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Demon Lord Dante / Maō Dante


###Demon Lord Dante / Maō Dante

Genres: action, horror, supernatural
Themes: demons, shapeshifting
Objectionable content: Intense
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2002-08-31 to 2002-11-23.

Plot Summary: While sleeping one night, Ryo Utsugi had a nightmare of monsters attacking him. One day he learns a mysterious power to let him hear voices and have visions of girls getting killed, but one night he hears the same voice.

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So, we’re up to episode 4 on SVOD currently.
I’m actually finding this one rather interesting. Though the dub is mediocre, the artwork is actually pretty interesting and has been keeping my attention.


Shame the only master that got released here was the censored TV version.

It takes away from the impact of scenes of the show. The show itself while not bad is not one of the better shows based off of Go Nagai works ,but is worth a watch.

If you want to do yourself a favor track down the ADV release of Devil Lady. Not only did it get a great dub it is a great show. The music alone is some of my favorite from Anime. I’d post a link to the OP ,but the Japanese owners have had it removed from all video sites. It came in either 6 singles or a complete collection in a brick. Been hoping for a while ADV would put it back out on the market so I can double dip and more people can see it ,but as of now I am not even sure they still have the rights.


I can’t post anything else but to completely agree with everything PP said.

I seem to remember if my memory is correct, Demon Lord Dante gets more interesting as it gets to the end.

It’s a decent Go Nagai series, but certainly not his best. Definitely worth a watch though if the premise is not a put off.


I rented Demon Lord Dante a year or two ago, and couldn’t really get into. It’s an okay show, but it has some pretty glaring weaknesses. And it’s definitely not one of Nagai’s best.

It did a get bit more interesting towards the end, but I didn’t really like the way everything wrapped up. I actually thought it was a bit weird and creepy.


I only have the first episode, so far, but it looks like a show I might enjoy. I am liking it thus far - love a mystery! Look forward to watching more.


It’s a decent Go Nagai series, but certainly not his best. Definitely worth a watch though if the premise is not a put off.[/quote]

I haven’t seen many Go Nagai stuff, but I certianly enjoyed Shogun Warriors as a child.

However, though this series is definitely nothing to write home about, I do like the art, particularly how the demons are drawn.


You’ve also seen MazinKaiser… and you probably know how much PP and I love that. :slight_smile:


You’ve also seen MazinKaiser… and you probably know how much PP and I love that. :)[/quote]

Yeah, that one was included in my “I haven’t seen many Go Nagai stuff” statement.


I seem to remember if my memory is correct, Demon Lord Dante gets more interesting as it gets to the end.[/quote]

I’ll agree with this.

We’re up to ep. 7, a little over half way through currently on SVOD, and it definitely started to pick up and be more intriguing.


A little interesting tidbit came to light about this show on this weekends ANN PodCast. Apparently, the license for this show cost so much, that Geneon had to sell over 30,000 copies just to break even. According to their former sales manager, they barely sold 5000.

I think they definitely overpaid on this one. I can see why TAN just went for digital rights on this one.


Yeah anyone thinking this show would sell 30,000 units was out of their mind, or in serious denial. Kinda a shame Geneon was in the position there were though. Anyway as far as this title goes, doesn’t look like anything I’d care much for though. not that it’s bad or anything.


Also getting stuck with the censored TV version hurt sales.


Yeah, the censored version certainly hurt, but even if they had the full, uncut series, there is no way it would have moved 30,000 units. Go Nagai series have always been traditionally weaker performers in R1, which is why we see so few of them anymore. And Demon Lord Dante is definitely one of his more colorful works.


It wouldn’t have moved 15,000 imo. But just the idea that this would sell 30,000 copies makes my head almost explode. It does suck that Geneon got into this death spiral though. And it’s hard to see if there was any reall way out of it. But it is kinda funny that they considered titles that “almost broke even” as a good sellers. I really laughed with Justin on that one (although we were all crying inside).

On another note, I’ve yet to actually see a Go Nagai title yet. For some reason I don’t think they’d appeal to me though.


Listening to that PodCast and hearing how some of Geneon’s perceived “stronger” titles actually performed, makes me wonder how other major properties have performed, especially some of ADV and Funi’s titles. I think a lot of what occurred at Geneon, could also have been applied to virtually any of the R1 companies. The biggest difference between them and one particularly successful company, is that they didn’t have their big franchise, and it’s money, ripped out from under them.


Go Nagai stuff may not do well here ,but there is a some of gems that lacked attention here. Three of which ADV released with excellent dubs Getter Robo Armageddon , Mazinkaiser , and Devil Lady. All three got tragically overlooked by way to many Anime watchers. Devil Lady is really the one in my opinion that has the most for almost everyone to enjoy which makes it all the more a shame its out of print and probably expired. I really wish someone would put out the Re: Cutie Honey OAV . I had heard someone licensed it which is why someone said they could not license it.


Yeah, I have to agree with you there. I, for one, have been dying to see Devil Lady. I need to hunt it down on ebay at some point.


Yeah, everyone needs to get MazinKaiser! :smiley: My guess is this is the last time it’ll remain in print, so this might be the last chance to get it - especially after all the begging we had to do to get this new reprint…


I definitely plan on picking up that one as well! I don’t imagine it will be available forever.


I just finished Dante -

I really like this anime. It’s just so twisted from what people take for granted. It’s a very interesting alternate history that pretty much ends up the same way as accepted doctrine. A new take on Adam and Eve and another world where God is a monster and Satan is a wise man. And other bible references are taken as well and turned around a bit. The story was pretty creative.