A random subscriber long time anime fan suggestions

Hi! Im glad I could support your site and I would like to offer a few suggestions to you to help you stay competative with sites like Crunchyroll. The first would be to fix your sites que mechanism, I often found myself in a loop of one ep after queing up like four eps of a series… so please look into that. The second thing is perhaps getting more old anime selections, maybe Fist of the Northstar, Akira, Roujin Z, FLCL, Diebuster, Arakawa under the Bridge, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Record of Loduss War etc… The reason I say this is that your site lacks the broad spectrum of a massive site like Crunchyroll, and even they dont seem to have older awesome 90s anime. You should infact try to capitalize upon series and movies that Crunchyroll doesnt offer. I did enjoy my month of service from your site, but I will probably Sub to Crunchryoll next month due to the high offering of different anime series that I would like to watch or rewatch. I would recommenc getting Jdurama shows like Great Teacher Onizuka etc etc… the point being offer things Crunchyroll does not, they are huge and you need more niche elements to compete. Also I would recommend an option where the viewer can mouse over a show and recieve the description rather than just the series name. Ive been happy watching anime here but offer these suggestions in a hope that you can improve your service and continue to do what your doing. Thank you again for the service and have a good year! o/

You see those 2 buttons on the episode that shows up in your queue? One is to play it, the other is to dismiss it so you can play the next episode.

As for the older Anime. According to rumors about EVA TV, It’s either too expensive to license, or Gainax has it on lockout until the Evangelion Rebirth movies are done. (Only 1 more to go)

Record of Lodoss War OVA series is too expensive from what I’ve heard, unknown about the TV Series. Quite a few Older series it’s a case of finding everyone on the production committee to give their ok for licensing.

Right now licensing costs are at an all time high, 3rd parties (Like Amazon) with bigger check books are starting to get involved with licensing anime, where it all ends up is anyone’s guess.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I tried to use the que a few times and I would add like 3-4 episodes of something, then I would go lay in bed, it would just loop one episode instead of all the episodes that I put in que. I can see what your saying about the licensing fees. This site has Golgo 13, Abenobashi, Ninja Scroll, New Dominion Tank Police and others that they dont have which is good. The main thing I was trying to suggest was stuff that would make this site more attractive than a Crunchy Roll subscription for me next month. Right now most of the catalogue is on that site, plus it has a bigger catalogue than this site. I think some decent J dramas, the old Zatoichi movies which are tough to find on DVD. Some older anime and shows would put it into that category or at least offer a slightly different catalogue. Sorry if I come across as a downer here, I just wanted to offer the suggestion. Have a good day.