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I have been playing a few new P.C games that were recommended for me.

  1. Slender
  2. Sanatorium
  3. Amnesia The Dark Descent
  4. BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

So far I am liking them all especially Amnesia it’s a pretty good horror game.

Game recommendation
For those who enjoy a quick game and or match on their P.C get Slender or Sanatorium.
The game play is quite the same check it out and look for it on YouTube.


I’ve had Amnesia for almost a year now, got it for like 2 bucks on a steam sale, but I still haven’t gotten around to checking it out yet.

Didn’t care for that version of blazblue, too few characters. Lore wise, there are even fewer characters as several characters are the same people, fate/stay or fate/unlimited style. The second game was fun enough, though it still has too few chars for me.


Gonna start on SOCOM 3, today.


Hee hee hee… sorry to hear that. :laugh:


I’ve been playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive for the last couple of days now. This is probably one of the best FPS games I’ve played in years now. I’m so glad they didn’t go with a gimmicky progression system for the weapons like every other FPS has since COD became the giant it is today.


The SOCOM series doesn’t do that, either. You start with a set of weapons and as you progress, you can unlock additional weapons. Later games (SOCOM 3 and later) even have variable accesories, for greater variety. SOCOM-Combined Assault uses a badge system to unlock additional weapons and accessories. You can also sync your data with that of the PSP game SOCOM-Fireteam Bravo 2, to unlock other goodies and unlock some weapons without getting the required number of badges.

Black (PS2, XBox) is an excellent FPS. It only has a limited range of weapons and you can only carry two at a time. It also has a rare unlockable: weapons with infinite ammo. They’re called Silver Weapons.

Don’t count out the Killzone series, either.

I can’t stand the Call of Duty series. I liked the Medal of Honor series, until they decided to go “modern”. I prefer the historical versions.


Finished the main story of Sonic Generations this past week. I’m a few red stars and challenges away from completion so I’ll probably complete them over the next few weeks by playing bits here and there.

The next game in line will probably be revisiting Halo 2 since it’s been years since I’ve last played it.


I’m currently playing Guild Wars 2 a bunch, as well as Darksiders 2, and Dark Souls.

I’ve been thinking about getting Sleeping Dogs on steam, but I don’t know anything about it, and I’m not sure if it’s worth buying. None of my friends own it, so I can’t ask them.


[quote=“Slowhand” post=124607]

Hee hee hee… sorry to hear that. :laugh:[/quote]

Yeah, I woke up about a year ago and found myself on this forum. I couldn’t remember much of anything. Names, memories, all that was a blank. All I knew was that I was a hardcore anime fan, a Sentai fan, and I just went from there. Such was my anime fandom that I could remember all the series I’d seen before, but everything else from the past was gone.

Not knowing my own name, I borrowed from Speed Grapher and took the name of the first thing that came to mind, which was unfortunately the copy of Gundam 00 I awoke holding…

:blink: :blink: :silly:

Seriously though, I’ve gotten to the point of Orcs Must Die where I need coop to continue 5-skulling (aceing) every level. So I picked up Mirror’s Edge on a Steam sale and have been playing that. The damn game doesn’t focus on the fun part, the free running. You get the cool training level and then bam! you’re right into linear levels, playing 1st person Super Mario (Hold direction key, jump as needed) as you race through combat. Why can’t I have more free running without the lame combat? Why couldn’t the game have built up to the combat instead of having you fight SWAT badasses almost right off the bat?

For 5 bucks though, it’s still pretty good. It gets points and my book for having eSurance commercial styled cut scenes (the original Kim Possible styled ads, not the lame new ones that are all “serious”).


I’m always unsure what to play. I’m about to start investing more time into Kingdom Hearts 3D. Played Battlefield 3 (PS3) online yesterday although I’m not too big into FPS (I’m mostly JRPGs, platformers, fighters, etc.). Been playing little bits of Persona 4: Arena, .Hack//Versus, Ratchet & Clank Collection, and occasional games on Vita


Currently playing Finsl Fantasy XI MMO wise and replaying the main storyline in Freelancer.


Freelancer has a storyline? I just sort of explored around in that game.


Since I have rebuild my save file, Killzone.


Yes you know every once in a while when Juni contacts you about a mission? That’s it.


I have been using a lot of my free time in the WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos campaign. I recently decided to get back into it because of a sudden increase in the prospect of our school getting a video game-oriented club. The current council of 4 (which I am a part of) we have set up preceding this voted Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne to be the first game we look at; in such, I will be playing that one’s campaign next. :wink:


I had the exact same thought :cheer:

I have been playing remnant knights whenever I have some time to kill. it’s got anime style graphics and i guess they have some kind of connection to funimation, but I haven’t exactly seen goku running around blasting noobs or anything like that.


Honestly I’ve been addicted to assassins creed 1. But Also I’ve been beating sum butt in skyrim. I can’t wait to buy the dlc to get a kid and build my own house. Oh yeah I’ve been making a YouTube series on minecraft for Xbox. Soon as the mountin/ jungle areas come out I’ll tell you my YouTube account


Really good game! Although if you want to know what happens to Arthas after Frozen throne, you could always come play World of Warcraft… Let it consume your soul!

Speaking of World of Warcraft, that’s what I’ve been playing this last week… Pandas and stuff.


Didn’t I tell you? I already played it quite a while ago. I already know what happens to Arthas and the Frozen Throne at the end of the “main story” in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wintergrasp was my favorite battleground, right above Arathi Basin. :wink:


Dead or Alive 5

-If you are a Kasumi fan, Team Ninja trolls you very hard in Story mode…