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More Dubs Needed for Sentai Filmworks. Dub Suggestions


I notice that Sentai Filmworks is only giving a minority of titles dubs. Whatever gets dubbed seems to be like pulling numbers or names out of a hat or rolling a die. I would like to see more dubs, and a majority of titles dubbed, including dub upgrades of currently Sub only Shows, just like Funimation.

As far as when to stream Dubs online, about a month or two before home video release, the first 2-4 dub episodes should be posted, and the rest of the dub episodes should be available the same day as the Home Video release.

I know at Anime Boston for example, someone asked about a To-Love Ru dub, and Sentai Filmworks would be open to a dub if people wanted it.

It also seems like most Manga Time Karma based anime are not getting dubbed, and I like to maybe have that reexamined for possible dub upgrades.

Bottom line is that I wish that Sentai Filmworks would dub more anime, and I hope that could be the cast for the Future. People like me (I am Autistic with ADHD) don’t like having to read the text, and would rather listen to the English voices if they are available.

US Voice Actors don't sing in anime

I totally get why you need dubs, but to put it in perspective, and not trying to be negative, it’s all about money.

-For example it costs between $6,000 - $10,000 / episode to dub an anime, depending on the cast size, and whether it’s done in house (Sentai / Funimation) or outsourced to companies like NYAV / Studiopols / BANG! ZOOM!

so for a 12 eps series you’re looking at $72,000 to $120,000 investment before you ever see a profit on something.Which usually means you have to sell almost double to triple the units to actually make a profit on a show

So Sentai has a metric in determining what gets a dub. (Simulcast Streaming numbers, Popularity, Feedback, and whether it’s been licensed in UK/AU/NZ regions)

They have gone back and done dubs for older shows that sold reasonably well subbed, Nyan Koi is one example.

Another case is Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun in which they had originally planned to release sub only, but due to fan feedback actually dubbed it and made a Collectors Edition as well.

So Let them know through your favorite Social Media site and hopefully the shows you want dubbed will be.


I get it. The thing is that I noticed that less than half the titles are getting dubbed. As a matter of fact, I only see Sentai Filmworks producing only up to 5 dubs a year. And I feel like shows are often licensed with no intention on dubbing them right from the start. I know back in 2013, Sentai filmworks dubbed a lot of titles.

The reason why I’m not subscribed is that not only are there not as many dub titles, but the new dubbed episodes are not even posted right away when they come out on DVD/Blu-Ray. I know Sentai Filmworks now has a couple of major sellers like Akane Ga Kill and Parasite. If those are making money, and Sentai Filmworks has more money to spend, why not do some dub upgrades?

If my suggestions are followed, then maybe I consider supporting Sentai Filmworks as much as I support Funimation, and subscribe to Anime Network.


and in those 3 years time, they saw which shows sold well and which one’s did not. That might be why certain shows/genres don’t get dubs, because similar themed shows did poorly. There will always be exceptions to the rule, like Nozaki-Kun (so show your support by buying either editions), but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Maybe that’s why Funi is starting to release more sub-only releases.


And I guess its safe to say that Sentai Filmworks isn’t going to consider Broadcast dubs, because what simulcasts would they have to dub? Also, once a simulcast dub is produced, they would be obligated to release the anime with a dub, at least using most of the Broadcast dub recordings.

Funimation is currently the only company doing Broadcast dubs. And I know some titles that were dubbed at Funimation probably wouldn’t have been dubbed if any other company like Sentai Filmworks picked it up.

Too bad I’m feeling left out, because I favor dubs because I have language barriers with Foreign language, and can’t Fancy the recordings of the Japanese Voice actors.

Even if Sentai Filmworks was a big company like NBC Universal, they still wouldn’t invest money into more Dubs.


You really can’t say that though. Sentai, unlike FUNimation, while they have their own in house studio, probably could only do maybe 1-2 Broadcast dubs per season if they wanted to do that. Since they share their talent pool with Funimation, being both located in Texas, You’re still getting the same voice actors in everything, which is a big criticism of FUNi’s broadcast dubs. The quality of said Broadcast dubs have been all over the place as well.


I seem to get different opinions between the Forums at Funimation, and the forums at other anime Distributers. I noticed that since Sentai Filmworks started doing dubs in house vs before when they outsourced it to other studios, according to Wikipedia that the English dub work has drastically decreased.

