sad to see Hachiken watch the pigs being loaded into the truck. Pork Bowl almost looked human and he seemed to act betrayed when Hachiken tried to reach out to him a last time. I couldn’t help but cry as the truck drove away. Hachiken ignores his friends as he cleans out Pork Bowl’s old pen and they end up leaving him alone.

In class, a video is shown of the slaughterhouse process and although no one is forced to watch it, Hachiken steels himself to do so. The video just happens to feature pigs, which must have made it that much harder for Hachiken to see what exactly would happen to Pork Bowl. Aikawa had an even harder time with the video. He isn’t going to make a very good vet. It was amazing that the kids could discuss the video over lunch. I never could. Well, I wouldn’t have even watched the video in the first place!

All too soon, the meat from Pork Bowl arrives. Hachiken pays for it, but still isn’t sure what to do with it. Tokiwa, insensitive oaf that he is, suggests making a pork bowl and no one can agree to that! In the end, Hachiken learns how to make bacon. It was really sweet of Mikage to later give him compresses for his sore hands. He’s happy until he finds out that she did it more for the horses than for him.

Everyone gathers as the bacon begins the smoking process. They say it’s almost like a funeral as they wait. A teacher brings rice and Tamako brings out the rest of Pork Bowl and they all actually end up eating giant pork bowls. Hachiken sniffles a bit before he eats his, but everyone eats with relish, which I think is a fitting tribute to Pork Bowl. Hachiken’s views of the way things work are definitely maturing.[/details]


Episode 11 –

[details=spoiler]Pork Bowl’s smoked bacon is the next to be sampled by all, along with smoked cheese and eggs. One thing leads to another and it’s another eating fest. Shingo shows up again too. It was funny when he tried to steal the bacon! But it was nice of Hachiken to send some bacon to Mikage’s and Komaba’s families. He even sent some to his own family at Shingo’s suggestion. Soon word gets out, and everyone wants Hachiken’s bacon.

Hachiken realizes that he’s been at the school for six whole months and still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, while most of his friends already have their dreams and goals in place. He feels a little lost, but Mikage assures Hachiken that he’s moving forward. He even gets a pep talk from the principal and starts to feel better about himself.

Hachiken and his friends go to Komaba’s game and it’s the first time that Hachiken has been to a baseball game. He gets so caught up that his friends are worried he won’t make it to the ninth inning! LOL But he does, and gets so fired up after the game that he runs back to the dorm. Him and everyone else! LOL

The bacon arrives at home and I just loved the look on dad’s face! Hachiken was probably right about what his father would think. Meanwhile, a new crop of piglets arrives. Hachiken has already found the runt and named it “Bacon”. But then he ends up naming all of them! “Pork Cutlet Bowl”, “Ham”, “Char Siu”, “Pork Soup”, “Pork Cutlet”, “Ginger Pork” – and his friends can only look on in astonishment, before they start complaining. Hachiken calms them down by offering them the rest of his bacon. That makes everyone happy and it’s a fitting end to the season. Great show! I never thought this would be such an interesting show, but it is. It was a nice surprise and now I can’t wait to see the next season![/details]

[size=20]2nd Silver Spoon Season’s January 9 Date, Staff Unveiled[/size]
posted on 2013-11-30 23:47 EST

Shogakukan announced that the second season of the Silver Spoon anime will premiere on January 9 in Fuji TV’s Noitamina block.

The anime’s official website announced the main staff on Friday:
Original creator: Hiromu Arakawa (serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday)
Director: Kotomi Deai
Script: Taku Kishimoto
Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Jun Nakai
Animal Design: Yasuo Muroi
Prop Design: Tomoko Sudo
Art Director: Sawako Takagi (Studio Wyeth)
Art Setting: Shinji Sugiyama (Studio Wyeth)
Color Key: Makiko Doi, Takahiro Mogi
Director of Photography: Toshiaki Aoshima
CG Director: Kazuya Kadoma
Editing: Shigeru Nishiyama (REAL-T)
Sound Director: Tomohiko Ito
Sound Effects: Yasuyuki Konno
Music: Shusei Murai
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

The main differences are director Kotomi Deai replacing Tomohiko Ito and CG director Kazuya Kadoma replacing Ryuta Undo. Ito will still remain as sound director.

[size=20]Rock Band Fujifabric Performs 2nd Silver Spoon Opening[/size]
posted on 2013-11-27 04:00 EST
8-person band Goose House will perform ending theme

The official website for the Silver Spoon anime announced on Saturday that the Japanese rock band Fujifabric is performing the second anime season’s opening theme song “Life.” The song’s CD single will go on sale on February 12.

Sōichirō Yamauchi, the vocalist and guitarist for the band, said he read the manga over and over again ever since it was published. He considers it an honor to have “Live” chosen as the opening theme. Fujifabric also performed opening theme songs for Space Brothers and tsuritama.

Japanese band Goose House will perform the ending theme “Oto no Naru Hō e.” The single will be released on February 19.

