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Golden Time


###Golden Time

Genres: comedy, drama, romance, supernatural
Themes: afterschool club, amnesia, love triangle, school life, unrequited love
Objectionable content: Mild
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2013-10-03

Plot Summary: Banri finds himself completely lost after the opening ceremony and tries to find his way to the freshman orientation. Along the way, he runs into another lost freshman from the same school, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and they immediately hit it off. Somehow arriving at their intended goal just in time, there appears in front of them a beautiful girl holding a bouquet of roses, who congratulates Mitsuo on getting into the school then hits him across the face with them before tossing the bouquet into his lap and leaving. This stylish, well dressed, and obsessive woman is his childhood friend, Kōko Kaga. As children, they had promised to marry each other one day, something she has taken to heart this entire time. Mitsuo had gone out secretly and taken the examination for this private college in order to escape from her, but she used her connections to find out about it, took the law school entrance examination, and enrolled in the college herself in order to be with him.

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Ann’s review of this made it seem like a show that I wouldn’t want to watch until it is dubbed. Tragically Sentai says that I have to watch it subbed now to watch it dubbed later (which is darned foolish and needs to be stopped).

Though Ann could be wrong. Ann’s executive editor wrote the review that tore this show a new one but yet he also infamously professed his love for Eden of the East; he is known to be dead wrong.


I will watch Golden Time I liked the 1st episode.

I will give Crunchyroll another chance I just joined for a year so I can watch animes as they play in Japan, I have not been a member since July 2011 after being a member for two years. Normally Crunchyroll waits a few days to stream shows but I think everything I want to watch is going to be simulcast within a day of showing in Japan this fall plus I can watch in HD.


Crunchyroll seems to have the least lag/server problems and highest quality of the anime streaming sites but I’m not a big fan of it.

I’m leery about an anime dealing with the legal system as I don’t have much interest in Japanese law.


Episode 2 -

[details=spoiler]I want to join the Tea Club! LOL Not really. I already belong to the Latin Club. Kidding! But it’s nice to know that Keima (2D-kun) ended up in the Tea Club.

I can see why Banri feels bad for Kaga, but the girl needs a life! She is a total stalker! But I am beginning to see why Kaga doesn’t have other friends. People seem afraid to approach her, thinking that she’s out of their league because of her wealth and who she is. As it is, no one has even tried to recruit her for a club. This is probably why she’s so attached to Yana and why she’s so lonely.

It was funny when someone did try to recruit Kaga and Banri for a club and kept them at a café for hours and hours. At least they will get a free trip out of it. And I think Banri isn’t going to mind one little bit about going away with Kaga for the weekend. Feeling sorry for her just might turn into something else![/details]


So far, there is very little law in it other than the fact characters are in law school.


Episode 3 –

[details=spoiler]There are a lot of people going on the overnight trip and Banri bumps into 2D-kun, who was very nervous meeting Kaga for the first time, although they are in a class together. And I’m starting to get a little suspicious of this trip. When they finally arrive at their destination, it turns out to be a cult! LOL

Banri feels responsible for making Kaga go on this trip and his only thought now is how to get them out of there safely. Other students begin to protest the situation, but their concerns fall on deaf ears. Banri takes the opposite stand and pretends to believe in the cult’s ideals. He even brings up his accident and his amnesia.

The cultists allow the students that don’t want to stay to leave, and that is everyone except Banri. At least he got Kaga and 2D-kun out of there. Unfortunately, Kaga comes back. She’s decided to play along as well, but now Banri still needs to find a way for the both of them to escape.

Under the ruse of locking up Kaga’s luggage, they manage to escape into the woods, but they’re running around in their slippers. Once they lose the pursuing cultists, both of them try to take the blame for coming on this trip. Kaga is still a lonely girl, but she admits to using Banri to get to her beloved Yana. Banri encourages her and it seems the two of them are going to be friends after all.

However, Kaga’s entire life revolves around Yana, and that isn’t very healthy. When the talk turns to Banri, it turns out that he really was in an accident and does have amnesia. He says that he fell off a bridge after his high school graduation and as a result, lost his memories. But I’m wondering if he really fell. Maybe he jumped or was pushed. And perhaps his amnesia covers up a painful memory that he has no wish to remember. Interesting little mystery there.