I also find it strange that in scenes when an anime character sings (insert songs) , Funimation dubs, while Sentai Filmworks, and other smaller companies leave it untouched with the Japanese vocals, and when I asked Funimation about it on the Forums, they found it odd why Sentai Filmworks was not dubbing any songs when an anime character sings. Because of this, I think Sentai Filmworks often has this so called Non-Singing Voice Trope, where the English voice actors don’t do any singing at all.

I also wonder why a lot of comedy, kawaii, and slice of life titles don’t sell as well, or not as well watched vs action, and more serious titles?

I should have gone to Anime Boston (I live in the Boston, Massachusetts area), and spoke with someone from Sentai Filmworks about my concerns. Maybe next year. I just can’t fancy foreign language works, and prefer to actually hear the voices in the language I understand. I grew up with Dub anime. Pokémon kind of got me interested in anime, and even though I don’t watch it anymore, I moved on to other titles. I mainly like to watch the so called kawaii looking anime. I’m just asking for your patience and understanding of my opinion, and hope that there will be more dubs in the future.


I totally get where you are coming from.

As far as the insert songs not being dubbed, sometimes music for a show can actually be under a separate licensing agreement, or there is a stipulation in the contract that the songs can’t be dubbed. For the main Sentai series that features music, AKB0048 more than likely it was part of the contract that the songs couldn’t be dubbed, as actual members of AKB48 and their splinter groups, were the members of the main trainee squad “NO NAME”. It also features actual songs used in AKB48 concerts. (Go to youtube and search “AKB48 Heavy Rotation” )


I Think I get it about the songs. I don’t know how Funimation does it with the Insert Songs dubbed, but they do. Even some songs, such as when the Maid Sings In Dogs And Scissors is still not dubbed, and that I never knew what the excuse was. I was kinda feeling that Sentai Filmworks hasn’t been trying to dub the Insert songs if they were allowed to. Also, how is it the case that for AKB0048, I noticed that there were a few instances where some singing was dubbed in English?

I Know for Show By Rock, some songs outside of the concerts were dubbed, for the Simulcast version, and I think Funimation has Plans to dub the concert songs for the home video release. Can you also explain how Funimation was able to dub the Insert concert songs from the “A Certain Magical Index” movie?

I just want an explanation as why Funimation does it, but not other licensors.

Anyhow I like to see more dubs by Sentai Filmworks in the future, maybe perhaps dubs of previously released subbed only titles.


I would like Sentai Filmworks to go back and dub some older titles like To Love Ru, Koihime Mousou, to name a few.

I would like to see Blade Dance of the Elementals re-released with a dub.

Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


HERE HERE I agree with you all and I’m kind of saddened there are not more of us commenting on this thread . i haven’t subscribed to Anime network for this very reason (so limited number of new dubs and lack of dubs for what seemingly have been good sellers of older shows) AND the fact that they don’t allow yearly or even 5 year subscriptions . Also i can’t seem to get myself to stream SUBBED SHOWS (to help show ratings) because then the EXCITEMENT of the FIRST watching is gone . i have tried to stream Sentai releases thru crunchy roll and NOT WATCH …but it just gets to time consuming.
My Vote for older shows is for ToLoveRu / finish Familiar Of Zero / Engaged to the Unidentified / Hayate The Combat Butler / Hidemari Sketch / I Couldnt Become a Hero / Pet Girl / Place To Place / Qwaser Of Stigmata / Student Councils Discretion / Finish When They Cry / Yuyushiki.
i have supported the Escaflowne and Skip Beat Kickstarter Dub projects …so maybe Sentai will think on that as another way to gauge dub potential .
And now with the ever-increasing streaming quality many are just not buying H.V.Releases , they are getting to expensive for me i know . But i will buy all the Series mentioned was above if they are Dubbed …but not until then


I would Like To Have More English Dub Of shows Like Dubbing Season 2 Though 4 Of Familiar Of Zero Like Season 1 was English Dub. All Seasons Of To Love Ru.,Or Maybe something That Had Not Come Out Yet In US On DVD Or Blu Ray CHIVALRY OF A FAILED KNIGHT


Familiar of Zero did pretty poorly when Geneon, and later Funimation, released it. The very first box set was just left over singles stuffed in the volume one box, mostly from retailer returns and left overs in the warehouse. Funimation’s later box set had a smaller print run, took a long time to sell out, and they ultimately decided not to renew it.

The first season release from Sentai has already been on sale for less than $10, so I doubt it’s done well enough to change their opinion on that.

To Love Ru isn’t entirely impossible, but it seems unlikely as they’ve released several seasons of it and have given no indication they plan to revisit. At this point, it would be a very expensive endeavor with the number of episodes it has.

