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That isn’t true, there is new stories coming out all the time form various places like JKR and her existing prop from Herry Potter that continues the world, without having to be a remake of Chamber of Secrets… Stephen King is still writing new books. Avatar may have had a common theme with aboriginals and Native Americans, etc; but it was a new story with only that 1 small thing told in a completely new way. So it wasnt Pocahontas, nor did it bill itself as such.

The problem isnt that there isnt new stuff, just Hollywood doesn’t want to test new waters and would prefer to use something they new worked once before and remake it. The entire Disney lineup is remakes of their older films. Jungle Book still exists because it is right now On Demand. Why has Disney made it 5 times now? Why did it need a live action version?

Why does Hollywood need to tell the exact same story in such short time when the story is already out there. They could just make new copies of the original to sale for cheaper cost and make money off something that already exists. They just have to shovel trash out in theaters like “The Last Air Bender” where they try to change an established fiction to fit a new director, or have directors like Stuart Baird who had never seen a movie, TV series, etc before come and ruin a franchise with something like Star Trek Nemesis.

What really is new in this Ghostbusters even? 1990s looking ghost as someone said looking like they are out of the movie Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphy. Same story is there, 4 nobodies middle of NYC when some ghosts appear begin a career hunting ghosts. It is the same movie, only slightly updated to modern times.

Why can’t they MAKE a new story for a new generation of ghostbusters to reinvigorate the franchise? why are they doing an origins story? why is it still in NYC? Why isnt it the next generation of ghostbusters or a franchise? The Tracy family can go all over the world, but ghosts are only in NYC? There ARE other major metropolitan areas in the US. Ecto-2 could be a plane, they load up ecto1 and travel around then unload their Mystery Machine to solve the crime wherever it is. All those other “ghost” show happen in the midwest. Why cant ghosts be in California? LA, San Fran? how about Seattle, Dallas, or even a non-USA location where these girls were higher to do stuff outside of NYC. Then they can cross over some Indiana Jones and Lara Croft territory and have to go find the origins of the Carthaginian evils. Hell maybe even Romania to find the things that started the Ghostbusters world version of Dracula. was actually some ghost, specter, spirit or class 5 free roaming vapor.

There is PLENTY of new stories that can be told, rather than trying to retell the same ones, they are just lazy and not willing to take risks like I said, where is the continuation of Golden Compass, or Eragon?

I think the problem is really the brain-trust in Hollywood isnt able to write anything newm and all the new stuff is just coming from other places now, that is why so many reboots like Superman, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Batman, Punisher, True Grit, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, Punisher, Total Recall, hell even all the old game shows from $25 Pyramid, to MAtch game are coming back on TV, because people have jsut forgotten how to do something new. Ran out of new ideas, so they need to look somewhere else for them rather than the archives and annuls of human history.


‘Ghostbusters’ Clip Showcases New Gadgets & Cast’s Dynamic

Monday, July 4th, 2016 at 9:08am PST


We have Harry Potter and Magick

and we have Neo and the Matrix

and before then, Luke and the Force


ahh, wait…what’s this…

all the same theme.


…er, I mean KATNISS


Slimer Gets A Girlfriend In New ‘Ghostbusters’ TV Spot

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 at 7:06am PST


Well I always said Papa John’s pizza tasted like warm slimy pond scum, and the way Obama care was treated by him just slashing hours of his employees to a non-living wage means he is pretty slimy, so great match-up for a partnership!


###Toys “R” Us SDCC Exclusives Include "Ghostbusters"
July 7, 2016


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Friday, July 8th, 2016 at 10:14am PST


Ghostbusters - Review

Ghostbusters Movie Review!!!

Sunday, July 10th, 2016 at 10:00am PST

Sunday, July 10th, 2016 at 11:09am PST

Theatrical Movie Reviews

Oh boy, the Critics like it, so it will either be decent … or leave a big hole.

In any case no one here has expressed any interest in the film and we won’t be going to see it, so there is that.

Mark Gosdin


Ghostbusting will resume once the streets are cleared of blood from all the hateful stabbing. Good news is good. There just may be light in this darkness after all…maybe.


Since the critics have ALWAYS been wrong about movies that weren’t bourgois, they liked it, it will be trash, since they mostly watch it from a critc-al analysis view. Yes we already know the Haunted Mansion special effects from the 1990s movie are in effect and those work well enough. The story is a repeat of the original movie; the question isnt was the story going to be something worth watching, or the special effects have enough explosions… the question was “was it needed?” Does it really add anything other than a fleeting fad craze from a modern audience with bad current pop culture jokes, as most remakes or reboots do to “upgrade” the movies, and pretty much “date” the movies to a specific time.

I will watch the review itself now to see, but I am sure I am NOT interested in the vagina monologues.


