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Why not just have the motorcycle play a fake sound? Is this a “guerilla marketing” technique to call attention to the electric endeavor?

I recall that there were issues like this in the USA with hybrid cars, as blind folks had difficulty sensing that the rather silent Prius was about to run them down. From what I’m finding, 2018 is the year that, in the USA, a follow-up law was scheduled to go into effect that requires all cars to make an audible engine noise.

There are also quieter cars that play fake engine noise into the cabin so that the driver can get the thrill of the exhaust sound without making other drivers’ ears bleed.

[Mazda] previously signaled that it will keep relying on fossil fuels

Well, someone has to keep recycling those dinosaurs, think Green :rofl:


Attack on Titan Voice Actor Yuuki Kaji Will Give You Beauty Advice via Smart Mirror

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Random generation of anime characters by sophisticated AI programs is now so good, it’s unreal

October 8, 2018 / Sora News 24
Never would we have thought that characters designed by AI programs jumped from rudimentary to ultra-advanced in the space of three years.


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Good riddance to bad rubbish. Google tried everything to force users onto Google Plus, including requiring it to make comments on YouTube, but even that wasn’t enough to get people to use it.

The social media market, like the streaming video market, is supersaturated.

Plot twist: it’s actually just a window :wink:

People just stop coming into work nowadays when they don’t like their jobs? Sheesh, whatever happened to the dream of telling your boss off and then dropping the “You can’t fire me, I quit!” line? :smiley: :+1:

“Ghosting” seems so passive-aggressive. :frowning:


Pass the Polpo Test, Become an Honorary JoJo Passione Gangster

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Lyrical Nanoha Alarm App Starts Your Day with Magic and Explosions

October 13, 2018 7:40pm CDT
New smartphone alarm sends wake-up calls from Nanoha and Fate


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Yes, it’s getting super ridiculous, I can only afford CR / Amazon, at the moment. Amazon has other benefits besides streaming. I plan to add Netflix eventually, but that’s pretty much it, no matter how interested I’m in to Young Justice S3, or the Star Trek Shows on CBS all Access


They tried individual streaming services before and a lot of those services ended up putting the content on Someplace else or being bought by others . I see this being a bad idea . Warner and Disney really should just create services that give access to all the companies materials they own . Add all the DC and marvel comics/movies/tv ever printed or made . Add all those Disney movies and shows they’ll never releases on home video . You have to make it worthwhile . They won’t think that smart though .


If those 2 teamed up to make a joint streaming venture, that could finally be “the One” to compete with Netflix.

One of my biggest complaints, and from what I gather I’m not alone in this, is the lack of a solid stable of non-Netflix Original content on Netflix. Disney + WB = most all of that content.

…and, frankly, a lot of this “Original Content” created by streaming sites isn’t very good. Worse, Netflix in particular has been releasing so much of it that I’m not even keeping abreast of all of it to be able to find the “diamonds in the rough”.

Nowadays, it almost is easier to just DVR content when it airs, or get the blurays when they release.


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“Solar power has grown fast on the island of Kyushu, but the unstable output during the day depends on weather patterns and can create a headache for Kyushu Electric to stabilise the grid.”

Years ago, my fam ditched DirecTV because clouds would cause the signal to cut out. I can’t imagine having an entire island’s power grid being crippled by a cloud. :astonished:

the restart of a fourth nuclear reactor

This seems like a much better solution. Barring another freak accident after a tsunami, it’s possibly more eco-friendly too.


Kaiji’s Steel Beam Crossing Challenge Is Now a Smartphone App

October 17, 2018 6:05pm CDT
Test your guts and your balance with the personal edition of the terrifying challenge