Banri tells Kaga that he doesn’t want his past back if it means losing the person that he is now. After this heart to heart chat, it seems that the cultists have caught up to them and it’s time to run again. They come upon a strange ritual and it turns out that it wasn’t the cultists chasing them at all. They run into Linda instead. But I’m wondering if they’re saved. LOL[/details]



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Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Linda and her club are staying at the university’s seminar house and Linda takes Banri and Kaga back there. They ended up being pretty close after all. Back at school, 2D-kun is happy to see that Banri is okay. Yana and Oka hear what happened and Yana says that he became worried when Kaga didn’t answer his texts. They are also relieved that Banri and Kaga are okay.

Kaga catches Yana talking to Oka and accuses him of cheating. She’s still under the impression that Yana is her boyfriend, and an argument begins. LOL Then she verbally attacks Oka and warns her away from Yana. Kaga even tells the confused Oka that she is going to marry Yana. Yana protests, but Oka just wants to get away from the crazy Kaga. Yana has to come to Oka’s rescue and telling Kaga to leave, he leaves instead, taking Oka with him.

Banri scolds Kaga for her behavior and she knows it was a mistake to make a scene in front of Yana like that, but it’s a bad habit of hers. She apologizes to Banri and they discuss thanking the festival club for saving them. They meet Linda at lunch time and she tells them that she reported the cult to the school. Apparently they have been causing trouble at other schools as well. They thank Linda and she invites them to join her club. Banri is reluctant and wants to see what they do. When Linda says something to him, Banri almost recovers a memory, but loses it.

After spending some time with them, Banri considers joining the club, but Kaga still wants to join the same club as Yana. She’s still determined to win him over. That just makes Banri sad. He later finds out that Yana has set his sights on Oka, saying that she’s everything he wants. But Kaga is going to be a problem. That just makes Banri sad as well.

Kaga disappears from school for a while and Banri is worried. Kaga invites Banri out, but it’s only to be a witness to a conversation between her and Yana. Kaga presents her case as to why she and Yana should be together. Banri is just embarrassed by the whole thing. Yana tells Kaga that they aren’t kids anymore and it’s time to grow up. They’ve never dated and they never will. But Kaga still believes that they are destined to be together and Yana is getting sick of hearing it.

Yana tells Kaga that he likes Oka and he doesn’t want her interfering with them. Kaga is upset and doesn’t understand why Yana would reject her. Yana admits that Kaga is special to him, but she will never be his girlfriend – or his wife. Kaga breaks down and tells Yana to forget everything. Yana leaves and that just makes Kaga more upset. Berating herself, she keeps apologizing to Banri over and over as she cries.

Much later, Banri says that they should leave the café, but Kaga says that she just wants to die. Someone approaches them and tells them to come to her concert where Kaga can “die by music”. Her name is NANA and Kaga says that she will go. Banri ends up going with her and the place is full of unsavory characters. It turns out that NANA is a screamer and Kaga ends up punking herself up for the occasion.

Screaming herself, Kaga jumps onto the stage. Banri goes after her and NANA pushes them off the stage, telling them that the stage is hers. Banri takes Kaga home and ends up spending the night on her floor. In the middle of the night, Kaga’s crying wakes him. She tells Banri that much of what Yana had said was true. Banri confesses that he likes her and surprises Kaga. Not sure how to react, she goes back to where the concert was to get her bag and she doesn’t want Banri to go with her.

After receiving a text from Kaga, Banri goes home for a visit. He pulls out his high school yearbook and some pictures fall out of it. As he picks them up, he sees that they are of him and Linda! Was that what stirred his memory when Linda spoke to him?[/details]


Ep. 01

Wow, the audio is really off on this one.


[quote=“TheCoffeeGod”]Ep. 01

Wow, the audio is really off on this one.[/quote]
Hey Coffee,

Can you clarify what is off about the audio.
If there is a specific time in the episode you are experiencing the audio being off please let us know.
Is this occurring in HD or SD?




[quote=“moisme”]Hey Coffee,

Can you clarify what is off about the audio.
If there is a specific time in the episode you are experiencing the audio being off please let us know.
Is this occurring in HD or SD?



I don’t think it’s an ANO issue so I didn’t mention it in the ANO reports thread.
As it’s present in the Ep. 01 (haven’t checked any other episodes) CR stream as well.

But to clarify:
Starting after the OP (probably before, but it’s easier noticed after), the vocal track volume takes a dive and becomes much lower than the music & SFX tracks.


