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Group Shot Guessing


OK how this game works is, I will post a picture of a group of voice actors, and your reply should be a group shot of who they voice. I’ll do round 1 & 2 for the first post. (Ask for clues if you need them)



Free Clue: Both shows were on Cartoon Network
Free Clue 2: The main Voice director for the show is in shot 2 so you’re looking for a group shot with 7 characters in it*


Thanks for the free clues and isit a older cartoon show.


Pretty sure that the bottom shot is one of the animated Batman series.


#1 = Powerpuff Girls?

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Technically, the Correct answer to #1 is:



Not Exactly, look at the actor next to Kevin Conroy, now imagine him bald… An entire episode of the Sequel series was done so he could play the character he was playing on a live action show


Ah so I want to answer with a picture next time? :+1:




Next clue for Pic #2

“Are you going to wash your hands?”
“No, 'cause I’m Evil.”



We have a winner!


I recognized that quote… finally.

This is my brain on HIDIVE-----------------



Free Clue: Disney Show

I only know of one animated show that she did



That’s correct

She actually played Yuffie Kisaragi in the FFVII: Advent Children CGI movie too



Do another one of these, please!


OK @Slowhand


Clue 1: Pic 1 has the Lead Singers of the Show’s theme song in it.
Clue 2: Had to Black out the sign the one actress is holding because it mentioned the character the missing actor plays in the show.


Oh! I recognize that guy!

Is it...



Yep that’s right



-Clue 1: Chicks dig the car…
-Clue 2: “What does this Button do?”

Completely guessing here