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Gate - Episodes 13-24


Noticed that Gate is a 24 episode series (both AN and Crunchyroll) - have VOD (COX 22315) but only episodes 11 & 12 are available) … (the previous episodes have rolled off). Is AN going to be showing the rest of this series on VOD, or just available online -> paying for VOD, don’t have the $$$ to get both. Thnx.



Already asked and answered in the Anime Network VOD Report thread.


Continuing the discussion from Anime Network VOD Reports/Updates/Questions Thread (2016):

So, this is available both on AN and Crunchyroll as a 24 episode series, but as far a VoD is concerned “There are no plans for it at the present time, but it’s coming!” What does that even mean??? No plans yet “its’s coming”. It’s either going to show or its not. I realize that VoD capacity is limited, and not all shows will be available, but when you’re offering the full series on-line - and your competition is offering the full series on-line - you should be able to tell your subscribers whether or not they will be able to view the entire series not “no plans” but “it’s coming”!


This means that it hasn’t been scheduled yet, but it is definitely coming in the future.

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Gate was actually a part 1 and part 2 series. Part 1 aired, then there was a break for at least one season (3 months per season) before part 2 aired. At the very least, there will be a 3 month waiting period. I think it will depend on when an opening appears when they’re allowed to show part 2, which might be part of the no plans bit. For all we know, they still may be getting permission to put part 2 on VoD, which might add to the plans bit as well.

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