Yea, I noticed that. If Sentai dubs this, and has to follow that format… you’ll need CC just to understand what is being said at times.

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]Banri runs back to the bridge where he lost his memories. Why can’t he remember? What was his relationship with Linda? All of this keeps circling in his mind. He calls Yana and breaks down. Now, there seems to be another Banri – this one a spirit. This Banri tells the story of how at age eighteen, the day after graduation, he was in an accident and fell off the bridge. It kind of looks like Banri died. His spirit left his body, with his memories. But the physical Banri survived, without a soul and with amnesia. He became a college student while his spirit watched over him. Banri can neither see nor hear him. How sad!

Kaga is happy to have to have Banri as a friend and enjoys being with him. She even gives him a present of a mirror so they match. LOL Not sure what Banri is going to do with such a feminine item though. He meets up with Yana the next day, who admits to being worried about Kaga – and Oka. They run into Kaga – why do I get the feeling that she’s trying to use Banri to make Yana jealous? She puts on such a show that no one knows how to react. LOL Banri looks to Yana for help and he tells him just to ignore her.

Linda is there as well and has been helping Kaga register for her courses. Banri is feeling a little awkward around Linda now. Linda asks them again about joining her club and Kaga accepts for both her and Banri, stressing their friendship. Linda is happy to get two new members for her club, but Banri can’t figure out why Linda hasn’t mentioned that she knows him.

Banri is happy that Kaga is opening up, trying new things, and making friends. She seems to have a new outlook on life and she says she owes it all to Banri. Does this mean she’ll be stalking him now? LOL The first club activity is an Awa dance and Kaga can’t dance! She’s very robotic! But she takes it out on Banri. Why should her friend be able to dance when she can’t? I’m actually surprised that such a high class girl can’t dance. She just wants to give up and begins to cry.

Banri finally gets her to calm down and they go for coffee. She’s still a little numb from Yana’s rejection. And she’s happy to see that Banri used the mirror she gave him. Kaga tells Banri that she’d like to be more like Linda. She admires her very much and likes the kind of person she is. Kaga thinks the president of the club may even like Linda and that seems to bother Banri a bit.

That night, he has a flash of memory from when he was in the hospital. A light in the woods beckoned to him and he escaped the hospital to investigate it. He meets the owner of the light and it’s Linda, but he doesn’t know her. He explains why he’s there and the girl tells him that her friend is in that same hospital, but she can’t visit him. She goes to college in Tokyo and invites him to come. To Banri this would be heaven. He decides to study hard and escape what he thinks of as his prison in the hospital to go to college in Tokyo. He thanks the girl for helping him to break free.

Banri realizes now it was Linda that night. But he still doesn’t know why she hasn’t said anything about knowing him, about going to high school together, or even about meeting him that night in the woods. It’s frustrating! The spirit appears again, saddened that Banri has a body but no memories, and he has memories but no body. He really wants Banri to know what Linda meant to him. I hope they can join back together again someday.[/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]


Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]It seems that Linda had always taken care of Banri in school, and was always there for him. After their graduation party, Linda plans to go to Tokyo, but promises to help Banri sturdy for his entrance exams when she returns. Banri tells Linda that he loves her and wants to stay with her. If she feels the same way, he will go to school in Tokyo as well, so that they can stay together. He wants an answer from Linda, but she wants some time to think – at least overnight. Banri promises to wait for her on the bridge the following day and we know what happens next. These are the memories of the spirit Banri. Very sad! I wonder if Linda ever did show up that day. She probably feels responsible for the accident in any case. It was because of her that Banri was on the bridge in the first place. And I think the spirit Banri is still in love with her.

Kaga still looks a little jealous of Linda, and more so when Linda gives Banri sneakers. A couple of the now graduated members show up and bring the club members something for the Awa dance – yes/no fans. I can’t wait to see what the group is supposed to do with those during the dance. LOL Kaga later notices that things are a little odd between Banri and Linda, and asks him what happened. Banri says that she’s imagining things and that answer doesn’t make Kaga happy. Kaga’s mood worsens when Oka joins them. She invites them to a party, but Kaga rudely refuses and leaves.

Oka really likes Kaga and understands what she’s going through with Yana. Banri promises to try and get Kaga to go to the party. It’s a very big party and it looks like Banri convinced Kaga to go, but I don’t think Yana wants her there. Even at opposite ends of the table, the sparks fly between Kaga and Yana. Poor Banri and 2D-kun are stuck in-between them. And in the room next door, those crazy girls from the Tea Club are also having a party!

