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Apple Disables Group FaceTime Following Reports of Eavesdropping Security Flaw

January 29 at 9:23 AM

Samsung Cancels Production of New BD Players in U.S.

posted on 2019-02-18 19:20 EST by Karen Ressler

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I’d not be surprised if others pull out of the market completely as well . The Home Media market in the US is just not big enough now a days to support to much competition . Not that Samsung not making something that’d break right after the warranty expired is a big loss anyway . :wink:


That’s disappointing, but I’m not too surprised as Samsung’s BD players are so overpriced that their existing stock in the USA could easily take years to sell out :wink:

$75 for a basic Sammy bluray player at Walmart is too much, the local warehouse store sells new 4K UHD Magnavox players for that much (or $50, with coupon).

$260+ for a Samsung 4K bluray player at Walmart is also ludicrous. It’s not 3x+ better than the Magnavox, and I can buy a new Xbone S console for less than that (from Walmart), which also does 4K bluray.

Could Samsung be trying to use their brand recognition to command a “price premium” and consumers literally aren’t buying it? :roll_eyes: :rofl:


OPPO was a true premium brand, their players were used in the Audiophile community ( My other hat, please. The one with the propeller. Thank you. ) as the gold standard for CD playback. So they command Aniplex+ level pricing, especially now.

Samsung produced a good product if you could get it on sale, we did and have one of their Blu-Ray players on the Big TV downstairs.

I don’t think the Blu-Ray market ever really recovered from the 3D bubble a few years ago.

Mark Gosdin

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And here I’ve just gotten in on the 3D thing, having seen my first 3D film ever. All my pals, and the previously-high price, had dissuaded me for years but it was actually a cool experience.

Though I suspect James Cameron himself explained years ago why 3D was destined to fizzle out: the FPS is too low. While the polarized glasses gave me the full 24 Hz to each eye, my dabbling with 3D has me thinking that both he and Peter Jackson were right about it needing a higher FPS.

I’ve heard that with UHD, blu-ray now has official support for high frame rate , but it lost official support for 3d? Weird. It also seems like TVs that have all the must-have features nowadays (4K, HDR, FreeSync/VESA Adaptive Sync, 120+ Hz) don’t offer 3D support.

3D shows you a window into reality; the higher frame rate takes the glass out of the window

^James Cameron

We were flooded with 3D Blu-Ray players at the peak of that bubble. Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and especially Tiger Direct ( RIP ) had huge stocks to the point where you had to search to find non-3D players.

Then they just stopped selling and suddenly the 3D players & TV’s were being blown-out. I think it materially contributed to Tiger Direct’s failure, though there were other, bigger, problems.

Since I’m in the Orlando metro area our experience here may not have been the same as elsewhere. But, I don’t think we were all that much different from other parts of the U. S.

Mark Gosdin

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Ok, all you brainiacs, I have something weird.

I just printed a six-page LIST and at the top of each page are page numbers. But instead of “Page 1 of 6”, I’m getting “Page 1 of 1”, “Page 2 of 2”, “Page 3 of 3”, etc.

Did I do something funky? Or do I just need to have my hubby look at this when he gets home? (He’s in a meeting right now.)


Typically that’s a programming error. What application were you in? Was it a web browser?

Mark Gosdin


LOLOL, I knew this was going to cause questions.

All updates current

Windows 10 / Edge browser
Word Document

Printing to HP InkJet

Guess I mainly just need to know where to look for the problem.


I believe Word can be setup to generate custom versions of the “Page # of #” in the Header or Footer. I would look at the Header settings in Word ( I don’t remember how to do that since I haven’t used it years. ) to see if the format is messed up.

It looks like “Total Page Count” isn’t being used. Should be something like “Page” (Current Page Count) “of” (Total Page Count) but looks like “Page” (Current Page Count) “of” (Current Page Count) was used.

Sorry, that’s about all I can do to point you in the correct direction.

Mark Gosdin


I found the place to change it. It now just says “Page 1”, “Page 2”, etc.

Good Lord, is this Monday again?

Thank you! @mgosdin


What’s wrong with a 3d bluray player though?

At least we still have MicroCenter, against the odds.

Nothing, just that they were more expensive than the non-3D players were at that time. Once the 3D bubble burst then then 3D players were cheaper for a while. It was more my Penny-Pincher habits than anything else.

Mark Gosdin

New Alarm App Offers Wake-Up Calls from SSSS.GRIDMAN Girls

March 18, 2019 3:08pm CDT
Rikka and Akane will have new art and voice lines in -If your smile- app

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Europe just passed sweeping new copyright rules that Big Tech hates

March 26, 2019

Why isn’t the newfangled USB Type-C connector port backwards compatible with classic Micro USB?

My buddy needed to charge up his newer Samsung but couldn’t as all of the chargers and power packs on hand were Micro USB :frowning:

Why not a hybrid 2-in-1 port, like the cool idea from yesteryear of combining eSATA & USB ports on PCs? Or doing what smartphones used to do and just have multiple ports?