Goose House began uploading original songs and music covers to video sites in 2011, and the videos have been viewed over 200 million times. The eight members all read Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon farming manga.

The second Silver Spoon season based on Hiromu Arakawa’s manga will premiere in Japan in January. The story follows Yūgo Hachiken, a city boy who enrolls at Ōezo Agricultural High School. While there he meets his classmates, all from farming families, while trying to find his own goals and dreams.

Aniplex USA licensed the series for home video, and Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired. A live-action adaptation starring Sexy Zone band member Kento Nakajima and Alice Hirose will open in theaters on March 7.

[size=20]Silver Spoon 2nd Season’s 1st TV Ad Previews Fujifabric’s Theme Song[/size]
posted on 2013-12-19 13:02 EST
Sequel adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s farming manga to premiere on January 9

The official website for the Silver Spoon television anime series began streaming a commercial for the anime’s second season on Thursday. The commercial previews Fujifabric’s opening theme song “Life.”

[video has been terminated]

The second season will premiere on Fuji TV’s Noitamina programming block on January 9.

Kotomi Deai, assistant director for the first season, is taking over for Tomohiko Ito to direct the second season. Taku Kishimoto is again writing the scripts, and Shusei Murai is also returning to handle the music. A-1 Pictures is again producing the series, and Ito will instead work as sound director. Japanese band Goose House will perform the ending theme “Oto no Naru Hō e.”

The official website for the anime has also added a new key visual.


[size=16]Crunchyroll to Stream 2nd Silver Spoon Season, Z/X Ignition[/size]
posted on 2014-01-04 20:53 EST
Also confirms streaming of Wake Up, Girls! film & TV series, live-action Mischievous Kiss - Love in Tokyo


S2 Episode 1 –

[details=spoiler]It was funny that after a full day of work, it’s “lights out” just as Hachiken decides to study for his finals. And it just got funnier when Mikage asked Hachiken to help her look for her missing bra. I cracked up again when they went to look for it at the Holstein Club. Of course it’s there, and it’s something completely different from what Hachiken was thinking. It’s a bra for a cow! LOL Well, it did end up being “black and big”!

Hachiken is made vice president of the Equestrian Club. And it’s not a job he wants. LOL He isn’t sure that he’s the right person for the job anyway, but the seniors have faith in him. Hachiken’s mom sends him a message thanking him for the bacon. Even his dad enjoyed it, and I think that really pleased Hachiken.

Hachiken finds Mikage talking to Komaba and she’s crying. He blames Komaba, but he walks away, saying that he didn’t do anything. He tries to find out what’s wrong from Mikage, but she tells him that it’s nothing and also walks away. There goes Hachiken’s good mood. But thinking about her tears later causes Hachiken to have trouble studying; he just can’t concentrate.

Hachiken doesn’t get much sleep and when he sees Mikage the following morning, he tries to ask her again what happened, but she abruptly changes the subject. She compliments him on becoming vice president of their club, and praises him. He tries to turn the subject back to her, but they get interrupted by another classmate. Hachiken later tries to get Komaba to talk to him, but Komaba tells Hachiken that it’s none of his business.

A barbeque marks the end of final exams. Hachiken begins to think that there is something between Mikage and Komaba, and although he overhears Mikage telling another girl that Komaba doesn’t have a girlfriend, his thoughts are still running in that direction. Hachiken thinks he might be jealous and begins to think about how he sees Mikage. Nakaya confesses to Komaba, but he turns her down. He tells the guys that he just doesn’t have time for a girlfriend. Baseball is his only love at the moment.

Komaba and the team win the big game, but maybe the sushi incentive had something to do with that. LOL Mikage was forgetful and the horses got out while the kids listened to the game on the radio. The horses are brought back without incident, but Mikage is reprimanded. When she turns away, Hachiken can see that she looks really sad. Hachiken hates to see her like that and takes the chance to speak with her. But when he asks her what she and Komaba were talking about, she tells him that it has nothing to do with him. He’s crushed! However, Mikage seems like her old self when she talks to Hachiken later on. Now I am getting curious too![/details]


S2 Episode 2 –

[details=spoiler]It’s time for another campus clean up and I wonder what Hachiken will find this time. It’s a puppy! They clean the little guy up, but then they have to figure out what to do with him. Hachiken hopes to find him a home, but he gets permission instead to keep him at school. Then Hachiken finds out how expensive it’s going to be. He promises to take care of the vet bill himself. There goes the rest of his summer job money! At least Tokiwa comes up with a cute idea to buy food. It works pretty well too.

Ookawa builds the puppy a nice little dog house and now he has to be trained. Hachiken isn’t sure how to do that either. Mikage later tells Hachiken why she thinks he’s so nice, but she still won’t open up to him about why she was crying. A temporary name of “Vice President’s Dog” is given to the puppy, but I hope they come up with something better. I had to laugh when it got shortened to “Vice President” and Hachiken said the dog was taking over his club title.

But with all the attention, the spoiled puppy is getting to be a real brat. It was funny when Hachiken tried to discipline him and the horse took offense and stepped on Hachiken’s foot! Funnier still was when Mikage started to give Vice President some basic training and ended up reprimanding him. Hachiken took it so personally! LOL Nakajima has Mikage stop, for this has to be Hachiken’s job, and he has to establish himself as the alpha, or the dog will never listen. Hachiken takes this to heart and reads up on the subject of dog obedience. He works with Vice President and truly makes himself the alpha male. And the puppy responds well, much to the delight of the others.

The cow rectal exam was interesting but gross. I have to agree with Hachiken – I’d never want to be a vet either! But Hachiken is a true leader. When no one wants to try it, Hachiken is the one to volunteer. At least he got a fake cow! LOL And when it looks like Komaba might get injured by a falling cow, Hachiken sacrifices himself to push Komaba out of the way. But it was funny that Nakajima and the vet were more concerned about the cow than about poor Hachiken.

The vet examines Hachiken for injuries and praises him for taking in a stray dog – before presenting him with a bill for the rabies shot. LOL Hachiken still needs to be looked at by a human doctor, so Mikage and Komaba take him to the school infirmary – in a wheelbarrow! LOL Komaba berates Hachiken for what he did and Hachiken tells him why he did it. Komaba understands better now and thanks him. But he still wants Hachiken to think more of himself instead of others. And Hachiken still has to come up with something for the school festival, as well as worry about the Freshman War. Very funny episode![/details]


S2 Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]Well, it looks like Maron prefers female riders and really hates Hachiken. LOL The horse will jump for anyone but him. I really adore this horse with the bad attitude. But now Hachiken feels left out. Mikage tries to help Hachiken, but can’t really tell him what to do. It has to come from his own understanding.

The following Sunday, Mikage takes Hachiken to an equestrian club competition. Mikage joins the friendly competition, but although invited, Hachiken declines. He watches a pony named Takakura make big jumps effortlessly and Hachiken is impressed. Hachiken enjoys watching Mikage compete as well. He sees how much trust a rider puts into their horse, and it gives him something to think about.

Dad asking Hachiken about dating Mikage was hilarious. No matter what Hachiken said, there is no pleasing dear old dad! LOL But he does make things a bit awkward between Mikage and Hachiken. Tokiwa only adds to that with his perverted imaginings of why Mikage and Hachiken went to visit her family. LOL

Hachiken tries jumping again. He asks Maron to help him, but the horse stops just short of jumping. Just when Hachiken is about to give up, Maron makes an incredible jump! Hachiken wasn’t ready for it and falls off the horse. Flat on his back and a bit stunned, Hachiken now realizes what jumping feels like. Crying with happiness, he hugs Maron, telling him that he’s “an amazing horse”. I like how Maron tossed Hachiken away.

At least Hachiken finally gets it. Maron is his partner and Hachiken just needs to put his trust and his faith in the horse, giving him the freedom to do what a horse does. Nakajima thinks their bond has strengthened now, but Maron doesn’t look too thrilled. LOL[/details]


S2 Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]The equestrian club enters a real competition. It was funny to see Nakajima like Buddha with the kids praying to him as he gave them advice. The new character, Minamikujou, is introduced and she seems to be on the obnoxious side. The girl puts on airs and likes to think she’s better than everyone else. And she has that annoying laugh too!

Minamikujou has targeted Hachiken at this competition. Now, if only she can get his name right! But even Hachiken has to admit that horse and rider are a good team as they make such beautiful jumps. However, Minamikujou is a bit of an idiot and gets disqualified. So much for her bragging!

Hachiken’s club doesn’t do much better and when it’s Hachiken’s turn, he looks like he has stage fright. Will Maron work with him? Or will the horse feel how nervous he is and work against him? Hachiken leaves everything to Maron. And Maron doesn’t like to lose! The horse keeps going even when Hachiken’s foot slips out of the stirrup. But Hachiken manages to hang on after another jump. Unfortunately, he falls off Maron and the judges have to make a call. Hachiken is not disqualified and he also received a good time with zero penalties! Yay! Everyone is ecstatic, but it only makes Minamikujou angrier. Now, she’s really out to get him! In the end, Hachiken places fourth, which isn’t bad for his first competition.

Mikage’s division is up next and Mikage is also on Maron. They work really well together and Mikage makes a great time with zero penalties. Hachiken praises Maron, but the horse prefers Mikage’s company. Maybe Maron just needs to chew on Hachiken’s head again. LOL Mikage ends up placing third. Great job! Both she and Hachiken are congratulated over lunch. But Minamikujou and Hachiken’s brother manage to ruin the nice meal.

Hachiken needs to get back to the school for his practicum. With no bus available, Nakajima lets Hachiken ride Maron back. I guess Hachiken and Maron made up and it and Hachiken enjoyed riding on the road with Maron. I laughed to see the other club member running after him with a shovel, reminding Hachiken to clean up after his horse![/details]