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Hello There


Hi there! I’m Raz, and it’s an honor to be here with this group! Bows I’ve read a lot of funny stuff on here the forums here…so here goes!

I am a HUGE anime fan and have watched nearly 20 anime shows from start to finish with my first one being Gurrenn Lagann.

Wished that I could live in half of the anime world’s because there is always something funny, scary, crazy, or all three mixed together.

My favorite anime…that’s a tough call but…I would probably say either Fate/Zero or Bleach.

I know I may be inexperienced but thanks for having me and please take care of me on here. :cheer:


Well since I am the one around and not very well hiding so I end up being here that makes me the welcoming committee. Sorry bout that! But here goes.


The door labeled “Slowhand’s Dungeon” should be avoided at all times unless you wish to spend the rest of your days there. Some people actual like that, but you have been warned and are free to make your choice to enter the door or walk past it.

Please take a number and wait in line for your number to be called at which time a proper welcoming committee appear to properly greet you and give you your fruit basket (the one with the real world foods in it. Kyu would not like being handed over to anyone for free, but you can buy Fruits Basket somewhere on DVD/Blu-thinig I am sure if you want it. And who doesn’t want it?)

Maybe we should give muffin baskets instead, would be a lot less confusing that way.


Welcome! Please, feel free to post.


Welcome to you! Feel free to jump in and join us wherever you like!


Hello and welcome to the tacent TAN Boards, Raz!! Bows in return. :3 Experience or not, you are quite welcome here. :cheer:

Gurren Lagann was one of my first anime as well, I would say it is a good one to start with, and I still love going back to see it every once in a while. :slight_smile: Hopefully we can have some good influence on what you watch as you weave your way further into the fandom.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time here posting around and making many new friends!! :slight_smile:


Well, here is another post for you from the welcoming committee. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s always good to get new people here, and I hope you enjoy your TAN stay. Take your time with checking things out, and see ya’ around the boards!


Welcome to Tan Raz …bows hope you have fun up here for it is awesome and so are the People … You Know who your are!!! :evil:


Nice to have you here amongst us! Check out as much of the site as you can, there’s plenty going on here.