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Greetings from an old friend

I was sitting here tonight watching FLCl Progressive and I remembered the first forum I ever joined because a mod at the time named Wolfo was obessesed with “the pillows” and gsve me some links to their tunes. Then I saw an old AN advertisement o DVD then I had to see if this place was still around. Oh my god!

I joined here from an advertisement from the October Newtype Magazine around October 2004 when this ran on Nugboard software with that guy yelling into the phone as a mod. Then it upgraded in 2005 with Raikan as an admin with this guy named Hentai as a mod and severs others. I was the Snake champ when it had game. The old AOL chatrooms were a hoot.

I saw I got a shoutout now 10 years ago from PretearHimeno and SlowHand for my birthday. Thanks you two I remember you fondly.

Shoutout to Eightdevil, Alitadark, Slowhand, Pretear, Shakoujou, Goldenboy, Coffeegod, Hentai, Wolfo, Dragoolaser and that idiot who talked in third person who had the same first name as me.

Oh and it was finally cool gettinf AN on Charter all those years ago.

PM me old peeps I’d love to catch up no nearly 15 years later.

Rest in peace Outlander. You were a cool cat.



Hi! I’m one of the newer locals to this part, but welcome back! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance :grin:

So you’ve been gone about 10 years? The things around here sure have changed in that amount of time.

The ANOD service is still operational but has been somewhat streamlined, with quite a few smaller cable companies being dropped in leau of many of the larger companies changing their setup to implement more shows per month (and all episodes of a show at once!)

Unfortunately the streaming service has been terminated in favor of a new website called HiDive. Pretty much the same stuff, smoother interface and player though. There isn’t a forum over there, but practically everyone here has some level of account with them.

It would really be great if you could pop in every once in a while. It’s not as lively as back in the day, but the tranquility is very pleasant.

Hope to see you around :blush:


Welcome home @Sano_17_2 . Much has happened, many of the folks you remember were still here when I joined some 8 years ago. Some have moved on but others are still here and still kicking. Then there are the newbies, they are a hoot!

Mark Gosdin

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It’s @Sano17! I remember you!

Gosh, there were a whole slew of memories in your post.

Please come back again and chat with us!


Hello @Sano_17_2 name’s SarahViola
but plz call me Sarah
I happened to join 2 years ago
so I guess you can say that I’m one of the new people
But I have been here a while.

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Don’t do it! It’s a trap!! It’s not what it used to be here, we’re all secretly cannibals now! Close the front door and run away while you still can!!


But I don’t have a door…

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That’s because you’re not an inanimate object silly. Although if you did have a front door I might question your life choices…

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Hey nice of u to join again
They say it’s better the second time around
Well it’s how u view it anyway

Don’t listen to @OneWayDevil
TAN is still the most fun and crazy place like u remember @Sano_17_2 but with lil change well some changes I mean it’s a lot of differences
But the good thing is u can make new great memories like @MaouSadao said just pop in here and there

We are still a tight knit group
We can add u to the group…again like u never left

So take care and see u around


Don’t listen to @Kyouta, they’re in on it!! I just lost a leg the other day because I let my guard down! Now it’s part of a stew! I saw my toes floating in it like they were carrots! And @Slowhand has this room that swallows everything good & innocent! She doesn’t even talk that much anymore! She just gets angry & starts breaking everything & then the next thing you know you wake up tied to a chair! @Kyouta is one of her subordinates! She broke @Kyouta a long time ago under the crack of her lion-taming whips. Actually not gonna lie the chair was totally comfortable so I can see how one might be soothed by such brutal affection…


…I’m going to remain neutral on this talk…

Anywho, welcome back @Sano_17_2!


We are nice to our old buddies so don’t believe what @OneWayDevil says he drinks to much yoohoo

but Hey @Sano_17_2 FLCL is a good anime but what other shows do u like

I like the old stuff just a lot best
Cowboy Bebop
And more


Yeah I just checked back in here on a whim today and found out about outlander myself.



OMG, another blast from the past! How are you?


Another legacy member! Welcome back @Flowering!

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OMG another member from 7 years ago?!

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Pretear u know this fella from back in the day

Then he must have been a cool dude

So welcome back good buddy
I think in honor of our old friend
We should sing the welcome back song

Ok gang and a 1 and a 2