Koihimi Muso is sort of in the same boat. Sentai didn’t even redo the subtitles for that one, and just used the CrunchyRoll scripts (typos and all).


If You can band up, and try to convince that you all want Koihime Mousou, To Love Ru, and The Familiar Of Zero Dubbed, maybe Sentai Filmworks would revisit the series. I like to see dubs as well.


All comes down to basic ROI (Return of Investment), there’s not enough profit in it to make it worthwhile.

Even All Mighty FUNimation is feeling the sting, as quite a few titles are being released as sub only releases. Previously they’d dub just about everything, but thanks to the extra cost incurred from Simuldubbing, Quite a few of the borderline titles that might have gotten dubbed before, aren’t being dubbed now.


You can go to a website I found.

MOD EDIT - We do not allow linking to illegal anime sites.


Actually NO

“I” contacted Funimation two years ago on how to update their servers, buy reliable ISP connection to their servers, and the current way that they can process new shows in a short time period. I also discussed cost\benefit assessments. I am a WIDE AREA NETWORK Technician for Verizon, and avid logistics hobbyist.

They did gain a profit from subscriptions to their WEB service, even making a profit in double by also sending their product to HULU, and NETFLIX! I TOLD THEM that it would work, and they did it- EVERY SINGLE TIME THAT I TOLD THEM! Stop focusing on your VOD, and focus on online. It is cost\benefit effective.

Funimation has not felt a single sting to this, and it’s stock is rising. They have subbed, and dubbed with an aggressive pace, and hasn’t slowed down.

I also find your selection of DUBS to be CRAZY! There is no way you can seriously say MOST of the anime you have put up as dubs were successes. In fact you have dubbed the WORST that you could possibly do. There is NO WAY that anyone from these countries you have mentioned would even have approached with numbers to dub those anime’s. Very few have met the requirements of any consistent fan base outside of Japan, and ASIA. I find that highly disturbing that you would do that, and wonder who you are really basing the customer base on. I will just leave that, and other conspiracies alone.

I am not trying to make fun of you, in fact I WILL HELP YOU! Just ask me, and I will do what I can.


The companies who Anime Network get their shows from are the ones who decide what network to put them on. If they choose Netflix, Anime Network doesn’t see any money from that deal. If they choose to make something Hulu only, then Anime Network can’t stream it (The shows this did happen with so far, Anime Network was able to VoD them, but not stream)

BTW, there was actually a period where Anime Network wasn’t getting any dubs, even though new dubs were coming out on DVD/BD.


Sorry buddy, they are not. The ones who do the voiceovers for this company are HIRED to do the translation BY this company. The voice overs belong to “Anime Network”, and provide residuals to the main company in Japan, and the voice over company. Those company’s HAVE to get it through AnimeNetwork. If the Japanese company ATTEMPTS to license out product to other companies it can do it if the contract permits it. However, the Anime Network still gets profit regardless from that action. HOWEVER, MOST LIKELY - as proven before, the Japanese companies DO NOT want to handle FOREIGN MEDIA directly so that if a law is broken or something happens it will be on that foreign entity (AnimeNetwork, Funimation). NETFLIX, and HULU have their own contracts with other product, but the ones that these companies have dubbed are licensed over by these subsidiaries. NO THE JAPANESE COMPANIES MOST LIKELY DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS. That is why NETFLIX, and HULU have REGIONAL ACCESS for each country so that they don’t violate someones proprietary rights to movies. Trust me they aren’t handling it. Regular movies on- certain levels (A, B, C level movies…even Porn) have to go through regional subsidiaries such as CHINA for clearances that main companies don’t want to deal with it. So they just license it out, and walk away with the residuals. Stop trying to make pity me soap operas, and do what you are supposed to do. Are you a company that licenses, and distributes your product in an effective manner, or not? Are you going to honor product access for both SUB, and DUB communities. If you are not then that is ok, but research before you say anything because it is clear that you do not do that. I have been researching for years to get what I wanted, and make a profit for you guys. I did my homework, and it works. Stop the pity party, and lets get it together. I will help you, but you gotta stop that. That includes people who are talking, and believing that hype. Do your homework too.


This is incorrect. The voice acting is handled by Sentai Filmworks, not the Anime Network.

Anime Network only streams the shows & puts them On Demand.

I believe you are confusing Sentai Filmworks with the Anime Network.

Sentai is the licensor & distributor. Anime Network only carries the shows.