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Hello Everyone


Hey All,
With apologies to Slowhand for the late intro post,

I’m coming to back to Anime and Manga after a 10 year absence for various reasons. Now that Anime Network VOD is available, along with all of the online streaming services, I’m getting caught up with all the series and movies I’ve been missing.

BTW I’m DVD/Blu-Ray Region 1.

Favorites so far (alphabetic list, not by preference)

Ah! My Goddess 5 Episode OVA ("Collector’s Edition), Movie, Seasons 1-2

Allison and Lillia

Angel Beats


Eden of the East, Series + Movies

Fruits Basket, Anime plus Manga (#1 favorite so far)

Full Metal Panic Seasons 1-3

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Girls Bravo ((hey - there’s no accounting for taste, right?)

Kino’s Journey

Kanokon (see Girls Bravo)

Polyphonica Season 1


Spice and Wolf Seasons 1-2 plus Manga and light novels

Strike Witches Season 1


Wolf’s Rain

I have pretty much everything in that list in DVD or Blu-Ray.

Special Category

Elfen Lied (excellent but disturbing, like The Seventh Seal)

Anime I’d like to have

Polyphonica Season 2, “Polyphonica Crimson S”

Strike Witches Season 2 UNCENSORED (FUNimation’ online stream is censored)

So far all I’ve found are streaming videos online - subtitled, low quality. I’m not sure about the legality of viewing them, let alone downloading them. Besides, everything is in MKV containers/AVC video High@L5.1, which many players/authoring programs can’t handle.

Thanks to the forum moderators for letting me sign up and post here, and thanks to all for your time reading this,


Hello and welcome back to anime and made it to the TAN boards! :3

I haven’t seen most of what’s on your list, but for the most part it looks quite good. :slight_smile:

Well, I look forward to see you around often and hope you have fun here~! ^-^


Thanks Iron!


I saw some of those recently to fairly recently. Angel Beats, Eden of the East, Chobits, Spice and Wolf S1. Those are some blockbuster titles you got there. I hope you visit the boards as often as possible. We love traffic. :slight_smile:


Welcome here~!


Snowy Stampede wrote:

Thanks Snowy Stampede. Nice metaphor in your forum handle!


Patbl wrote:

Thanks Patbl. Who’s the character in your avatar? Mine isn’t an anime character. It’s my great-grandfather, whom I’ve always resembled.

I am fast becoming an identical clone as I approach the age he was in that photo.

I hope I can afford a suit like that when I get there…


AlanMintaka wrote:

Thanks Patbl. Who’s the character in your avatar?[/quote]

It’s Shinki form the game Touhou Project, create by ZUN.


Welcome to you! That is a great list of anime! May you continue to enjoy and add to it.


LadyOfWicca wrote:

Thanks, LadyOfWicca!

Say hello to my aunt Helen on Samhain.


I’ll certainly try! :slight_smile: