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Could someone identify this?


This was on my mind recently, when I was in Japan last (early '15), late one night I saw this show. All I remember is some girl was walking down a street late at night, some guy confronts and threatens her (my Japanese is poor, but I believe he was the antagonist). Anyway, she transforms into that nine-tailed fox from that one legend (absolutely certain “kyuubi no kitsune” was spoken by the assumed antagonist soon thereafter).

Then an odd fight scene played out (budgetary constraint maybe?) I believe she tried to attack him but was fended off, then tried to escape various directions by jumping, only to have him intercept each time. That’s all I remember.

It was on a network that aired anime shows late, like 19:00 onwards at least. There was also another similar channel, and this second one was probably the one, so if anyone knows any such networks that may help (the less obscure one had inuyasha, godmars, probably DBZ, that basketball anime. One of these networks had Yatterman if that helps.


I don’t know what it is. Sorry.