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Do you rock? ;) Guessing game


A little something I started and have been toying around with in the last few days (it’s incomplete and not finished :P)

Do you rock? :wink: Guessing game

Guess where this anime theme is from then…

Hint: It’s closer to home than one might think. :wink:


Hmmm… it sounds vaguely familiar. It has a somewhat “retro” vibe to it.


Ah good, you don’t know it outright. I thought you’d be the first to guess it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn! This is really going to bother me now. I know this, but just can’t place it!




The only thing I can think of is Rahxephon. Probably dead wrong…


You know, I came in here thinking I’d be able to figure this out, but for the life of me, I don’t have an inkling of what it is.


It sounds so familiar, but I just can’t place it. By the clue, I would have to guess an ADV/Sentai show.

Princess Nine perhaps… That would be “closer to home”…lol


Princess Nine perhaps… That would be “closer to home”…lol[/quote]

If it is, man will I feel stupid, since I even have the soundtracks.


Yeah…lol I think I’m pretty far off though. It was just a shot in the dark.


So…are any of us close?


Someone is close in one sense, but not the expected sense. I think… I might be distracted by a haystack and a needle. :stuck_out_tongue:


All I know is that I have not heard that before. I still have a great deal of anime to watch.


Dragoon, I think your games are too hard! LOL Still no more guesses?


My games are much easier Dragoon :stuck_out_tongue: .


Well after you all talking about it I have started watching El Cazador. It had some music in it that sounded like this. Like a pan flute. Not saying that is the place it comes from but there is my stab at it.


Wow, the 4 people (PP, Cody, Funk or Coffee) who I thought would get this, did not! Very Interesting! :wink:


I originally thought it was from Blue Seed. I have listened to tons of openings/endings, and found nothing. I agree it’s old school. There is another series I am trying to think of, an old apocalyptic/end of the world series, but can’t think of the name.


You know, after listening to it 20-30 times more, I at least now know I’ve heard it before.
It like right at the edge of my brain too, but I just can’t seem to grasp what exactly it’s from.

I almost want to say it was beach or swimsuit related, but I wouldn’t put money on it.


I knew from the first listen that I had heard it, and it’s been driving me nuts. I listened to it for almost a straight ten minutes and still can’t place it. It’s right on the tip of my tongue, and I can’t remember… AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!