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Elfin lied episode 10.5 or ova episode


I just joined this site and it’s great. I am new to the whole anime thing though. I just watched all 13 episodes of elfin lied. I read on the internet that there is an ova episode or 10.5 episode. Does anyone know where I can find this. Were there ever another season or what ever the term is? thanks


The OVA is 1 episode that’s 24 minutes, and officially is in a state of question, since it hasn’t been formally licensed or released. Since Anime Network is a legal site and works with the Japanese owners, the only official answer that can be given is to buy the Japanese DVD for the OVA.

There is no other season of Elfen Lied, just the 1.


there needs to be…
elfen lied is the bomb!!



The OVA is suppose to be pretty silly and have little to do with the plot of Elfen Lied. ADV apparently did have an option on it, but due to it’s content, they didn’t seem to think they could find a way to sell it profitably. So far, no one else has stepped up to the bat to pick it up, and considering it’s been about 5 years now, I doubt anyone will. Elfen Lied was a very strong seller here in the US, so I doubt the OVA would have been cheap.

Personally, I think I would prefer a longer remake, as opposed to an actual second season. The show was amazing, and could have been even better if allowed to fill out 24-26 episodes. I for one, would love to see the manga ending brought to life in animation.