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Animazement happens every year in North Carolina. Now Located in Raleigh, at the Convention Center that was just built in 2008.

I’ve only been to it once so far and i’m going back again this year. Its been 4 years sents I went in 06. It was in Mooresville at the Sharton Hotel.

It was great fun. I hope to see some of you all there.


Trunks - Dragon Ball Z

Cagalli - Gundam Seed [White Uniform]

Cagalli - Gundam Seed [Green Dress]

Ciel - Black Butler [Female Verson, Punk]


[size=4]Animazement 2010[/size]

**May 28-30, 2010

Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC**

Animazement is an annual convention that celebrates the world of Japanese visual culture through anime, manga, video games, J-rock, martial arts, traditional crafts, and more! Brought to you by fans, for fans.

Guests include:
Richard Ian Cox (Voice Actor)
Keiko Han (Voice Actress)
Noriko Hidaka (Voice Actress)
Yusuke Igarashi (Artist/Musician)
Kazuhiko Inoue (Voice Actor)
Trish Ledoux (Magazine Editor/Voice Actor/Translator)
Chiho Saito (Manga Artist/Author)
Chika Sakamoto (Voice Actress)
Spike Spencer (Voice Actor/Author/Screenwriter)
Koichi Tsunoda (Animation Director)
Cristina Vee (Voice Actress)
Kappei Yamaguchi (Voice Actor)
Yasuo Yamaguchi (Producer)
Toshifumi Yoshida (Producer/Translator)


Holy Heck, I can go to that one!


If you do go, be sure to post your report here! We want pictures and your account of all the fun!


redshirt1 wrote:

Never been to a straight anime con but conventions are fun and well worth going to. If you go, hope you have a fun time.


If you guys go to or there are a few groups and fourms to talk on about AZ. i’m on both as KristyHimura so yeah Talk to me sometime ^^.


I might look into that. I live in Knightdale, so this convention is less than a thirty minute drive for me.


redshirt1 wrote:

You must go. Please take pics and post


redshirt1 wrote:

Koolness, Well i hope you deside to come it happens on the last weeknd of may so heres some luck for ya.


Okay, I registered to go. I will try to ask for that Friday off. I technically have over 120 hours of vacation time left, but they chopped off a lot of it when the quarter went over. I will bring my camera, and I will wear a red shirt :wink:


Post a picture of that red shirt, um, redshirt.


If you can try to get Thrusday off cuz thats the Per-Con sents you have already Registered. Also Thrusday is when some of the people get together to eat and hang out before the con happens. THen you can get your Badge early instead of waiting for it on Friday.

These are the times they have set, they don’t have a Shedule fully up yet of whats going on at what time. But, On Friday Nights and Saturday nights there is a Rave Party that happens at like 1ish and goes on for a bit so you mite not get much sleep. If you do go please remeber people don’t mind you beening there but wash…we had a couple of people from before that didn’t and it wasn’t nice.

Pre Con (Thrusday Night): 6 pm until Midnight

Friday : 8:30 am until 2:30 am Saturday

Saturday : 8:30 am until 2:30 am Sunday

Sunday : 8:30 am until 6:00 pm Convention Closes


Yes, we don’t want any dirty cons! Scrubba dub dub!


fillet wrote:

YES! Scrubb!


So got any pictures of what you’ll be wearing to the con?


I did ask for the Friday off but chances are looking slim now.

Edit: For Thurs and Friday I will be wearing a simple red shirt, hehe, and then Sat and Sun one with a red shirt with a cool silver dragon on it. I am not skilled enough to make a cosplay outfit, and I could not even begin to guess what anime character I match the best too.


I am charging my camera, getting a red shirt ready, and taking a nice long shower tonight. Not sure when I can get off work tomorrow, but I will get my pass for sure.


I will post a link or something to the pictures I take soon. I have 12 from Thursday night. A couple events were canceled due to panel person not showing up and panel person having their car towed. However, I did get to partake in the Anime Endurance Test. My mind cannot unsee what I saw, and NEVER WATCH DEFENDERS OF THE UNIVERSE. DON’T DO IT!


Gonna make it out alive bro?


It is over. TAN should consider making an appearance at the next one. There were only 7070 people attending this one over the 3 day weekend :woohoo:

I saw some voice actors: Went too Richard Ian Cox and Spike Spencer’s panels and saw Keiko Han, Noriko Hidaka, Kazuhiko Inoue, Trish Ledoux, Chika Sakamoto, Chirstina Vee, and Kappei Yamaguchi.

I attended Koichi Tsunoda’s panel on the current anime market.

I saw various panels from Godzilla, Japanese language, Space battleship Yamato, etc.

I have several pictures to put up; I just don’t know where. It would tricky to do it here on this post, and I don’t know a good place where I can just link a folder. I will mess with it. I am not in any pictures though as I did not know anyone there personally. Maybe next year.

(My 1776th post. Can I declare my independence?)