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I wouldn’t recommend using a phone/camera to record other screens for gameplay.

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I only say that because the resolution suffers especially when the camera moves around. Maybe if you got a cell phone stand or something with a little tripod that could help the phone sit still that would probably help you the most if you can’t do a screen capture or emulator.

I don’t have a phone I used my mother’s

Does it really matter who’s it is as long as you understand what’s being said?


Here’s a better way for me to put it. Regardless of who’s phone it is the point is whatever device you use to make the video recording it needs to sit very still and not move otherwise the video will suck because it will be blurry and no one will be able to see what you’re trying to show. My solution to that is to get a stand or tripod that holds the phone still.

Are you able to understand what I’m explaining?



Just as an example here’s one for $6 that would easily fix that problem.

You don’t really need anything fancy for something like that. Hell I bought one for my phone with a long arm to hold up high that I can clip to my wheelchair for like $10. If it’s not too expensive maybe your mom wouldn’t mind getting it.


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Sure thing, good luck!