Yo, hello there

yo, nice to meet you all.

I came here from a couple of hyperlinks. Anime news networks have an article about some anime licensing expiring, that lead me to search about sentai filmworks, I’ve heard that name quite often but never got into searching about that, then sentai filmworks founder seems to have its share here too.

I felt nostalgic when I went into the homepage and read about hidive stuff, and the homepage being almost empty because I thought like ‘hey this is one those homepage for a tv channel that I never watched because is not available in my country. and that might be not working anymore’. Then I went here to the forums, to see if the place was that dead as I thought, but nope looks lively enough. And for the reason to register here was, like, this forum remind me some older anime related forums I used to frequent.

Now about me, I’m a colombian, living in colombia too, 26 years old. I’m working in software developer area. I like playing videogames, watch netflix(like a year ago I decided to give a shot to watch more not-anime show, like with real people) and play with my cats

I used to be in some anime communities, forums, group chats and all that stuff years ago, but I get away from that stuff, when I started working, like 7 years ago. So what better place to start again in a forum with few people and with a vibe of underground forum :slight_smile:

Currently I try to watch seinen stuff when I find something interesting, seasonal anime too, but I kept my distance from the most popular stuff, I became quite picky with what I watch, back in the day I watched almost everything that people recommend me, but now, I found my favorite genre, settings and stuff.

And that’s it, sorry if I didn’t kept it short, but well my history getting here was interesing, so i wanted to share it at first, again nice to meet you all. Sorry if I said something rude about the state of the homepage and the forums in general, btw my main language is not english so forgive me if something is strangely written.


Welcome to you, @jhon_doe :slight_smile:

I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone from Colombia come into the forums, so you’re a trailblazer.

The Anime Network forum has been around for a long, long time (in various forms), since around 2002. I believe that most of the people here are from the US, but I know they’ll all welcome you warmly.

You didn’t say anything “rude” and you did quite well with the English.

Please look around the forums, jump into any conversations that interest you and if you have any questions, you can ask them here in this thread or you can see if they’re addressed in The Rules.

Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself here.

Slowhand - Moderator

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Welcome @Jhon_doe!

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

You mentioned that your primary interests are Senien anime. Are there any specific shows you would mark as your favorite?

thx @Slowhand , will try to stick for a while

@MaouSadao thx a lot :slight_smile: . well if I should select some. horou musuko will be one of them, then, usagi drop, tatami galaxy and un-go(don’t know if is strictly seinen, but is not shonen that’s for sure!). On a side note, I like mechas too not a hardcore fan tough, I’m currently watching reideen. I went to anilist and searched old production i.g animes and found that.


Welcome to you @jhon_doe. Great introduction! :grinning:

I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe discover new series you might like.


Welcome to the forums

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Welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to you! Please enjoy your time here!

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