Forums starting tracking all topics out of nowhere

So… when I’m not interested in a topic, I mark it as normal so I don’t see the new posts marker (like for anime I didn’t care for or just didn’t like)

Now it seems the forums FORGOT those settings, and I have 270+ unread topics now.


Can you help me here? Tell me what the names of these things are so I can report it.

Is it something to do with tracking?


Can you tell me when the last time it was that everything was normal, and then when it changed? So I can figure out which update caused this.

Tracking will give you the unread post count while Normal should only notify you of mentions and replies to you.

I’m going to test this myself and see what happens.

EDIT: Topics I changed to Normal have been posted in and is working as intended. I’m not seeing this problem.

I have a number of threads flagged “Normal”, nothing has changed for me.


Mark Gosdin

What happened (Started around Wednesday I say, yesterday was when most of the issue happened) topics marked as normal SWITCHED tracked.

To fix it myself, I have to go to each of the (currently 247) topics and change them back to normal. The ones that have new posts will get fixed as I see them, but the fact this happened in the first place is annoying.



Thanks for the info. Could you send me a PM and tell me your specs (Windows/Mac - Chrome/Edge, etc.)?

Since @mgosdin isn’t seeing it, I’d like to narrow it down as much as possible.

Just adding in that nothing is different on my end either.

(Mobile Chrome on a Moto e4)

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It’s funny u brought this u @miquelfire I have one odd topic that pop up out of nowhere

And the topic is even locked and it’s hidive press release June 2017

That’s a new topic I created on August 1. I split the Press Releases from the Blogs & other HIDIVE news.

Both the Sentai & HIDIVE Press Release threads are locked.

And just for fun, is anyone else seeing that we lost the dark color on the sides of the forum?

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Didn’t know that but don’t know why it’s showing up on unread

Um, not here. It’s still black.


It has gone white several times in the past month.

Mark Gosdin

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Guess it’s just me, I’ll reboot.

I mean is tracking me and showing up in my unread

Because there are new topics created and they don’t track me and unread

Just for grins & giggles.

I’m also on this board ( Headphones ) audio stuff :

Strangly familiar looking, eh?

They regularly talk about equipment running into the multi-thousand dollar range. Enough to make Aniplex of America blush. :dizzy_face:

So far they don’t seem to have the wierdness that TAN gets into.

Mark Gosdin