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Forest's Sketches


I think she looks like an actress I have seen before… I want to say a more grown up Emma Watson, but after looking her up I am not too sure anymore. :blush:

Good Work as always, Forest!! You are getting increasingly better at drawing (especially realistically). Keep up the great work! :3


She looks more like a young Meryl Streep to me.

Are you just drawing people at the moment? How are you with drawing animals?


I usually only do draw people. But I could try to draw an animal if you want. What animal should I draw?


Terrific work, Forest!

Watercolor is lovely. The other one does look familiar, but I can’t quite place her. It’s going to bug me now! LOL


Personally, I would suggest a crow, or maybe a fox. :3 Generally those are to two that I ask people to draw when sketching animals. ^-^


Another good piece Forest! I like the hair.


An armadillo would be cool.


Both an armadillo and a foxy.


Gorgeous work Forest! I like the armadillo, I think that’s the best one I’ve ever seen.


I haven’t commented on your last two works, but I have to say that I like how you are branching out into animals. They came out very well. And yeah-yeah… I should draw more. I surely have enough art supplies.

By the way, I find it funny that this new forum software kept track of old edit entries though it didn’t keep track of “Thank Yous.” But, I went ahead and spotted you some “Likes” dating back to June on past works. :smiley:


I realized after I was finished with this that his face looks kind of lopsided. Oh well.

I attempted to draw Henry Cavill for my mother because shes always going on and on about how good looking she thinks he is. I’ll be the first to admit this picture does not do him justice.


You know, the more I look at it the more he looks like an alien. I apologize.


[quote=“Forest, post:373, topic:6520”]
You know, the more I look at it the more he looks like an alien.[/quote]

This comment made my night. :laughing: Bah… for not spending too much time on it, I think it was a noble attempt indeed. It has some rough points that you realize. Take 'em into consideration for your next piece you try. :smile:


I think each individual thing is okay. They just are all aligned wonky.


I can’t remember if you ever showed this here, I think you did, but do you do a light outline before you start? I refer to the ol’ light oval shape with the cross that is placed across it to help you center the features. You could have showed your process once here before with that in a past post… can’t remember. :confused:


Yes I do that. And I have posted it once or twice. Trust me, if I didn’t they wouldn’t be as close as they are.


Thought so. Wellz, front profiles are hard things to do when trying to express the detail you are looking to do here. Maybe for your next one you could make a profile just for fun. Perhaps take a real face of someone for the base and tweak it into a whole new character. Have some fun with it. It may turn out interesting. :no_mouth:


I just realized I took absolutely none of your advice in this picture. Wasn’t intentional I just kind of forgot about it.

I’m actually kind of proud of this one. Its Dr. Henry Morgan from that new show forever that I’m kind of obsessed with right now.


If I move the light in the right way, it kind of looks like him. But it’s still very good.


She look like Britney Spears :sunglasses: