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Food Flavor Explosion


Lemony fresh



The candy cane ones are good. I had them a couple years ago.

The Boston Cream makes me wonder how the flavor is implemented to the cookie.


Absolutely to Boston Creme Pie.


You had some @MaouSadao hope they have some this year might want to try some myself



I’m making a protest against all the blasphemy in this thread.

This is the ONE and ONLY Oreo!


You haven’t t rI’d the lemon slow tried they awhile back can’t remember how they taste you might would you try the spam ones slow theyes sound the best


Picked these up today:


I could ALMOST maybe perhaps try those.


Those look really good.


Oreo reveals its mystery cookie flavor

December 6, 2017


might have tried them awhile back


really want to try these


Speaking of crazy Oreos, I had this delightful drink last night.

Oreo Martini. It was amazing!


Oh… I think I might be in love.


It was my reward for finishing Anatomy and Physiology 1 and not losing my mind. :yum:


knew there was something out there for you to love slow



Those look tasty.