Hello there, I am relatively new to the TAN forums. I have been around and taken a look at many of the threads but never really tried to post anything. Though this does seem like a fun and lively place. I hope we can all get along :slight_smile:

Hello! Welcome! Please feel free to post around. We are a friendly bunch after all.

Unless you get on Slowhand’s bad side :evil: But Hello and welcome Izaya

Don’t worry though, nobody’s been locked in Slowhand’s dungeon in months… at least that we know of… :dry:

err… WELCOME! :cheer:

Hello and welcome to the taurean TAN boards!! :3 It is a rather fun and lively place, and I am sure you can get along with the vast majority of people here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time on here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:

Bienvenue sur le forum TAN ( Welcome to the TAN forum )

I hope you can enjoy in here.


[quote=“Hornet65” post=157602]Don’t worry though, nobody’s been locked in Slowhand’s dungeon in months… at least that we know of… :dry:

err… WELCOME! :cheer:[/quote]

Ehhhh?? Dungeon? :blink: Well then, thank you for the warning, I’ll make sure to be cautious 0.0

Man, you don’t have to scare people away first thing.

Welcome! I’m not as bad as people say. Just play nice. Unless you are really good at cleaning and cooking, or look good in an apron.


Thank you! Well as for the cooking and cleaning, I’m no pro so you’re out of luck there :stuck_out_tongue:
And don’t worry, I promise I’ll be good. :laugh:

Welcome to you! It’s great to have a new person to tease! :lol: Please enjoy yourself!

I can already feel the target being painted on my back. Well, I guess that’s just what comes with being the new guy! :laugh:

Thank you all for the warm welcome. I’m already enjoying myself here very much.


OOHH!! He’s Sooo cute!!!

Oh, stop, you’re embarrassing me. :blush:

Thank you Outlander, I hope to see you out there lots!

Its cute ^-^

Hey, what up Izaya Oriha!? Sorry to be so late with my official TAN welcome here. Just call me the king of ‘latedom’ lately with things here. Being busy going to college will do that to you… LOL! Anyway, I am glad to see that you have made yourself at home here. I hope to see you around the boards often, and I am happy to meet you.

lumis …Hey buddy …your right you are late XP

I know… I know. Just call me a regular snail trail around here… ewww! :blink::silly:

Thank you Lumis, I appreciate the warm welcome. And well, better late than never I always say. So you’re still in the clear in my book buddy. :laugh: