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Dai-Guard / Chikyū Bōei Kigyō Dai-Guard

Dai-Guard / Chikyū Bōei Kigyō Dai-Guard


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, science fiction
Themes: mecha, military, real robot
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Thirteen years after their sudden disappearance, an alien race known as the Heterodyne resurface without warning. To combat the Heterodyne, three office workers from the 21st Century Security Corporation operate Dai-Guard—a giant robot no longer regarded as an oversized paperweight. Unfortunately, Dai-Guard is somewhat obsolete and in disrepair. It’s a tough job, but salary men can also save the world.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 1999-10-05 to 2000-03-28

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I cannot wait to rewatch this series. It has been on my must buy list since I started buying off RSI, but other stuff with better deals came first. Waiting to buy it has really built up my excitement. I remember watching it on TAN - the first thing I did when I got home from school was to go watch Dai Guard on VOD

It’s nothing really new to the mecha genre, but the characters are all very likable, and I could leave the OP song on loop for an entire day and not get tired of it.

Did I mention that I can’t wait to watch it?

One note I wanted to make - Avoid the ANN review of Dai Guard. On disc 1, the reviewer says it is quite good and gives it a B+ (dub) and on the next disc a different reviewer said it was boring and bland and gives is a C- (Dub), which I think is rather ridiculous. That’s one thing I can’t stand about ANN - different reviews for different parts of series. It should be one reviewer doing the whole thing.

lol OK I will take your advice. In fact i might just forgo the review all together.
It is a mecha title I never have seen.

With the counter getting so low on this on Right Stuf, I had to go ahead and order it. But it will probably be a while before I get to watch it.

Its office workers fighting giant monsters and red tape. So why are you not watching it now? :slight_smile:

Vol. 2 and 3 in singles should never be hard to find, I’ve turned up 5 and 6 as well; it appears the singles in this series were one of the last to get really mass-produced and there were a ton of returns - not all of which went to RSI. How do I know? All of the ones I have were bought stupid cheap wholesale (and in quantity) from other sources. The place I got them from must have had easily a dozen or better full cases each on some of them. In some cases they had been displayed as an empty box with the DVD itself kept behind the counter, apparently to discourage shoplifting.

So even if RSI runs out I don’t think it will be hard to find the rest elsewhere. And I’m sure sooner or later there’s a chance of S23 doing a box-set reissue.

Quite a fun show that’s pretty different from most mecha series out there. Don’t expect fanservice, crazy over the top stuff or complex storylines…

Dai Guard is just a good, simple story that’s executed really well, with a lot of charm. Also one of the best dubs to come out of ADV’s Austin studios. :slight_smile:

Also just got to love that intro.

I’m thinking about getting all 6 volumes when I get my next paycheck. I love mech animes.

Ditto that.

Very fun series. One of those I loved to re watch but my backlog is long. Plus sometime during my move a few years ago I seem to have lost my volume 6. I know I have it but it’s somewhere around here.

Yay! I got mine today with a bunch of goodies my mom sent me. The set is not a thinpack, but a “Keep case” (or Alpha case, I don’t know much about DVD cases, I just googled case types) which is actually still pretty nice (at least it isn’t a stackpak or a flipper). I miss the nice boxes that you get from the ADV thinpak though.

Going to try real hard NOT to watch the whole thing over the weekend, but we’ll see how that goes…

We call them “BRICKS” they have a few downsides.

  1. Can’t find them anymore
  2. No cases fit the covers
  3. They clasp sometimes break
  4. Disc were popping loose bad on these in-stores and during shipping. Causing massive scatches
  5. They are fat
  6. They are ugly
  7. Plastic is easy to break. I have a few with cracks in them
  8. See 1 , 2 , and 3

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Series launches today at 3:00pm PT


Still one of the best opening songs .

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