Can’t decide between moving the franchise forward or being an homage to what was? Sounds like Terminator: Genisys meets Bridesmaids.


The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Franchise Will Be ‘Endless,’ Says Producer Amy Pascal

Monday, July 11th, 2016 at 6:38am PST

Ghostbusters (2016) Parody | What’s News?


Nope, it will end, there is nothing they will be able to do to keep it going after a second movie, and ANYTHING else they do with the brand will just be from the original Ghostbusters brand and have nothing to do with this new movie.

Loved the woman reviewing the movie saying how bad it sucked form a female critic review, PROVING what people are saying, the movie will suck just because, not about it being gender swap, but the fact, reboots sucks because current Hollywood doesnt know how to do anything, they just steal ideas from the past and hope people still like the stuff they put the name of on.


Indeed. Too many of these remakes don’t recapture the spark of the original, and some even wind up being unintentional parodies of their source material. Like Ghostbusters, or Genisys.

Two big issues IMO with the flick are Paul Feig being to Bridesmaids what Michael Bay is to explosions and the cast of Ghostbusters 2016 being the answer to “Who are 4 of the least funny comediennes today?”

Even if it were an original, solid movie otherwise, I think that’d be enough to make it just as DOA as from a humor standpoint, the film alienated folks who don’t find Bridesmaids and (modern) SNL to be hilarious. I know I’m not laughing at the commercials for it.


Well the best comedians are getting a bit on in years and probably cost more money than they were willing to spend. Whoopi Goldberg, Betty White, Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect (cant never remember her name, but I am sure she wouldn’t be cheap).

They would have been better off setting it in London and hiring the Spice Girls for their 20th anniversary and tried for a 2-for name game, and maybe throw in another now famous Brit like Emma Watson for the trifecta of nostalgia and current pop.

Yeah modern SNL is a bit of the problem, like the new “Vacation” movie trying to replace National Lampoon’s Vacation. These kids are half of what Chevy and the rest were. even National Lampoons Van Wilder or whatever was just basically soft core porn.

Ghostbusters will be like all that, just flash in the pan spotlight, here today gone tomorrow, for the next fad. All because some moron wants to capture a memory from THEIR past to remake something they loved, but fail to understand, they aren’t the original creator, nor is their fan-fic twist all that great.

Ocean’s series: 11, 12, 13 updated very well to modern times in the absence of the Rat Pack, and made a sort of new Rat Pack, but it only was as strong as those few films.

Modern day hacks, thinking they can do anything because they saw someone else do it, is all I see from Disney in regards to ALL the old Disney movies and Star Wars; to every other remake. What people want is Avatar 2, 3, and 4 when dingleberry stops wasting time and finishes them, not more campy Star Trek knock-offs, Lost in Space knock-offs on some streaming site, etc. and THAT movie was pretty bad just using pop icons from that time, Joey from Friends, little girl from Party of 5, Heather Graham from Boogie Nights, Mimi Driver and William Hurt were the only real stars, with Gary Oldman closing the gap fast n those years with Professional and later 5th Element. That poor quality with a throwback to the original Penny Robinson as a reporter is what I expect from Ghostbusters, with just another bad reboot story, same as most other nostalgia trips. While things like Battlestar Galactica was just dumb and name dropping while Stargate Atlantis was better than it was! They should have just kept spending the money there. But even Stargate is getting a reboot for a trilogy. :confounded:


wow, a lot a hate from the sound of it.

What, did you’re “original” spec script/idea get rejected from Hollywood?

“dingleberry”, as you call him, can waste all the time he wants. he’s in no need of money.


Rebel Wilson? I’m not sure how much of a price she commands, they were able to land her for the recent box-office bomb The Brothers Grimsby.

At least 2 of the Ghostbuster 2016 comediennes are borderline unknowns. Seems to me that the only one who is close to being a “household name” is McCarthy. As I understand it, most all of the major cast of Ghostbusters 1984 was renown prior to the movie.

Maybe you could’ve pitched your musician reunion cast idea to them lol. According to IMDB they found a way to work Ozzy Osbourne into the film as “Famous Rock Star”. :slight_smile:

Those might be the best example of a modern(ish) reboot done right.

I think he might be taking so long on the Avatar sequels because there was no sequel film to Dances with Wolves or The Last Samurai for him to, ah, draw inspiration from. :wink:


I cant wait until Ozzy sees the movie and goes

“Damnit Sharon, what is this sh~T! Why did you let me be a part of this! WTF”

Well for Avatar, I think people wouldn’t care, as long as they have waited, they might not even bother at this point.

But all those misogynistic sexist A-hols spewing hate, as Paul Frieg put it, WOMEN online that didnt like the trailers, the movie idea, OR the movie, must have all be chauvinistic women.


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