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Favorite Anime

list many of your favorite anime

mine is rabbit killer with it’s lover

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A couple of my favorite shows:

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Lucky Star
The Helpful Fox, Senko-san
Kantai Collection (This one is also known as Kancolle. It’s the series Shimakaze is from! :heart:)
Steins Gate
Non Non Biyori

And, of course, my all time favorite. The series Yami is from!

To Love Ru!


One thing however.

No matter how hard I search, I can not find this specific series. Perchance, does it go by a different name?

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Favorite anime?
Hmmm… :thinking:

One of them is…

Have the:
OG dubbed VHSs
Complete DVD collection
Dark Horse omnibuses & figs

While I didn’t kickstart the BD, I may get it down the line.


Another favorite…

It’s Stranger Things way before Stranger Things WAS a thang.

so many things…


THE best of the ‘Girls with Guns’ shows.


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I think anyone who’s been around here knows my favorite anime, but in case you need a refresher:

And, I give up. I’ve never heard of this before, what’s the official title?


this one too…? :smirk:


Sorta, but I prefer Brotherhood, it’s got all the correct Sins. The original, while not canon, is a little lacking IMHO.

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You liked the live action one?!!!

I wanted to punch the screen…

I’ve never finished Brotherhood.
I liked the original series.
Ended in kinda a bittersweet moment with the movie.
Like the anime adaption of Akame ga Kill.

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OMG, speed reading.

No, I didn’t care for the live action. I saw the words “Fullmetal Alchemist” and thought about the original anime.

“Fullmetal Men-in-horrible-wigs”

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My absolute favorites list is much too long. :laughing: And it keeps getting changed up as I keep watching more and more anime.

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That’s why my favorites on this list so far are older animes.
Shows that stand the test of time.

Great shows that transcend them all.
The cream of the crop.

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My second favorite GwG anime…

pew…pew…(go my Canaan Nedos)

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For me, Non Non Biyori



I do enjoy a lot of the older anime. And one of my favorites is -


But it is only one of many.

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My favorite, No. 1 mecha anime has to be…

Don’t care for Gundam, not a fanatic for Code Geass, but this show has the energy and pazzaz I used to experiece while watching wrestling back in the 80’s, early 90’s.

And I don’t care for wrestling nowadays.

Good mecha shows are anime wrestling in my opinion. Bigger than life characters with overly dramatic storylines.


I just finished this, and can agree! It’s really good! I do think the dub makes this one that much better, as they all sound like they had fun with it. :grin::+1:

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