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Movie Legends Revealed: How ‘Ghostbusters’ Marginalized Winston

Thursday, July 14th, 2016 at 11:05am PST

Sequel Fatigue, Sexism and Ghostbusters. Oh My! | Mostly Harmless with Steve Zaragoza


IMO cutting out Winston’s “qualifications” scene in the film made it better, like the excised Indy swordfight in Raiders. It kinda makes sense too, why point out that he’s a “15th degree black belt” when ghosts can’t be struck?

Hudson might have a point as I barely remembered that he was in the movie. Though I’m sure his minimized role haunts him all the way to the bank :wink:


I never cared. No, really. 1 psycho secretary, 3 lunatics, and a sane person. I didn’t really need more info on Winston Zedemore than he was there for money and willing to “believe whatever you tell him”. They fact that he was the only sane person that thought it was stupid but willing to get paid to be around these idiots is what made him stand out. Its like a ball game at the park and you are 1 person short. You really just need someone willing to play with the already associated group. Winston comes into the Ghostbusters office like that. Didn’t need any more backstory on him for him to do the job. He always knew what they were doing and could keep up with them, all the while still looking as if he couldn’t believe the things were happening to him that were. He was the every man character. Winston was ALL OF US. He could just walk in and do it so so could we! No qualifications needed, no experience, no degree is paranormal activity. Winston was the way the audience can become a ghostbuster.

I think HE marginalizes his character more than anyone else does only because he doesn’t know what his character’s role is. I even remember arguments had around the schoolyard at the time, how could someone get to be a ghostbuster without being like Peter, Ray or Egon? Just walking in the door and applying, like Winston did. That is how. Black, white, male, female; we didn’t care.

Which makes it funny how people saying “hate” for the new movie up until now has included racism… um, 4 whites, 1 black… same colors in old and new version… what the hell does race play into this? Maybe we should fault the new secretary Chris Helmsworth (the real sexist and misogynist) of the whole movie speak, for not sounding Jewish enough? I always thought Janine was Jewish, may be wrong, but she had this Mel Brooks feel to her.

All of this is so stupid just for a promotional stunt from a hack like Paul Freig and his lover Macarthy who have had 2 failed movies so far, they needed something to bolster their 3rd one. Maybe the problem is they need to stop doing movies together? Either one or both of them just suck. Who even wrote this, does anyone know?


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‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel ‘Will Happen’ Says Sony Exec

Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 7:59am PST


Given Sony’s precarious position, I was hoping that they wouldn’t try and push an unprofitable franchise on us in the hope that we just someday break down and accept it.


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‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel At Risk As Sony Faced With Possible $70M Loss

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 at 7:05am PST


Only a $70 million dollar loss?

Director Paul Feig said that the movie would have to reach “like 500 million” to make it, and that’d be the minimum.

Interestingly, he said he’d go to “movie jail” if this didn’t pan out. Looks like he gambled and lost on that, unlike Michael Bay who gambled and won on his first flick, though Bay put in $25,000 of his own money on his bet so maybe he had more incentive to make sure it was a win?


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