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It implies that they’re getting more business, business that ought to be going to other-better-studios. Their expansion also implies that they’re secure in the increased demand for their services continuing, which isn’t the news that either the other studios or myself want to hear. :cry: :wink:

I still wonder about this as not only could they have dubbed Ikki Tousen themselves, and it would have been better as if there’s one thing that Funi can dub it is really raunchy fanservice shows (a skill they have, in large part, as they’re the only active dub company that heavily adapts its dub scripts), but I don’t recall any significant fan movement for dub continuity for the rather late releases of the show. For Bayonetta, was Klein already in/going to England for dubbing, or was that a special trip just for the dub of the movie that he did for Funi?

By making replacements that sound close to the original, instead of picking actors who sound little like the original. If they’re going to make such obvious replacements then they ought to have replaced the whole cast.

Hey, T&A sells, whether in the east or west. Sentai did it as well with Queen’s Blade, not only once (Rebellion had a handful of recurring characters, some used sparingly if at all that they’ve could have gotten away with an in-house dub) but twice with Beautiful Warriors. Ikki Tousen prob in the same boat, they sell enough to make profit even after outsourcing compared to other popular, selling shows.

With Funi’s big grab this season, they may have to start outsourcing if they decide to give them all dubs.

The issue as to why Bang Zoom!'s getting all stuff (much to your dismay) these days is that Bang Zoom! has been the premiere studio for LA dubs ever since the early 2000s when they dubbed Rurouni Kenshin. Bang Zoom! was found to be cheaper than its competitor Animaze yet also used most of the talent that worked at Animaze (the familiar anime dub names such as Steve Blum, Wendee Lee, Kirk Thornton, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, etc,).
Geneon was pretty much the only major client of New Generation Pictures since everyone else would rather hire well-known voice actors for dubs than use VAs completely new to the voiceover game.

Agreed, and Funi could outsource Assassination Classroom since it would be a good-seller for them. In general Funi and Sentai need to reach out more and expand their dubbing scope beyond what they currently have now that the USD/CAD ratio is almost back to normal, especially once Toonami launches in Canada…

Unfortunately, they got what they paid for. :frowning:

If there’s a target audience for the average Bang/Zoom dub, works that amount to audiobooks of the subtitles, then I’m certainly not in it.

I dunno, they have the capability to simuldub atop their normal dub load. I’m suspecting that we’d see more dubs featuring large amounts of green actors with a slapdash script, or maybe even some more sub-only releases (ugh), before we see Funi outsource if they can’t handle the demand. Maybe they’ll outsource BlazBlue, though that is something (like Ikki Tousen) that would be best done in-house for Funi.

Dunno if this has made it here yet but RightStuf has confirmed that Pony Canyon’s US release of Yuki Yuna (whatever that really is) will have an English dub. I don’t know who convinced them to do that-it certainly wasn’t the non-dubbing pinch-pennies at RS-but the time for some fans to convince them to use Ocean seems to be at hand.

Though if they were to use NYAV (or anyone besides B/Z and Studiopolis) it would at least add some variety to the proceedings. IMO it’s essential that they don’t follow AoA’s lead and take the low-hanging fruit that is Bang/Zoom.

[quote=“celestial_being, post:35, topic:7862”]
Dunno if this has made it here yet but RightStuf has confirmed that Pony Canyon’s US release of Yuki Yuna (whatever that really is) will have an English dub.[/quote]
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Extinct like a Betamax…

I’m pretty sure that “the fam” still has a Betamax lying around, complete with old-school wired remote :wink:

not sure why you guys are now talking about Betamax

Anime News Network explains why there hasn’t been many Vancouver dubs in the recent years in this article.

Then what’s the other half?

Getting those who commission anime dubs to realize that this quote about LA dubs, from that article you linked, isn’t exactly true:

Maybe the argument can be made that NGP and Ocean can provide a better product at a lower cost than B/Z and Studiopolis; “If you’re going to pay the money to dub something, it’s far less risky to pay less than you would to the studios that you have been using and are almost certain to get a better dub as a result.”

The main issue is that LA, for all its expensiveness and difficulty due to unions compared to Vancouver and Texas, is the most lucrative area in the English voice acting community, even though Vancouver is essentially cheaper than LA and lies in the middle between LA and Texas in terms of dubbing prices. Also, there was this growing feeling that Vancouver studios weren’t making as good dubs as they used to in the past, so many studios began to shift their dubs to LA, since they consider that area as the most trustworthy to them.
Even for NGP (which is based in LA), it’s overshadowed by the likes of Bang Zoom! and Studiopolis since it uses small-time VAs instead of the big-name VAs like Steve Blum, Kirk Thornton, Tony Oliver, etc, that the other two use. I honestly wonder why Viz and Aniplex still use LA if Vancouver is actually cheaper.

I haven’t heard Blum pop up in a dub lately (which IMO is a good thing as he has demonstrated no ability to disguise his voice). I haven’t really noticed the big names from LA appear in too many LA dubs lately-mostly I’m noticing newer people, with smaller names-so I’m not fully onboard with it being lack of access to certain talent that is leaving NGP as the odd man out in LA.

Besides, if they really wanted Blum, couldn’t “David Lucas” make a dramatic return to voice acting? :wink:

I’m still wondering if NGP and Ocean are even trying to get back into the running with anime dubbing, or if they’re content to do anime dubs only once in a blue moon as they’re focusing on other, perhaps more lucrative, projects.

[quote=“celestial_being, post:45, topic:7862, full:true”]
I haven’t heard Blum pop up in a dub lately (which IMO is a good thing as he has demonstrated no ability to disguise his voice).[/quote]

Well, if you’re wondering as to why Blum hasn’t appeared in dubs recently, it’s because he’s a Union-only actor, and I don’t think he sees the incentive to go ficore like the other big-name dub VAs. Also, he’s been succeeded by Keith Silverstein in the dubbing world (Keith also succeeded Crispin Freeman as well)

There’s still older-generation anime VAs appearing in dubs, such as Michael McConnohie, Richard Epcar, Doug Stone, Wendee Lee, Kirk Thornton, Michelle Ruff, Karen Strassman, Derek Stephen Prince and Tony Oliver. Also, it’s not really so much the lack of certain talent as they’ve used big-name VAs in their dubs (such as the aforementioned Michael McConnohie, Doug Stone, Wendee Lee, Michelle Ruff and Karen Strassman), but rather NGP’s insistence on using VAs entirely new to voice acting and its voice directors mostly unfamiliar to most big-name VAs (Bang Zoom’s and Studiopolis’s voice directors had prior experience with directing dubs) that’s probably left them as the odd man out.

I don’t think the SAG-AFTRA would let its VAs use synonyms as they did in the past ever since Global Rule Number One passed. I know they still let Jamieson Price use synonyms still in dubs (such as James Lyon and Taylor Henry), but his union status is ambiguous as ‘Mortal Kombat 9’ (which he was credited with his real name) may have been non-union due to it being developed during Midway’s final days so they didn’t have that much budget (it may also explain why ‘MKvsDCU’ was non-union and may have been done by NGP).

NGP’s working on the Zen Studios games right now, and Ocean’s working on their dub of ‘DBZ Kai’ (I do think they could probably work on more than just that right now, as I could see Saban give the upcoming ‘Digimon Adventure .tri’ to Ocean to dub once they get it since Joshua Seth and Michael Reisz are no longer active), which may be their final chance to convince the anime companies that they’re still worth the expense of being outsourced to if the if is just as good as (or even better than) FUNimation’s take.

Isn’t that what Bang/Zoom and Studiopolis (and, to a lesser extent, Funi & Sentai) do?

Well I’ve long thought that B/Z has some questionable casting practices so that doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Brings me back to the “Okratron needs to get its name out there, so other video game makers will use 'em” train of thought. Though NGP’s workload seems so light that I wonder how they endure, but then again they seem to be doing alright, iirc they still have their China branch…

Yes, but what I was saying was that during the time when NGP was at its prime (early 2000s until 2008), Bang Zoom! and Studiopolis hired big-name VAs (many of which are Animaze veterans) on a regular basis whereas NGP seldom did and used entirely new VAs instead. Bang Zoom! (and later Studiopolis) began hiring completely new VAs ever since K-On! (2011).

Okratron’s gonna need more than just Gearbox Software games (though they help since they’re AAA games and thus they gain more attention) to convince companies that they’re a good alternative to LA. They are also going to need pre-lay work (i.e. cartoons), but it’s very difficult for a cartoon to not have its voices done in LA due to the existing status quo.

Isn’t the Gantz dub considered to be some of the most hilariously bad dubs to come from Houston?

They could try to experiment gradually (though they’ll most likely have to do it with titles that are more likely to sell well to make up for the fact that it would likely cost slightly more than Houston, such as Akame ga Kill!) and see how it works before giving Parasyte to Ocean.

They could use Kill la Kill’s or Inuyasha: The Final Act’s timeslot for Sentai shows once either of those two shows wrap up, unless AoA wants to use the latter’s for stuff like Magi, Fate series, Madoka Magica and Aldnoah, and Viz use the former’s for titles like Tiger & Bunny and Accel World.

Even with Chris Ayres helming the dub, it’s doubtful if it will be a quality dub given Seraphim Digital’s incredibly rushed dubbing schedule and the fact that it’s way past capacity.

If that’s a common sentiment in the fandom, I can’t say that I’ve heard it. Even if it were, Matt Greenfield would still be the “winningest” ADR director in anime. :smile:

Akame ga Kill! is also a mega-popular Sentai title and it too needs a great dub, which ought to DQ it from being the “guinea pig” for outsourcing due to the same reason as Parasyte.

Chris Ayres is the “most CA” of the directors at Sentai (Interestingly, he takes flak from the fandom that Oliver and AVR are spared but also deserve). I’ve noticed that his serious dubs tend to be a bit too serious, which might translate into success with Akame ga Kill, a show that is serious but yet not serious simultaneously. Then again, it could also turn out to be a solid “meh”, like CA’s Kill La Kill dub. Hmm…

Whatever it takes to get a good dub for both of these shows is what I want to see done.