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Gold Lightan Golden Warrior / Ogon Senshi Gold Raitan

Gold Lightan Golden Warrior / Ogon Senshi Gold Raitan


Genres: action, adventure, comedy, science fiction
Themes: mecha
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 52
Vintage: 1981-03-01 to 1982-02-18

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HIDIVE Streaming Announcement



Sentai has not released this yet have they ?

Haven’t seen a Sentai Press Release; not really sure if it’s licensed by them or if this is another one of those “other studio” pick-ups that HIDIVE is doing.

I just stuck the thread in this section until I find out.


Since it’s a Tatsunoko title I was thinking it’s from this deal in 2013 .

I thought there was another press release that had a bigger list ,but can not find it .


That is a correct statement.

This article says there were 11 titles involved, but doesn’t list them; since they were to be announced “as (we) go along”.

Golden Lightan Golden Warrior, Eps 1-52, are live at HIDIVE

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