I'm new to Anime

I came here because I love zombie themed movies, and saw an advertisement for High School of the Dead (which was great). I’m interested to know what other anime series are worth watching too. I would prefer the mature/violent types, but I also appreciate well written/off the wall type stories too. I’m new to Anime in general, so any suggestions?

Welcome to you! You’ve come to the right place. Pretty much everything here is great and would most likely be to your taste.

You might enjoy The Skull Man, Elfen Lied, Gilgamesh, Legend of the Dark King: A fist of the North Star Story, Pet Shop of Horrors, Hell Girl, Shigofumi, Le Portrait de Petite Cossette, Canaan, Ghost Hound, Princess Resurrection, Demon King Daimao, Samurai Girls, Mezzo and a couple of funny off the wall ones are Dokkoida? and Kampfer. The list is too long! And I am probably missing a few. You can check out the “Anime” and “Other Anime” sections here on the forum for more info if you like.

Hope to see you around and if you have any questions, just ask! Someone will always be around to answer.

Well welcome to TAN and I suggest 11 eyes very good anime and I second LadyofWicca on Elfen Lied if you like blood and violence that’s a must see.

The inhabitants of Planet TAN bid you a warm and fuzzy welcome.
Now for some anime recs.

[size=4]Here on TAN:[/size]
Golgo 13
The Skull Man
Area 88
Legend of the Dark King

Well written/off the wall
Ghost Stories
Rune Soldier
Super Milk Chan
The Fuccons
Maria Holic

Hey guys, thanks for the responses and suggestions. I was able to watch episode 1 of Samurai Girls last night, and I have to admit… the way some of these anime shows are styled (drawn) is incredible. As I already stated I’m new to this and wasn’t sure where to start, but I did buy a copy of the movie Ninja Scrolls a few days ago. It’s an older movie (1983?) but the villains in that movie were great. Sadly, that’s about the full extent of what I’ve seen and I look forward to watching the list of shows you guys provided.

This may not be a simple question to answer, but what do you look for, or like most about anime? Again thank you.

Hello and welcome! I third it. Go watch Elfen Lied.

That’s one of the shows that drew me into anime. Felt so bad for the main character, she was dealt a bad hand. Great to have you here, there are a lot of shows that you might like on the ballot.

Welcome to TAN. I’m Newshawk, the lovable but cantankerous Otaku Grandpa of the group, a TAN Casting Sensei (along with LadyOfWicca, PretearHimeno and Mystic), the benevolent dictator of the Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen game and compulsive list maker. I’m glad to see you’ve made it to the best little slice of anime heaven this side of the Pacific!

I see others have made some excellent recommendations. I endorse all but Golgo 13. While it is a violent/mature series I (for one) do not find it well written. However, YMMV.

One more thing. If you love zombie movies, and especially High School of the DEAD, then you just might like a little piece of fanfic I’m working on over in the Fan-Made Media section. It’s “You’re Under arrest” but in the HOTD universe. I call it “Bokuto Precinct of the DEAD”. I have the first 9 chapters up (it’s the first chapter seen through the eyes of five different characters, then continues on in a more unified thread.) I hope you’ll give it a read.

Hello and welcome to the TAN boards!! :slight_smile: I don’t know your exact likes, but I’ll try and suggest a few. If you have not already seen them, I suggest:
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

Gurren Lagann

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

When They Cry (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I don’t know how much you would like cute shows, so I think I’ll leave those out for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do I look for or like most? That would have to be the characters. They are what make the show.

I hope you enjoy your time posting here and making friends!! :3

Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your stay.

welcome dwyck