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Thread Archive: Forum Launch 2009-2014

This is an archive of old threads pertaining to the forums that launched in April, 2009.

Also posts relating to site issues before the upgrade to Discourse.

Welcome to the new AN Services forum

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For the many frequenters of this thread and the VOD forum… First of all, welcome to the new forums. Newcomers please read the Forum Rules and the stuck threads – discussions on illegal anime content for example is not tolerated:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,5/func,view/id,77/

The forums are still a work in progress and there will be a lot of changes, both in aesthetics but also in terms of operations and management.

It’s a fresh start so, we’d like to ask that people step up and contribute more in our other offerings. This forum is not a place just to complain or report problems. It is an element of the forum, but only that… an element.

Please contribute by posting in Anime Network and ADV related threads for discussion of news, goings on and other developments.

In the last few weeks while the forums have been down there have been a lot of positive activities and acquisitions of new shows. Mega hits like Appleseed have been acquired by ADV and will be on Anime Network next month. Many new shows will also be premiering from Enoki Films including Gakuen Alice, Koi Koi 7, SuperGals, El Hazard and more. Check the Anime Network homepage, the threads in the VOD Services Forum/Announcement forum, my blog – (plug ) – for the latest.

There’s a lot of exciting developments going on for ADV, Anime Network, and the Online Player and we’d like people to join the ride and help build a better community here.

We’ve made it easier in recent months by making an ADV/Anime Network Anime and Live Action related forum where you can discuss the shows you’re seeing on VOD:,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,4/func,showcat/[/quote]
Originally posted: April 21, 2009 @ 7:05pm

I have one question. For which browser(s) is this forum optimized? I’ve tried both Firefox and IE and they both have issues with the pages.

I have IE and it works fine for me…

I also know of others who use Firefox and it works fine for them…

Others use Opera and others…

cannot download old avatar
How do I go back and forth with thread pages?

Avatars will not work yet… have to wait on that.

Thread pages… well, you’ll just have to click on the page numbers on the thread page. (I know, I know)

It’s optimized for Firefox, but it should work on the latest version of all browsers just fine.

There are a few bugs that they are working on though (like pages not showing up in the thread), but they are available to be clicked through the index of the subforum.

An update:

When I logged in to the forums today, I got a happy surprise. They look 100% better! Whatever the issue was, I’m glad it’s been fixed.


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With the new forums, and new happenings going on at Anime Network we’ve noticed an influx of new visitors… Welcome.

Since the old forums are gone though, it seems like the mode of operations isn’t entirely clear.READ THE STICKIES FIRST.

Read the VOD thread where you can report VOD issues at as well

Read the Online Player Thread where you can report Online Player issues at as well

  • Please DO NOT send moderators emails about the problems you are experiencing.
  • DO NOT use report to moderator function to report problems with VOD or Online Player. This is only to report if someone has made a forum post that is offensive or not following the The Rules

Post the issue in the forum for other viewers and members to respond to.

Anime Network staffers are not available on the weekends and I am sometimes off on weekends also. All issues and reports will be responded to and read on Monday/Tuesday, do not worry. I read and deal with all the posts in this forum. You don’t need to send moderators emails or report to moderator function about problems with services. In the meantime, over the weekend, regular users and members may respond to your posts to either help or find the extent of the problem.[/quote]
Originally posted: May 4, 2009 @ 4:25pm

Down for Maintenance

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Written by Rai Wednesday, 13 May 2009 16:03

Just as a update to the above, the Maintenance was supposed to start in full yesterday but it started earlier today so it’ll take some more time before they are done.

They are working on it overtime and through the weekend.[/quote]
Originally posted: May 15, 2009 @ 3:20pm

Does this have anything to do with the “It’s Coming” post? :laugh: Anyway, hope the site isn’t down too long…

Well ever since the forums have come back up from maintenance, everything is running smoothly! This is great, because it was all so slow before. Not sure what you guys did, but thanks. Keep up the good work.

Yep it does.

An official announcement is coming soon with more details. :slight_smile:

Is this maintenance going to fix the problem of only commercials playing in the “watch videos” section? I read one post where it said something about assigning ip addresses and you had to log out to view them but Ive been trying that with no success since last night.

The maintenance is part of a wide range of fixes. The logged in issue is something that generally works for most people, but a few of the newer members are experiencing authorization issues. They have been looking into the problem and hopefully it will be addressed sooner than later.

If you were trying to watch videos yesterday and today though it likely won’t work, that is another issue related to the maintenance and not the authorization issues from last week.

Oh ok I appreciate the quick response. Yeah it looks as if a lot of changes have already occurred since i first watched videos on this site 3 days ago. The whole “watch videos” interface is revamped and a lot of new series added as well.

Just as a update to the thread starter, the Maintenance was supposed to start in full yesterday but it started earlier today so it’ll take some more time before they are done.

They are working on it overtime and through the weekend.

I think it’s great that TAN now has the subscription plan for the Online player. I will be getting in on that as soon as I see how it goes for other subscribers. The first thing I’ll watch if Elfin Lied. I’ve seen it before, and it was a great series.

Maintenance Update

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We’re Up with New Look and Content

Written by Rai:

As you can see we’ve made some major changes to the site, especially the Watch Online page and the viewer page. We made it much easier to see what you can watch online.

If you check viewer page (like BASToF Syndrome) you’ll see that we have lots of great episodes online that you can view just by subscribing.That’s right. Tons of Anime just because you’re a member the Anime Network website.

We’re also launching our subscription site. For a low $6.95/month look for Clannad, Divergene Eve, DE: Misaki Chronicles and Saiyuki. We’ve also scheduled tons of new and favorite episodes from our huge library of Anime. We’ll have the schedule up in a couple of days. Look for Appleseed, Lost Universe and Soul Hunter very soon.

You can’t subscribe just yet. We should have subscriptions online int the next couple of days. Check back frequently but in the mean time, if you’re a registered member already, enjoy Area 88 or BASToF Syndrome and other great shows.

If you’re not a registered Anime Network member, what are you waiting for? Sign-up now![/quote]
Originally posted: May 16, 2009 @ 3:14pm

**I’ll post more details early next week about all this stuff going on and the new subscription system, once I get the ok from Rai. I know you all have a lot of questions, but let’s let them finish it through the weekend/early next week before the questions begin. **

There’s no point in asking if it’ll be resolved early next week. They are all working hard over the weekend to get it finalized.