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Doamaiger D / Doamayger-D

[size=16]Doamaiger D / Doamayger-D[/size]

[quote]Genres: science fiction
Themes: mecha
Plot Summary: Daijirou Kyogyoku is the 15th generational proprietor of the Amashodo sweets shop in Kyoto. One day, after falling down the steps into the basement, Daijirou finds a hidden door, behind which is a giant hangar housing a mecha named Doamaiger D. At the same time, people start getting turned into giant mecha/kaiju monsters called Mekaiju, and the only way to return them to normal is for Daijirou to prepare & feed them sweets made via Doamaiger. While fighting off each successive Mekaiju, however, Daijirou will also find out who’s behind the creation of these monsters, learn the about the origin of his robot, & take on Mr. Robert, an American sweets magnate who uses his own giant robot to automatize sweets production.
Running time: 3 minutes per episode
Number of episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-01-05[/quote]
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###New Doamaiger D Anime Combines Themes of Kyoto, Sweets, Mecha
posted on 2014-09-30 00:35 EDT
Classic-style TV series starring Ryota Murai to premiere in spring 2015

###Funimation to Stream Doamaiger-D
posted on 2015-10-02 14:03 EDT
Doamaiger D premiered in January

Doamygar-D: The Complete Series (Sub Only) - Coming Soon

Doamygar-D: The Complete Series (Sub Only) - Available Now on DVD

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