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Forum Banners Needed!


Hurry up and tell us if we did good or not Rai!


Quoted for emphasis!


Damnit it Rai, we’re hungry for your praise! >: (


Still trying to find a way to get the banners to rotate, as of now no solution. The banners I’ve gotten so far have all been GREAT, guys! I’m glad you all have taken to this thing so well.

I’ll keep you updated on the rotating banner thing, feel free to send me more banners if you’d like!


How many usable ones do you have so far?


So far I’ve gotten 8 banners and they’re all pretty good. Can’t wait to get them up and running!


More importantly, who made the best ones? No, forget it. That’s in poor taste.


Fishing for a messenger bag, Pretear? :whistle:


Why bother when I can just steal yours. :wink:


Just submitted a Bodacious Space Pirates banner, Rai.


You have unleashed my inner graphics designer, Rai! Angel Beats! Banner PM’ed.

Must… Stop… Have… To… Go… To… Work! :ohmy:


-looks up- Congratulations Newshawk. Very nice work.


boo…they’re not rotating. ;_; still have some work to do.


Also, I can’t see it anymore. ;_;


What do you mean you cant see it?


Oh, Nice. Classy.

There are some very talented people here.

Mark Gosdin


I agree that it’s a very nice piece that Newshawk came up with, but something’s bugging me. Do we really need 2 AN logos at the top of the screen now? I mean, technically having the one at the very top should give enough justification not to put it on the banner. I think it just looks redundant the way it is now. Maybe we could put the title of featured show on it instead? It’s just a thought.

Again, no offense to Newshawk’s work. I love it.


I like the way you think, sir. I’ll amend my first post to include this.


HEY RAI, expect a banner from me tomorrow, sir.


Perhaps instead of the AN logo, they could just include the words “Anime Network”?