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New here, but not to forums or anime


what up peoples of the anime network forums. i joined up to this cuz i wanted to complain about legend of the dark king skippin an episode but come to find out that they skipped 3 episodes POP just blows my mind…
anyway … so im glad that someone is figuring out whats going on with it cuz im pretty sure that in the time ive had AN on my cable, its the best series they have played.

so yeah … im new… flame me or something… lemme see whats up. then come get owned at
or come and check my music

add me as a friend!!!

oh and how do i attach a sig? and can i cuss?(i havent yet and im proud!!!)
blah blah blah and so on…

peering thru your window while you quietly lay sleeping,


Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here.


it seems like it will be cool… i was just reading thru the rules and answered my own question…
but hey!!
i like turtles…
and dubbed anime… but i watch it with the subs on… ha. im wack i know…



No your not lol!!!


Welcome aboard. I hope you have fun, and I’m sure you’ll find that most of us are pretty easy going around here. But there is this one chick, LadyofWicca, you need to be careful around her. She’s a trouble maker… :stuck_out_tongue:


ill be sure to look out for her… ha.



Cody amuses, but please don’t listen to our resident Demon Lord. :stuck_out_tongue: Most of us are pretty nice around here.
Welcome aboard and please visit often. Enjoy!


YokaChiNoki wrote:

Haha. We like honesty here. =P

Welcome to The Anime Network forums! Don’t let Haissan scare you from posting.


Welcome YokaChiNoki!

So, I gather that you found out about ‘Dark Kings’ by looking in the VOD section? Did you get all the answers you needed about that?

Let’s see… no bad cussing, we’ll let you get by with a ‘damn’ and ‘hell’, that sort of thing, but none of that other crap, please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Attach your sig by going here:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/do,show/func,myprofile/

Eventually, it will all be hooked up together, but for right now just save that site so you can get back to it.

Please browse around the forums and jump into any convos that interest you! We love new folks and their opinions! And, please, come back often!

:laugh: :slight_smile: :kiss:


thanks for the help…
ill be around im sure…



Hi, and welcome to the mad house! If you subscribe to the sight, it sometimes helps with Time Warner and other lazy providers not placing the updates they receive.