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Hi, I’m Ezragirl! I’m new here, excited to meet some new friends with my same interests.


Welcome @Ezragirl to The Anime Network Forums!

It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

As you are new here, please look over The Forum Rules. They contain useful data, like what is and isn’t allowed to be posted in our forums.

What types of anime do you enjoy? Do you have any favorite characters?


Hi, Esragirl! Welcome to TAN, as we like to call it. I think this is the best group of otaku on the net, but then I’m prejudiced–I’ve been here for 11 years. This is a great time to join the gang–the start of a new season, with new anime to watch and discuss.

If you like playing games, I run a little game called Claim Your Bishoujo/Bishounen!® It’s a fun game where you claim your favorite characters from anime old and new to create your very own harem. The game begins each Friday at 9:00 PM, ET/6:00 PM PT. Look it over and join in if you’re so inclined. You can find it in the Fun & Games section, along with other games old and new.


Welcome to you mz @Ezragirl glad you can join us

Make ur self at home and enjoy ur stay


Hi, a friend recommended this site to me. I’m just now learning about anime. I know there are MANY different kinds out there. I was hoping some of you guys could help me out by letting me know what you enjoy or a good place to start. Thanks in advance!


There’s a few questions I would like to ask, as there are a significant amount of genres in anime, and that info would help us try to pick a few to get you started.

What type of stories do you like? Action? Drama? Romance? Comedy?

Which anime have you already seen or enjoyed previously?

And what about length? Would you prefer a shorter series, like 12 episodes, or a longer show, spanning several seasons?

Then, the big one. Do you prefer the characters speaking in English, or in Japanese with English translated subtitles?

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I’ve seen some Elfen Lied that I liked. If the storyline is good I prefer longer series, but I’m open to new things. I would really love for them to be in English. Once I get the hang of things maybe I can move up to other languages with subtitles. I love horror as well, but just haven’t really gotten into that side of things yet. However, like I said anime is really new to me. My friend said look to you guys for recommendations.
A little about me… I love reading horror books as well as MA books ( think worse than Fifty Shades) I’m into twisted plots-things you never saw coming. I love to be surprised! I’m an animal lover big time. I love doing volunteer work. I love any music that you can dance to or scream with.

I love Ezra Scarlet of course!



Welcome to you!

You sound like someone after my own tastes. I like action, horror & adventure series. I like to stay away from all those little girls…

I like to read books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert McCammon, etc.

Some of the ones I enjoyed are (in no particular order)

  • FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Berserk
  • Casshern Sins
  • Mushi-shi
  • Samurai 7
  • High School of the Dead
  • Saiyuki
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Black Lagoon
  • Another
  • Flowers of Evil
  • Golden Kamuy
  • Bungo Stray Dogs

Guess I’ll stop for now, you should probably let us know what streaming services you use, so we can help narrow down more possibilities.




Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, and Gangsta are free to watch on Funimation.

Netflix has some more adult anime like Castlevania, Hero Mask, and Great Pretender, plus others.

91 Days was a good story. You can find it on Crunchyroll. It has a dub and is free to watch. Attack on Titan is another good one.

Slowhand already listed some good Hidive shows. BUT she forgot to mention Cowboy Bebop!! LOL It’s one of her favorites. It was on TV, but I think it is only on Funimation these days.

Once you get a handle on what you enjoy and where you like to watch, we can make more suggestions.


Two others that haven’t been mentioned yet are:.

  • Parasyte: The Maximum

  • Akame Ga Kill

Both of those are over 24 episodes, and English dubbed.

Parasyte is Horror, and really good I might add. Akame is more towards the action bloodbath type. (It has the title KILL after all lol)

You mentioned something similar to Fifty Shades Of Grey. Do you like the supernatural? There’s an anime called called Diabolik Lovers, and it’s a really good one too. Whole bunch of sadistic vampires in that one :wink:.

All three are hosted on HiDive.