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I’m a long time AN network fan. They really set the stage for me to love all types of anime. Looking for a name of an old show that AN used to air, a story of young girl that gets attacked by giant creatures, finds out she can turn into an Avatar and destroys the monster only to take the company of an old reclusive man who teaches her to respect nature and value life over destroying the monsters. only saw the first episode and half of the second but the cinematography at the time was stunning, been trying to remember the name since. All I remember is her in a cottage with the old man and him telling her about how we should respect the bugs in our gardens and not try and destroy life.

Kinda long for an intro but hey the right person might know the show i’m talking about. Look forward to joining the community


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The anime you describe is familiar to me, but I can’t seem to grab the title from the depths of my brain. However, I’m sure someone else will come up with it.

Again, welcome to you, and hope to see you around!


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Sadly, I don’t know which show you are speaking of either, but there are a few others here with a much larger repertoire of anime than myself.


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Maybe one of you guys can help with identifying this anime?


I’ll try giving it a shot. I randomly thought of this one.

Is it this?



No the main character was a girl. It starts out as the girl has no idea that she has any abilities until a monster attacks her city. She finds that something wakes up inside of her and that she is able to transform into a spirit avatar. She transforms then destroys the monster.

Some how she ends up meeting a reclusive old man who lives alone in a shack. the old man explains to her that she should not kill the monsters as they are living beings, he goes on to give an example of his garden and how he lets the bugs live because all life is part of a greater cycle.

She is then left grappling in her mind as to what she should do if the monsters appear again if she is not to kill them.

Like I said the details are a little vague as I only saw the first two episodes. It was back around in 2011-2012 and was a very high quality production at the time if that helps any.

I also think that the avatar thing the girl turned into was a large neon green giant “avatar” that was kind of translucent if I remember correctly.


I’m drawing a blank, at first I thought it was Tayutama, but that’s not exactly what he’s describing either.


Welcome @gratefulvapes. Boy that’s a real puzzler, I’ve got nothing quite like that in my crusty memory.

Mark Gosdin


It was a long time ago that I saw the anime. I remember finding it in an old anime book. Found a copy of the book, only thing is it has 500 different anime’s in it, lol. I gave up on this hunt a few years back now it is driving me crazy ill update the post once I get a copy of the book in.


Hullo thar! Welcome to TAN, I’m sure the title of that anime you’re looking for will surface.


Hello! Sadly I can’t help with that as I never saw it myself.


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Sorry, that anime doesn’t really ring a bell. I hope you find it!


welcome, greetings, and salutations.

hmm, that anime is a real pickle. one of those whose title is right on the tip of the tongue, but still can’t fully gel in the mind.

you say u saw it in 2011/12, but do you know if it was an older show, from say the 80s or 90s? Did it look like old school cell animation or more modern-esque computer animation?

was it widescreen or 4:3?


If I was to guess I would say it came out between 2006-2008. No idea if it was widescreen or not. The animation was similar to ghost in shell in terms of quality and age.


I’m not sure 100% but I had another title come to mind.

Second title. Is it this?



I keep thinking of Blue Seed, but I know that isn’t it either. This is one tough mystery!


Nope still not it. The anime was similar to 5 centimeters per second in terms of quality of production. I got the book ordered yesterday as this is driving me crazy at this point lol. Hurry up amazon!!!