Godzilla Live-Action

Legendary Pictures Licenses Godzilla Film Rights

posted on 2010-03-30 04:30 EDT

Fisrt Godzilla 2000 and now Goszilla 2012!

“A new Godzilla movie every year the world is supposed to end!”

Is this a trend?

This actually makes me rage.

They will plunk down millions for this rehash but can’t do a live action NGE movie…

So they’re dusting off the old rubber suit, eh?

You know, doing an actual comedy spoof with the original rubber suit would probably be more entertaining than the movie they will come out with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but is Leslie Neilsen too old to act in it? Call it Not Another Scary Monster Movie.

Never! Leslier Neilsen will live forever, or at least freeze-dry himself at some point. I say we start raising funds for this NOW!

OMFG I want to play Rampage. That game was AWESOME.

I loved the last American production of Godzilla(unlike most people), so I can’t wait.

Ha! Godzilla strikes fear into the heart of everyone! I’ll take a peek at it for sure.

Don’t forget the anti-American, political sentiments. But if they decide not to go that route, then they can always hew closer to the original 1956 U.S. release of the 1954 film. In that case, in addition to dusting off the old rubber suit, they can dust off good, old Raymond Burr…

I actually bought the Japanese original on Blu-Ray, they spell it “Gojira”.
Also, I’m currently writting out the specs for how the Oxygen Destroyer works, and then I’ll keep it a secret until there’s a Godzilla attack. Haha!

Dust off is right. Raymond shuffled off this mortal coil some 17 years ago.

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