Hello, I have been reading the forums for awhile and I thought it would be good if I were actually to post something so I decided to start with an introduction! I like to watch anime and read manga but I assume everyone on here does. :stuck_out_tongue: I also like to draw anime and I can play a variety of instruments. Not a very good introduction but there you have it. I look forward to getting to know all of you! :lol:

Welcome to TAN.

Welcome , I am kinda new to TAN glad to make a new friend.

Hello and welcome to the toxiphagous TAN boards!! :3 An introduction is always a great way to start out, so I think you made the right call. :slight_smile: Now if you don’t mind answering these questions. We’d like to get to know you better. :lol:

What kind of instruments do you play?
What are some of your favorite anime?
What kind drawings do you usually do, and will you be posting them?
How did you find your way to TAN?

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on here posting around and making many new friends!! ^ω^

Thank you guys for welcoming me and I would be happy to answer your questions Iron K. Tager. I play the piano, trumpet and clarinet. Some of my favorite animes are Ah! my goddess, Another, Elemental Gelade, Ouran highschool host club but I will watch just about anything. I can only draw people. They are usually in an anime style but I wouldn’t exactly call them anime. I will most likely not be posting them though because me and cameras don’t exactly get along. :whistle: I found my way to TAN while I was surfing the web for some new anime. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, a new [strike]victim[/strike] member!

Well, welcome to you! Stick around, and post often! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to find another person who will watch just about anything.

Welcome to the anime network! You can play, that’s a good quality :slight_smile: Have you been looking at following any of the instruments you use?

Welcome to you! You seem to be a very talented person with great taste in anime. Please join us often! :slight_smile:

hey im new here …its real simple I LOVE ANIME <3 and im AWESOME lol B)

Well, Hello there

Well, Hello to you to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello All,

A: I just wanted to send you all this greeting as an introduction
to myself to The Anime Network Forum!!!

A: I love Anime’s and I’m not afraid to admit it (33yrs. Old)!!!

A: I watch it anytime I can find the time to (When not Working)!!!

A: I haven’t tried reading Manga’s yet though!!!

Q: Do you guys think I should???

A: I’ve read Book’s in Paperback & Hardcover,
but I’ve just purchased myself an iPad 3,
so now I’ve switched to reading Book’s in eBoook format!!!

A: I’ve been trying to learn how to play a Guitar,
but so far I’m in the early stages!!!

A: My goal is to be able to move out of my Parents home and into my own Apartment soon
(Both of my Parents are in their 60’s)!!!

Q: Any suggestion’s would be helpful???

A: I live in Harrisonburg, Va. 22801!!!

A: I have 1 younger Brother,1 Older Sister,1 Brother-in-Law,& 2 Nephew’s!!!

A: I’m what you’d consider the Middle child!!!


Anime 4ever

[size=6]Forest has arrived![/size] [size=2]…8 months ago.[/size] :whistle::wink:

I can’t believe that I never gave you a formal greeting to TAN… what a terrible friend I am! I’m so sorry my dear, and this travesty shall never happen again. I hope that you still like it here at TAN… and please keep postin’ around!

I also think it is very funny that some other people from the past posts did their intros here… huh? Anyway, you stay being awesome, and be careful out there. There has been a lot of ‘strange’ stuff going around TAN lately.

[quote=“Lumis” post=135559 There has been a lot of ‘strange’ stuff going around TAN lately.

Why, What ever do you mean?

I don’t think I could ever leave this place. Its just to much fun! :lol:

Just so awesome I can’t… can’t contain it…

[quote=“Forest” post=135630]I don’t think I could ever leave this place. Its just to much fun! :lol:

Just so awesome I can’t… can’t contain it…


Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself in the fourms

im Kyouta the big boss around TAN aka The Real Hokage
and if you have any questions you can turn to the fourms MODs
and they will answer any questions that you have.

and their are lot of fun members here in TAN
So with that said have a blast!!!