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Happy Birthday toooo


Congratulations on your Level up @MyOnlyFarph!


Heppy Birthday @MyOnlyFarph!


Happy Birthday, @Series5Ranger !!


Happy Birthday, @Series5Ranger !! :partying_face:



Happy Birthday @Series5Ranger!


Thank You for the Birthday wishes , everyone :sunglasses:


Heppy Birthday @Series5Ranger!


Happy Belated Birthday to those I missed.



Happy Belated Birthday to mgosdin!



Happy Birthday Series5Ranger!!



happy B day Ranger


Thanks all


Happy 1st Birthday, Sagan!

@Rai @SOber


Happy Birthday, Sagan !! :partying_face:

@Rai @SOber



Happy Birthday Sagan!

@Rai @SOber


happy b-day Sagan
@Rai @SOber
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Happy 1st Birthday, Sagan!



Hey guys! Thanks for the birthday wishes for my little booger. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is doing ok in anime land. @Sober and I are doing great, Tesla is 4 years old now, and little Sagan is learning to walk. O_O

I showed Mary and the Witch’s Flower to Tesla a while ago and she LOVED it. Trying to figure out what other anime movies she would like, since she may be too young for anything else. Ghibli movies definitely, just need to get around to it.

Anyway, thanks again!


They are so adorable!

You are the luckiest dad in the world!


Amazing pictures @Rai! Thanks for sharing. Absolutely adorable indeed. :grinning:

If you need an anime idea, there’s Hello Kitty from Sentai Kids