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It's Cartoon Theme Song Time!


It’s time for a some nostalgia! Here’s the opening to one of my favorite 80’s cartoons, Jem and The Holograms. (Yeah, I know it’s really gay… BITE ME!)


Another fantasy classic!


One of Disney’s best!


Try to keep this from getting stuck in your head!


This is sort of like an Australian Captain Planet rip-off, except he’s a purple alien. I think my best friend and I may be the only people who have ever watched it in the US…lol


Speaking of Captain Planet!


80s cartoons were awesome for its time. Miss those good ole days!


Another Disney classic, that also happens to be a fantastic show!


This just came out on DVD a few weeks back:


Actually have a Robotix VHS some place.


psychopuppet wrote:

Did I hear some of the Ghostbusters theme in that opening?





Hentai wrote:

[quote]psychopuppet wrote:

Did I hear some of the Ghostbusters theme in that opening?[/quote]

Not sure they re-sampled a lot of things back then so its possible.


Almost forgot one of my favorite ones .
The opening narrator may have a lot to do with it.


Great additions Pup! I was planning on adding the Centurions and Count Duckula as well. The Centurions was one of the reasons I loved the old Cartoon Network.


The show that started off The Disney Afternoon! It was also unique, as it was one of the few Disney cartoons from the time that was not based on an existing property of theirs.


Speaking of the Disney Afternoon:

BTW, Gadget kicked ASS!!! :slight_smile:


Some more goodies from Disney!