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I finally finished up Eternal Sonata (Xbox 360) last night. The plot was quite convoluted in the end, and left me with a whole plethora of questions unanswered; however, I did not feel the need to answer them, since I seem to feel like I do not have a connection to any of the characters. I found myself liking the individual characters based completely off of their prowess in battle (except for Jazz, he was awesome). Which leads me to saying, the battle system is amazing, and I wish they done more and had thrown more at me (like 4-5 on 3). Overall, it was entertaining, and I loved the music and story of real-life Chopin, but the story in the dream left me with mixed feelings. :confounded:

I have also been playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Extend (Xbox 360) after finally purchasing it last month. I have not been able to play much with my friends yet, but have had plenty of fun taking on the story and throwing myself into the abyss mode. I getting ever so closer to pro-level Tager play. :sunglasses:

Finally, I have been slowly but surely working on Sonic Generations (Xbox 360). No clue how far I am in the game in relation to the end (I’m before the second boss), but I have to say it has been rather enjoyable up to now. I seem to enjoy the 3D Sonic sections more, but tend to do better at the 2D.

I changed the language of all of the games to Japanese for both practice and to mix things up a bit. I have to say, I like all of them much better that way. :smile:


Just happened to get back to playing some games and beat Xeodrifter and Mighty Gunvolt today. Hope to get the DLC for the latter sometime soon.


Right now I’m playing Halo: The Masterchief Collection, Destiny, FIFA2015, Assassins’s Creed, and Dragon Age Inquisition . . .when I actually have free time to pay with. :slight_smile:


Good luck. Only char I ever got even decent with in that game were the Jins. Sadly my skill with Potemkin, Tager’s spiritual predecessor from Guilty Gear, didn’t translate into skill with Tager.

Best part of the game IMO was that early battle where it’s 2 v 1 and, since you’re not supposed to win the battle, if you and your ally start to win the opponent pulls out an instant kill attack that is actually named deus ex machina, which he shouts out. Played the game coop and that’s the scene that I remember most in that.

Been replaying Grandia Xtreme emulated on my PC. Pretty cool IMO that the emulator can play PS2 games directly from the official DVDs. The HD graphics are pretty good-the game was a better looking PS2 game-but I don’t know how it compares to last year’s PSN release since, while the resolution is higher, all the 2d stuff in emulation is just an upscale.

I don’t see why the game doesn’t use the second control stick for camera rotation. Rotating with the triggers is awkward. For Grandia II that was excusable as the game was also on Dreamcast and SEGA foolishly didn’t put a second stick on their controller but I don’t recall Xtreme ever being on anything but PS2.


Currently playing Chrono Trigger on my SNES.


No upscaled emulator?


Update: Beat Chrono Trigger and Gunman Clive 2 a week ago.

Plowed through Yoshi’s Safari, Battle Clash (had to fire up the Super Scope) and Kirby’s Dream Land 3.

I’m thinking I’ll probably play Mighty Gunvolt DLC and Donkey Kong Country 2 next.


Picked up Mortal Kombat X on Steam

If you’ve played the previous Mortal Kombat, it expands on that, with each playable character getting 3 different fighting styles. It helps add variety to the fights especially if you don’t really play online like I do, since you can’t be sure which version of a character you are getting to fight against.


Recently got Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Rumble World for the 3DS and Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus for the Vita.

Now I’m playing Super Smash Bros for 3Ds again with the Mewtwo DLC!


Finally made it back up to MO to get my stuff, hoping to bust out Dead Space 3 again. I’ve barely made any progress on the second disc so far…


World of Tanks
Lego World (like minecraft but with legos)


Playing Bloo Kid 2 currently. This game is so much fun and features many familiar elements from games of the past. It also kind of gives you that modern New Super Mario Bros. feel too (Collecting 3 stars, Fortresses/Castles, Ball and Chains, etc)


Currently splitting time between Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven (3DS) and The Fruit of Grisaia (PC).

You know you’ve played too many Bishojo games when you run an Inn, and a girl asks to stay overnight, says “But there aren’t any rooms available” and the first thing that pops into your head is “Well you could stay in MY room…”


I bought this about a week ago and it came in the mail today. Japanese audio with English subtitles. Straight from Japan. :3


Tried it out yet?


Yessiry. I’m not very far into it but I’ve enjoyed it so far. the dungeons have started out relatively small and I’ve noticed as I go on they get a tiny bit bigger. I’m hoping as I progress that this trend continues otherwise I might be a little bummed.


I’ll wait for the NA release in a month or 2, but that’s one I plan on getting. Hollow Fragment and Lost Song are also getting NA PS4 releases as well:

Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, Lost Song Get PS4 Editions With Western Release (Update)


So SAO Hollow is going to be a full console game for ps4 and not just for PS Vita?

Edit: scratch that I’m a retard I just read the article. You can order the American version that’s coming out in the Fall right now from Japan. The American version of Lost Song is going to be the exact same of what I have right now.

Edit Edit: Also there’s no region restriction on the game.


Hello im new the the Anime Network and this is my first post so sorry if its not appealing

Currently i am actually trying to create a new MMORPG that would be an open world kinda like the way Everquest was but you only load once so it would be alot easier to play but at the time being i am playing a MMORPG private server That i am funding its more of a Korean game style yet easy to use if any has heard of Shaiya that would be the game. i have always really loved it yet i felt it was always missing a sense of Teamwork


I warmly welcome you to the forums! That sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. :smile: