Hello everybody!


My name is Leah. I’ve come across this site a few times but never joined because I was always busy. However, since I’ve moved and have all of my movies/anime etc coming in a truck I looked again and realized how nice a site this seemed.

I’m really nice and looooove horses, I play some horse games and that’s about it. I also like doing simple web design.


Welcome, please enjoy your time here with us!

Please to enjoy the forums.

Welcome to our world! Come back often!

Post often, don’t let the weridos scare you…

Booga Booga!

If you’ve checked the site out before, you might have noticed we got a makeover over here. Nice huh? lol

Anyway welcome to Howl’s Moving Castle…er I mean The Anime Network. Enjoy the comforts of the newly renovated forums and please help yourself to the anime refreshments.

That’s also great news that you’ve moved. Come back here as often as you can. The more fans on this site, the better. :slight_smile: Again, welcome.

Welcome aboard. I hope you come back often and enjoy yourself!

Here’s hoping we’re getting another female that actually sticks around! I think our last one was… Wicca right?

Hey Leah. Hope you enjoy your stay here hugs :slight_smile:

PretearHimeno wrote:

No, I think it was Gentay.

PretearHimeno wrote:

One step closer to me making a vandread cast…