Yana is now sitting next to Kaga and telling her to go mingle and make some friends. Another argument starts and gets more intense by the second. Banri and 2D-kun decide to break them up before things get any worse. Not soon enough though! Kaga challenges Yana to confess to Oka and he yells across the room to her. Oka comes to their table, and Yana tells her that he loves her and wants to go out with her. Her reaction? “What?” LOL

Oka tells Yana not to be “stupid”. It crushes Yana, but Kaga can’t believe he confessed in the first placed and turns to Banri for comfort as she cries. Banri throws open the doors to the room next door and offers them a “tribute”. He tosses Yana and Kaga inside and closes the doors on that hell. 2D-kun just calls him a monster. LOL The party continues and afterwards, the Tea Club moves to another location to continue their party. But they’ve left the bodies behind. LOL

When Banri and 2D-kun open the doors to the other room, they find Kaga and Yana in the same condition they were in when they were grabbed for a Tea Club party. LOL Banri looks a little guilty, but he does help Kaga get home. He wants her to take a taxi, but the drunken Kaga still wants to have fun. I guess her time with the Tea Club wasn’t so bad after all. Out of the blue, Banri tells her that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Huh?

That sobers Kaga up pretty quickly. Banri says that all she still thinks about is Yana and this is hurting Banri’s feelings. It’s just too hard for Banri to be with her anymore. He holds out the mirror to her and tells Kaga that he isn’t her friend anymore. In answer, Kaga holds up the fan with the “no” side. He asks if she still wants to be friends and she holds up the “yes” side of the fan. Banri lists her reasons for wanting to stay his friend and says that he loves her in spite of all of it.

Banri tells Kaga to stop acting spoiled. When she rejected him, she lost the right to his friendship. Banri slips the mirror into her purse and tells her that he never should have tried to be her friend. Banri can’t be around her anymore and doesn’t want to be. Kaga frantically waves the “no” side of the fan back and forth. He flags a cab and tries to get Kaga into it as she protests. She wants Banri to listen to her and he refuses. He says goodbye and walks away. I really wasn’t expecting this. Wow!

At the club the next day, Linda notices that Banri seems down. She wants to know if he had a fight with Kaga and tells him that he shouldn’t make his girlfriend sad. Banri tells her that they aren’t dating and never were. Linda looks confused and Banri is thinking of how she isn’t saying anything about the past. Banri asks Linda if she has a boyfriend. Maybe someone she was dating since high school? That surprises her and Banri snaps, letting everything out. He calls Linda cruel for erasing him and asks how she can do that. Then Banri says that the same thing applies to him and runs from the room.

Banri locks himself in the bathroom, but Linda follows him. They argue and she confesses that she didn’t want to lose him again. It comes out that she does consider the accident her fault. She was going to meet him on the bridge and give him her answer, but she was too late. Crying now, she says that it was her fault. Linda says that it can’t end like that. I wonder now what her answer would have been if she was able to meet Banri that fateful night.

Kaga is waiting outside of the building when a bedraggled Linda walks past her, ignoring her. Banri is still locked in the bathroom, despairing. He finally comes out much later and Kaga is still outside of the building, waiting for him. She follows Banri as he tries to ignore her, asking if something happened with Linda. He stops, yells out “yes”, and takes off running. Kaga runs after him and tries to catch up, telling him to wait for her, but he yells out “no”, and just runs faster. Kaga can’t catch up, so she grabs a bike from someone and continues after Banri.

Ad for Banri, he has no idea where he’s going as he thinks about the paths one must choose in life. He’d like to run all the way back to his past, to the bridge where Linda is. He stops on a bridge now, out of breath and knowing he can’t go back. His past is gone, lost forever. He wonders what will happen if he falls off a bridge again. Will he be able to do everything over? He looks down into the water and closes his eyes. Just as he asks for an answer, Kaga crashes into him with the bike. They both end up falling on the ground and Kaga grabs his leg. She crawls on top of him and tells Banri not to run anymore.

