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Genres: comedy, supernatural
Themes: Chinese zodiac
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Mild-mannered student Takeru manages to rent a house suspiciously cheap. The catch is a hole in one corner of the living room, which turns out to open into the realm of the gods. That leads to various divine spirits eventually showing up and taking residence in his place. Most of them are Eto-Shin, divine spirits which take the animal girl forms of the animals from the Chinese zodiac. The first and most troublesome of the lot, the Cat spirit Nya-tan, is an Eto-Musume, a lower-ranked spirit who can compete for the right to raise herself to Eto-Shin status. And that is exactly what Nya-tan aims to do. Too bad she has amnesia and the Rat Eto-Shin, Chu-tan, is out to get her.
Vintage: 2015-04-09
Opening Theme: “Retry Rendezvous” by Rie Murakawa
Ending Theme: “blue moment” by Soruraru BOB (from ANN)

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Shirogumi Creates Temporarily Titled Etotama TV Anime

posted on 2014-10-30 23:00 EDT
Series centers on foolish cat girl trying to become Chinese zodiac member

Shirogumi’s Etotama Original Anime Casts Eriko Matsui, Ari Ozawa, Yumiri Hanamori

posted on 2014-11-12 12:50 EST
Series centers on foolish cat girl trying to become Chinese zodiac member

Cast Performs Etotama Anime’s Theme Songs

posted on 2015-02-11 18:30 EST
Series centers on foolish cat girl trying to become Chinese zodiac member

ANN Anime Spotlight - Etotama (Chinese Zodiac Souls)

Mar 30th 2015

Crunchyroll to Stream Etotama TV Anime

posted on 2015-04-02 18:55 EDT

ANN: The Spring 2015 Anime Preview Guide - ETOTAMA

Apr 9th 2015

Previews for TV Anime “Etotama” OP and ED Song

April 09, 2015 11:30pm PDT
The CD singles will be released on April 22

Etotama Character Song Mini Album I cross fade PV

New Etotama Opening Sequence Anime Promo

Previews for TV Anime “Etotama” Character Song CDs

May 19, 2015 12:40am CDT
The first mini album will be available tomorrow

Rie Murakawa Tries Her Very Best to Dance to Etotama’s Opening Theme

posted on 2015-05-19 18:00 EDT

Niconico 【りえしょん】「リトライ☆ランデヴー」を踊ってみた 【公式】

One thing I really like abolut this show, all the Etoshin know they are Anime characters and break the 4th wall repeatedly…

Episode 7 -


I’ve never seen such a recap episode as this one. I am really beginning to appreciate Shar-tan. I adore her weird sense of humor!

This is probably the best part about the series.
Especially the whole DVD buying skit.

Episode 12 –


So, the cat and the rat make up, and all are friends again, thanks to a human boy with copious amounts of Sol/Lull. Nya-tan and Chu-tan fight once again, as friends, for the seal. Takeru is able to name all of the zodiac spirits and answers the question the “Manager” asks. Based on that answer, the zodiac spirits are spared from being destroyed.

It seems that Nya-tan won Chu-tan’s seal, but the others agree that the “victory was a bit up in the air”. However, Chu-tan refuses to surrender it, saying that she wants to fulfill her duty as a zodiac spirit and make amends for Mo-tan’s death. But there is a surprise there too – Mo-tan is alive!

So, after all that, the cat does not get to join the zodiac. But she does go back to her old life of wandering and “nipping things in the bud” with a tiny Mo-tan as her traveling companion. This turned out to be a pretty good anime and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Etotama Character mini album ③ “strongest Produce! Aim zodiac-up ☆ idle” cross fade PV

Etotama Character mini album ④ “hidden spring to the wishes! Tonight hot-and-sweet” cross fade PV

Etotama, zodiac God stage scene movie [sequel] audition video

Pony Canyon Announces ‘Etotama’ Anime Release

July 3, 2015

a 12 episode series for over 200 Bucks, No thanks Pony Canyon, no matter how much I liked it.

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Ranger that’s why I didn’t watch it streaming, I knew it would end up priced for the uber collector.

What is sad is that Pony Canyon has stated, thru there official representative, that they are do not intend to ever provide a standard edition of any of their releases.

Basically they do not regard the average North American Anime consumer as a customer.

Mark Gosdin

Heck even Aniplex is learning, although still a bit Pricey, I can justify buying some of their Regular / Special Editions, If I like the show enough. The Domestic Special Edition of the 1st half of Fate / Stay Night UBW is cheaper per episode then what Pony Canyon is offering for Etotama and that’s saying something…

I mean look at NIS, I got all of My little Monster for about $20.00 less and the Character / Episode Books in NIS Special Releases are worth it and I still paid Less for the whole series than a Pony Canyon release for just 4 episodes.

Exactly, NISA puts out beautiful quality sets and prices them at a level that is workable. I’ve bought Wagnaria 1 & 2 and been very happy. Aniplex has shown signs of coming around, their Standard Editions are getting into a rational Per Episode cost range as long as they stay will full season / cour releases.

Mark Gosdin

Pony Canyon to Release: Etotama Collector’s Edition 01 on October 10th

Jul 16th 2015

Etotama, live broadcast announcement PV

Etotama Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD 2 + CD + GWP

Customers who pre-order this item by November 30th will also receive a special illustration card set!

Contains episodes 5-8 plus a special ending theme song CD, a deluxe booklet, double-sided cover illustrated by Koike Satoshi, and 2 collectible wall pin-up pictures illustrated by original character designer Akio Watanabe.

Special Features: Promotion video, TV Commercial Collections.
Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.