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A Big Thank You to you vets that are still on TAN after 5 or more years. its good to see familiar faces after so long of a time from being on a forum period let alone TAN. i hope that everyone is doing well. but thats all i want to say to all you TAN members. You made TAN Great Again. lol @Slowhand @dragonrider_cody @mgosdin @Forest @Kruszer @Supermutant @Lord_Shameless @LadyOfWicca @Snowy_Stampede @Series5Ranger @miquelfire @SpaceCobraJoe


Thank you for your kind words @Kyouta. All of us together make this forum a great place to be. :relaxed:


Yes all together we help make TAN a great place to be apart of. and i wish i was still a regular but its hard to get back as a regular member


Thanks. It’s kind of a sad how quiet it’s become here, but that seems to be plaguing a lot of the online anime sites. FandomPost and ANN don’t have anywhere near the activity they use to. :frowning:


Well maybe for the older members they became tired of the forums and they left but i dont know about the new members


It’s hard to say. I know Pretear pretty much left after Outlander passed away. Some other veterans tired of the constant fighting and whining on online forums and left all of them.


Thanks, Man. Hope everything is working out for you.


Well i can understand for @PretearHimeno to leave and with the veterans they can get annoyed with new member online


Yeah. On the surface you wouldn’t notice the level the activity around here until you dig deeper into certain threads like VOD Reports and the Claim Bishoujo/Bishounen! in F&G and spot a number of others.


Yes @Series5Ranger everything is going good. but the only thing is that im not a regular anymore i lost it 2 times and i only got back to it was by accident


@Kyouta I try to stay active and not get too crabby as long as the kids stay off the lawn. I’ve noticed that things have gotten quieter here and elsewhere that I frequent. In the Non-Anime hobby world some of the harsh words were enough to get me to leave several forums, see one shut down completely and one other that now comes down hard on arguments. Makes me appreciate what we have here.

Mark Gosdin


Yep I like being able to talk about anime and have intelligent conversations, where everyone respects each others opinion, even if they may not agree with it.


I am regularly surprised that I can keep my regular status here.

Mind you, I think this is the one place (at least in terms of posts I make) that I’m the most active. And I’m not really that active here.

The influx of BotW screenshots on my Twitter is basically a fad, at some point, I’ll just stop, and it may be months before it’s used again.


Yeah, TAN is definitely one of the more civil forums. Even FandomPost can get heated or nasty at times, but mostly it’s from newer members and the moderators shut them down pretty quickly. Usually when there is an issue here, it’s usually due to a new member trying to stir the pot. :wink:


@mgosdin Thank you for doing your part in staying active around here in TAN and like @Snowy_Stampede said it take us all together


Well, well. You ask and you shall receive. :grin:


isnt that something i didnt know i reed that many post on here because last time i checked it was at 1200 something and i needed 2000 something well that goes to show you anything can happen


Glad to be an acknowledged old-timer.

I can put on my crotchety old face and complain about DIRECTV’s header still not being changed. The phrase “and that’s not all! In 2009 look forward to a slew of awesome new shows like” needs to have 2009 ripped out and reduced to just “Shows like”.


Old guard checking in. No problem.


I’ve been here five years?! Time flies. I don’t usually post anymore but I check in every once in awhile. Figured I should say something since I was mentioned. It’s nice to be remembered sniffle. I used to post a lot. Times have certainly changed, friends. Things are ever moving forward.