Kaga doesn’t want Banri to go where she can’t reach him and tells him to stay with her forever. Is this a confession? Yup - it is! Kaga tightens her hold on Banri’s shoulders as she tells him that she loves him! Wow! This was such an emotional episode with all kinds of things I wasn’t expecting. I wonder how all these twists and turns will work out in the long run. I need to catch my own breath![/details]


Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]Okay, so Kaga tells Banri that she loves him and behind her is a guy pointing her out to a cop as the one that stole his bike. LOL And they end up at the police station! Is this any way to start a romance?

Still Banri, has to wonder if Kaga is on the rebound from Yana confessing to Oka. Even Kaga was suspicious of her feelings for Banri, but was becoming more and more attracted to Banri even so. She felt that she had to confess to him and tells Banri now that he can reject her, but of course he won’t. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of her father. A few minutes later, she informs her father that Banri is her boyfriend. Instant and complete shock! LOL

At home later, Banri gets a text from Linda and ignores it. He has some thinking to do. Kaga meets Banri at the train the following morning and they are soon walking hand in hand down the street. Kaga tells him that she wants to be with him all the time and is beginning to sound like a stalker again. But Banri just laughs and says that he’s happy they’re dating. However, it looks like Kaga’s father has other ideas. He’s told her to stay away from Banri because it would ruin his life. Even dear old dad knows how his daughter is! LOL

The first person they run into is 2D-kun and they tell him they’re dating. He doesn’t take it very well as he holds Banri in a choke hold. Yana shows up with his hair dyed blonde and I didn’t even recognize him! He’s told that Banri and Kaga are dating and isn’t fazed. Yana figured that they would end up together. They seem to suit each other in his opinion, and he feels as if he’s “been freed from the evil spirit”. But it seems the “evil spirit” is still around as Kaga rubs in the fact that Oka rejected Yana. Thankfully, she goes off to class.

Yana decides that he’s just going to act normally around Oka, but when she appears, he chickens out and runs away. Oka says that he didn’t need to run away. She tells the other guys that she didn’t count what he said as a confession because they were at a party. While Oka talks, Linda shows up and it’s Banri’s turn to run away. Several days later, Banri is enjoying his relationship with Kaga, but Linda is still texting him every day. And he’s still ignoring her.

Kaga visits Banri at home and he’s cleaned up, putting all his girlie magazines into a box, but he’s left it open and in plain sight. You think he would have put it in the closet or something. LOL Kaga is curious about the box, but he tells her that it’s just vegetables that his parents sent over. He panics when she almost looks in the box before she remembers something else. Kaga asks Banri if something happened with him and Linda and that just makes him panic even more. He glosses over it and says that he’ll make up with her at some point.

But now Kaga is back on the subject of the vegetables. She looks in the box and sees not just the magazines, but the condom sitting on top of them. She screams and begins to fall. Banri makes a grab for her and of course they end up on top of the bed. Banri jumps off her and tries to explain, but Kaga just lies there with her mouth open and blushing. She says she understands as she backs away from him. LOL Kaga also tells him that “it” should happen naturally – maybe in Paris! LOL

Kaga’s dream is to have her first time in Paris and then she suggests they go buy a cake. Now, Banri is wondering how the heck they are going to get to Paris. Why, by plane of course! LOL And Banri is all ready to run off and buy tickets at that very moment. Typical guy. LOL But I can see that Kaga and Banri really are suited to one another.

Linda is still texting Banri constantly and he’s still ignoring her. This is getting to be a problem until Nana gives Linda a solution. Banri rushes home to see if he has a leak in his apartment and runs into Nana. He didn’t even know they were neighbors. She tells him that the leak was a fib and opens her door to produce Linda. Banri takes Lind to his apartment where she breaks down in tears and apologizes to him. He begins to cry as well. She says she made a deal with God to give everything up if he would only live after his accident.

Linda is happy that Banri survived and that is all she wanted. Banri is still crying and now apologizes to her for running away from her all this time. Linda sees the high school photo of them on his desk and realizes that was how he found out that she was part of his past. Banri dries his eyes and asks what their relationship was. Sitting next to him, and looking at the photo, Linda tells him that they were close. She says she was like an older sister to him. But then he asks her why she said the accident was her fault. So, she ends up telling him the truth – about his confession, about meeting him on the bridge with her answer, and the fact that she was late. This is why she blames herself.

Now, Linda just wants to support him, because he’s still important to her, and because of their past friendship. Kaga picks that moment to call and ask about the leak. Banri lies and says it’s fine. Then she tells Banri that Yana is in trouble! Now what?[/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]