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[size=4]Part 1—Introduction[/size]

Welcome to the Anime Network forum! It’s a great place to chat with other people who enjoy anime just as much as you do. Who knows, you might make some new friends by posting in this forum!

It’s strongly suggested that you make a thread in the,com_kunena/Itemid,131/catid,2/func,showcat/ if you wish to introduce yourself. This is not mandatory, and neither is posting any information about yourself if you wish to make an intro, but many people who make an intro thread say what anime/manga they enjoy; this way people can strike some conversation with you other than the usual “Welcome to the Anime Network forums [insert name here]!” Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have about the site in your intro thread. Plenty of people are willing to help anyone with a question.

[size=4]Part 2—The Rules[/size]

If you break any of these rules in an excessive amount, you may get banned from posting or, in more extreme cases, your account may be deleted.

The “Big Ones”

1) Moderators have absolute power, and will only use their powers if they deem it necessary. If any moderator feels you have broken a rule, you will be warned. Further offenses may result in a ban. Mods reserve the right to ban without warning, depending on the severity of the offense.

  1. Do not post pornography. Nude images are tolerated if tasteful, though should be concealed within a spoiler box and clearly marked NSFW. Make sure to check your images before posting them. Remember that children may see what you post.

  2. Do not spam. Spamming will result in deletion of the offending posts and a possible ban. To see what we mean by “spam”, check out the FAQ section.

  3. Hateful language will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to censor you if we feel the need.

  4. Do not flame people. Flaming, for those who do not know, is when you insult other people in the forums or fight with others. Mods may declare a temporary ban on the discussion of certain topics (such as politics) if debates become too heated in order to allow for a cool-off period.

6) Do not post links to or discuss anything that could get Anime Network into trouble. This includes discussion of music piracy, anime piracy, or any links to any website that contains content illegal in the U.S.

Other Rules

Keep posts relevant to thread topics. If someone is posting about Excel Saga, please do not begin discussing your deformed left foot unless it is oddly relevant (and with Excel Saga, who knows?).

Create threads in the correct boards. Moderators will move any thread they find to be irrelevant with the board it is in to the most appropriate board.

Avoid bumping old topics unless you have something meaningful to say. If you have something important to say then post. However, simply saying something like “I agree” or “bump” is spam, and your post will be deleted.

Avoid double-posting. Double-posting is when you make two or more consecutive posts in the span of five minutes. If you wish to amend a post, use the edit button. If a mod sees that you have double-posted, he/she may choose to merge your posts into one.

Avoid making a thread on a subject that has already been created. Do this by using the,com_kunena/Itemid,140/view,search/ of the forum, searching for “titles only”.

Do not repeatedly advertise a website in your posts. Users are given the option of putting their website URL in their profile, and you may put a link to your website in your sig.

Do not post flashing images.

Signatures are to be no more than 600 pixels in width by 150 pixels in height. This is to prevent clutter and to reserve screen space for actual forum content.

Do not use an animated .gif as your signature picture.

If you feel a mod has abused his/her powers, do not create a complaint thread. Instead, PM,com_community/Itemid,0/userid,1/view,profile/ and explain the situation.

General Advice

• Don’t back-seat mod–leave the moderating to the moderators! If you’ve seen someone break a rule, report the post by clicking the “Report to moderator” link underneath the offending post.

• Be courteous to users with a small screen resolution: place large images in spoiler tags. Additionally, if an image exceeds 2 MB, use a thumbnail or simply give a link to the image source.

• Use proper punctuation and grammar. This is a forum, not a chat room.

• When quoting someone who has posted an image or video, only include text in the quote. If they didn’t post any text, leave the quote space blank.

• Rules may be added/modified periodically without prior warning, so make sure to check up on them every once in a while.

• If you wish to view the FAQ, go to the,com_kunena/Itemid,138/view,rules/.

• The Anime Network forums are supposed to contain a welcome atmosphere, so chill and keep things groovy!

[size=4]Part 3—FAQ[/size]

Q: What are the rules for this forum?
A: To view the rules, go to the,com_kunena/Itemid,65/func,rules/.

Q: I’m having a problem with VOD/online player, what should I do?
A: To report issues with VOD,,com_kunena/Itemid,131/catid,5/func,view/id,103477/. To report issues with the Online Player,,com_kunena/Itemid,131/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/. Be sure to read the first post before submitting your own post.

Q: How do I add an avatar to my account?
A: Go to your profile, then hover over the Profile tab and click,com_community/Itemid,79/task,uploadAvatar/view,profile/. Pick the image your want by clicking the “Choose File” button then hit “Upload”. Remember to keep your avatars work safe.

Q: How can I change my sig/edit my title?
A: Go to your profile, then hover over the Forum Profile tab and click,com_kunena/Itemid,137/do,edit/func,profile/. Under “PROFILE INFORMATION”, there are numerous forms to fill out for your profile, and among them are “Personal Text” (your forum title) and “Signature”.

Q: What are the various post rankings and how do I achieve them?
A: Rankings are determined by how many posts you have or administrative power:

1-99: Fresh Boarder
100-499: Junior Boarder
500-999: Senior Boarder
1000-2499: Expert Boarder
2500-4999: Cool Boarder
5000+: Platinum Boarder

(list courtesy of,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,2/view,profile/)

Q: How does the karma system work?
A: If a user likes a post, they can click on the thumbs-up icon near the karma display, and if they dislike it, the thumbs-down icon. Karma does absolutely nothing to a user, and all karma ratings are anonymous.

Q: What does the “Thank You” button do?
A: Like the karma system, if a user likes a post, they can click on the “Thank You” button for that post. Unlike the karma system, the post will be amended with “The following user(s) said Thank You:” followed by the usernames of those who clicked the “Thank You” button.

Q: I want a high post count badly! Can I have some tips for making good posts?
A: Forums were made so members can talk with each other and have fun. No one will like you any better just because of your post count. An ideal post contributes to a thread, offering more relevant discussion. Post in topics you like, or ones that you are curious about, and you will most likely find yourself replying to that thread more than once.

Q: What is spam?
A: Spam is unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages. You want to add to the conversation, not bring it to a halt with phrases such as “lol that’s funny” or “yup”. See,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,11288/limit,10/limitstart,30/#11472 for another definition of spam.

Q: Someone is breaking the rules! What should I do?
A: You can either report the offending post by clicking on the “Report to moderator” link underneath the offending post or PM an online moderator or admin.

Q: How do I do things like make letters bold, change colors, post pictures, etc.?
A: You can find a guide to using BBCode and Note: if using color and another BBCode format, color must be farthest inside, right next to the text you wish to post.

Q: Why won’t the picture I want to post appear?
A: Some websites prevent excessive bandwidth leeching by blocking external image embedment. To ensure that an image will appear in a post, you must upload it to an image hosting website, like Once you have uploaded your image, copy the “BBCode (message boards & forums)” and paste it into your post.

Q: Who are the mods of this forum?
A: The current mods are,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,13/view,profile/,,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,493/view,profile/,,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,2/view,profile/, and,com_community/Itemid,79/userid,15923/view,profile/.

Q: Where can I go to ask any further questions?
A: Feel free to PM a moderator or admin with any question not answered by this FAQ. Suggestions for the site can be made in the,com_kunena/Itemid,131/catid,18/func,showcat/ category.

[size=4]Part 4—Legal Stuff[/size]

For information on Terms and Conditions of Use for the Anime Network website, please visit

DISCLAIMER: The Anime Network is not liable for anything that users may post on the Anime Network forums.