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well mine has a little icon below the list of layer that looks like a page, that i can click and add a layer, or since it is windows 95 style i have the menu showing with a Layer option and can jsut click the New option under it.

try to see if you can add a layer using the keyboard shortcut?


hopefully that didnt change since version 5.5


Yep that works! Thank you. :slight_smile:


The Cloud Chasers as requested by Kyoko Adachi. I’m pretty sure this is not at all what you imagined these characters looking like but thats what you get for telling me to use my “vision”.


Nice to see you trying different things again. They came out great. Keep exploring! And using your “vision”! :slight_smile:


Another one of my little creepies. Though this one is by far less creepy than the first two.


So cool Forest …I’ve been working on my own drawings but I hope to put them up soon


Oh, goody! I look forward to seeing them. :slight_smile:


Her mouth stands out to me, you did a fantastic job on that. The eyes have the only color, but they stand out remarkably. I like her hair too, looks good.


Anyone around here watch once upon a time? I’m really proud of this one because it actually looks like who its suppose to be for once. B)


Haven’t seen it myself, but that is a great drawing Forest!


I would have to say that this is one of your best works so far, Forest… very nice! :smile:


I agree with Lumis. Excellent!

I like your “creepy” too. Giving the eyes the only bit of color really makes the drawing pop out. :slight_smile:


The pic is really good forest! Its got some great detail and lines! :slight_smile:


I get to take an actual art class this year for the first time since elementary school. Though I’ve been in school for almost a month now and we have barely drawn anything so hopefully it gets better. But at any rate, I should be posting some new work soon. :slight_smile:


Another attempt at water colors.


Looks great, Forest! I like the two small trees.


the hills are alive with the sound of music? Looks like a scene where the eldest Von Tramp daughter has run from the house and sitting because she can’t marry her beau.


Just… simply beautiful. :open_mouth: Very nice watercolors, Forest. This one has to be one of my favs’. Attempt? A simple yet successful attempt in my book. :wink:


It might be for all I know. I just saw some random picture and decided to draw it.


I feel like this looks like someone. I don’t know who though. Thoughts?