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Comicpalooza 2010
Comicpalooza 2011


Hey Houston! It’s almost that time again! COMICPALOOZA!!!

On March 26-28, 2010 Comicpalooza will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX.

The guest list caused quite a buzz through out the Anime Network office:
Ray Park (Darth Maul)
Peter Mayhew (CHEWBACCA!) [yeah, this had me jumping up & down]
Dichen Lachman (Sierra from Dollhouse)
Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

& BRUCE freakin’ CAMPBELL!!!

So brace yourself Houston and get ready!

Head over to their website for further details:

Join their group on Facebook:

Who knows, there just may be a few AN staffers wandering about as well… (Hey, we’re fan, too, ya know!!!)

Anime Network’s promotions crew will be out in force at Comicpalooza to enjoy all of the fun and bring you guys back some awesome coverage!
On Saturday 3/25, we’re bringing out the big guns and deploying out crackin’ film crew for some new AN Exclusives! We’ve even pulled some strings and have a fantastic new host from the voice acting world to do our on camera specials!!! :slight_smile:

Here in the office we’re counting down the days! (especially the boss!)

So if you’re in Houston, head over to the George R. Brown March 26-28 for the best of the best in Comic book and Sci-Fi culture and see if you can spot Rai, EW, and your’s truly!!!

Okay, Houston, brace for impact!
Comicpalooza is splashing down TOMORROW!

Be sure to check it out, especially Saturday, when Bruce Campbell will be holding a Q&A at the main stage!

Oh man, wish I could be there! Anything in particular you guys are planning to pick up?

We shall see. Taking two cameras, so we’re gonna get lots of coverage for you guys!

get that guy from evil dead

Great day today! Got some great interviews with artists, filmmakers and the lovely Dichen Lachman! (I still can’t believe that I was able to act professional and not totally geek out!)
Videos coming soon. Big thanks to the fantastic Lesley Tesh-Pedersen for being our on camera talent & Jin Chung for lugging around that camera & audio mixer all day!

HEy does the animenetwork have polos for their street team, you know to look more “professional”?

We wear our crew t-shirts… with the big huge logo on the front.

I know, polos could not hurt for more formal butts…bits*


A polo shirt usually has a very small logo on it. I would rather they see the logo from across the room… don’t want people getting that close to me. :wink:

Besides, I don’t do formal unless it involves a dress and high heels… and wine glasses!

spazzysam wrote:

I don’t blame you, now that you’re a “Pyramid” star personality! All those autograph hounds and stalkers! :ohmy: :wink:


Here’s some YouTube Interviews from [size=4]Comicpalooza 2010[/size]!

Ethan Van Sciver

Dichen Lachman

Ben Templesmith

They are also in the Anime Network Exclusives in the OP. Sorry, forgot to announce it.

LadyOfWicca wrote:

LOL! That’s why I have Rai sitting at the table with me @ Anime Matsuri. I can shove him in the way of any rabid fan and make my escape!

Mr. Templesmith seems to be a pretty laid back dude. Great interviews!

spazzysam wrote:

[quote]LadyOfWicca wrote:

LOL! That’s why I have Rai sitting at the table with me @ Anime Matsuri. I can shove him in the way of any rabid fan and make my escape![/quote]

Now that is one fantastic idea! :lol:

LadyOfWicca wrote:

[quote]spazzysam wrote:

Now that is one fantastic idea! :lol:

spazzysam wrote:


… No way… Could it be…?